Thursday, September 30, 2004

doodley doo

the answer is yes

i came across an entry about beauty that i made one april night.

on my way back home tonight, a girl called out my name and waved.

at 1am, the street lights were too dim for me to recognize her face,
but as she got closer, i remembered.

it was the girl i met last year and when i saw her face the first time,
my reaction was: "this has got to be the prettiest blonde there is."

blondes aren't usually my type. no, let me rephrase that.
blondes are NOT my type. i have never seen a blonde and gone: wow she's pretty.
until last year. when i met that girl.

although the darkness clouded her beauty from distance,
i felt the same feeling i felt at our first meeting:
speechlessness, numbness of the brain, stuttering voice,
the beauty she radiated caused all those,
and the smile, oh that same lovely peaceful smile
that burns away all the anxiety in my mind.

we talked, i talked, trying to keep the conversation alive,
as i felt almost as if her smile was the only thing to prevent
my heart from stopping instantaneously,
my breath taken away from me,
my life stripped away from me.
but then i saw in her eyes, the pain she had to bear,
from the night wind, coldness penetrating her skin, her bones.
so i stopped.
could no longer bear the selfish thought of seeing her suffering,
only to satisfy myself from the pleasure i took in her smile,
pure beauty that forever radiating, imperishable, unfading,

thus we parted.
and i thought to myself:
"will i ever see her again?"

i saw the same girl again on tuesday. i've known her for over two years now but her smile still leaves me looking like an idiot. i wish i have the guts to actually hold some kind of a meaningful conversation with her.

fake wings


bright morning light
now in the air
the spring
is coming


blowing wind
singing down
the hills and valleys


your eyes on me
now we're on
edge of hell

dear my love,
sweet morning light
wait for me,
you've gone much farther,

too far.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

this is why i am not a computer science major

after three days worth of work, i am officially done. and to think this is what the teacher claims as the easiest homework of the quarter. no wonder he thinks we are masochistic for taking the class.

to quote soccernet


Ruud van Nistelrooy is backing Wayne Rooney to break every Manchester United goal-scoring record after witnessing the teenage star's debut hat-trick. Rooney scored three goals in the 6-2 Champions League rout of Fenerbahce at Old Trafford on Tuesday, his first game since a £27m move from Everton and was singled out for special praise by Sir Alex Ferguson.

oh duck you

if you're an asian, don't use T9 feature on your cell to textmessage. this is what happens between me who's on a computer and sam who's on the bus, thumbtexting.

zygoun: I was gonna say dont make me explain thr the cell phone lol
EinZTeiN o07: explain it
EinZTeiN o07: i DARE you
zygoun: Duck its here finally
EinZTeiN o07: duck?
EinZTeiN o07: wtf
zygoun: T9 wont let you type fuck
EinZTeiN o07: haha
EinZTeiN o07: hahahhahahahahahhahaha
zygoun: Lol
EinZTeiN o07: you suck man
EinZTeiN o07: you're asian
EinZTeiN o07: dont use T9
EinZTeiN o07: you're fast enough
zygoun: Huh?
EinZTeiN o07: asian people are known to be excellent, fast and efficient thumbtexter
zygoun: Me no english
zygoun: I want bed good
EinZTeiN o07: oh oh oh
EinZTeiN o07: i have to show you something after you come back
EinZTeiN o07: just IM me after you get here
zygoun: Coz the input method doesnt have fuck in the dictionary, and i was too lazy to type the letters one by one
zygoun: Duck i missed the stop typing the ducking message
EinZTeiN o07: fuck is worth typing
EinZTeiN o07: YOU SUCK
EinZTeiN o07: want me to pick you up?
zygoun: It saves ducking energy shut the duck up
EinZTeiN o07: ha ha ha ha, duck you
zygoun: I was just ducking with you ha ha
EinZTeiN o07: i know
EinZTeiN o07: you ducking shit
EinZTeiN o07: you want me to pick you up?

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

russell peters

here's the highlight of my night: indian comedian making fun of the chinese.

i deserve a toast for this one

dubin's 105A homework is a fucking piece of shit. sorry for the language, but a homework on the second day of school that took SEVEN HOURS to do ONE problem is just NOT cool.

section 9.11.2

Find numerical values for all complex solutions to the equation E^(-3z) = (z + 2) in the range -4 < x < 4, -4 < y < 4, where z = x+ I y. (Hint: Use contour plots to plot the real and imaginary parts of the equation vs. y and x to find approximate locations of roots.)

z := x + I y

eq = E^(-3z) - (z + 2)

RealEq = Re[eq];
ImagEq = Im[eq];

CPreal = ContourPlot[RealEq, {x, -4, 4}, {y, -4, 4}, Contours -> {0}, PlotPoints -> 400, ContourShading -> False];

CPimag = ContourPlot[ImagEq, {x, -4, 4}, {y, -4, 4}, Contours -> {0}, PlotPoints -> 400, ContourShading -> False, ContourStyle -> {RGBColor[1, 0, 0]}];

Show[CPreal, CPimag];

n = {-4, -2, 0, 2, 4};

FindRoot[E^(-3z) - (z + 2), {z, 0 + n I}]

damn this stupid shit took SEVEN HOURS.

i hate murphy

you know nature hates you when you spend 4 hours doing mathematica lab homework up in the 6th floor of urey, only to realize that you forgot to save and send the homework to yourself after you get home.

quaker oats

woke up late today. apparently i slept through what david claimed as "the alarm that wakes the dead." and this wasn't the first time. i guess i sleep better than dead people. this means when i died i will rest in a complete peace, because not even the most obnoxious-sounding alarm can wake me up.

105A is hella boring. at least the first two lectures. first one, i slept through most of it, and the second one today i'm barely holding up; the only amusement i got was from counting the ticks from the clock on the wall. i don't blame the caffeine. i think it has done all it can to keep me up, i even think it has already penetrated my blood veins, but there is no match to the sleepy aura dubin radiates.

i need four six-foot-two's to sit up straight on the seats in front of me. that way i can slouch and sleep without provoking the teacher to turn chalks and erasers intil deadly projectiles.

i'm typing this now in the 105a lab, while trying to get my work done. really hope i can finish this damn thing by this afternoon. that way i do not have to do anything tonight, and if my 120a textbook came i can start doing math homework.

ah, my life sucks. fuck.

Monday, September 27, 2004

speaking of men's best friend...

it's NOT DOGS, but caffeine.

make sure you're mentally prepared to watch that flash animation. nothing surprising or scary, just kinda disturbing. not blood-and-gore disturbing though. go watch if you're curious.

the long and winding road

you know how they say that when you wake up in the morning and things begin to go wrong, the rest of your day would suck? well, this morning i woke up after a 4 hours of sleep to find out that the stypid internet is down again. like that isn't enough to piss me off, my soap got stuck on the side of the bathtub while showering; i literally had to claw the damn thing out. even a piece of soap is against me. wtf?

i have decided to start blogging my thoughts on a piece of paper(actually, my notebooks for classes), whenever i do not have internet (like when i'm supposed to be paying attention to what the teacher is saying). maybe i'll get a smaller notebook, something like a 4x6 notepad. that way i won't have to use up most parts of my notebook for blog ^^;

hopefully doing this will keep me awake in class, since the black coffee i had earlier today doesn't seem to do shit and only makes my eyes watery. old school blogging, i guess. but old school methods are the last thing you can always count on when modern life betrays you.

should i make a mid-year resolution? because as of now i have got no motivation whatsoever to do good in anything. then again, it's not like i'm gonna obey my own resolution, considering the hypocritical idiot that i am.

none of the teacher's office hours fit my schedule. FUCK. branson just announced a tuesday office hours at 4pm, and that conflicts completely with my last 1CL section i TA for that day. so again, let me express my feelings: FUCK.

back to the thing about resolution, i feel the need to be more positive towards things. i read some superstitious crap once that talked about how attitude will bring you the best of life, and that, putting aside all the superstition, is probably true. but then again, the same crap talked about how cheating and brownnosing bring the better than the best of life.

i just noticed a pink spot on my left arm. where did it come from? i did not recall touching anything that has a potential to put a pink spot on my left arm. did god just marked me with a pink spot because i belong in the ungrateful category?

taking the shuttle to school has its own pluses. or rather, plus, because i'm not sure whether plus is countable and so far i've only doung one. with earphone on and garnet crow's last love song playing on my mp3 player, i get the chance to get some fresh morning air, to feel the morning dew on the grass, and to look outside the window of a moving bus and see the inhabitants of the earth begin their daily routing, making the best of their lives. i stared at the cloudy sky and thought to myself: "this is what it feels to live a peaceful life. it's good." then the sun came out from the back of a cloud and blinded me. fuck.

are you as dumb as jessica simpson?

i'd say you were retarded, but that would offend retarded people.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

a happy couple

i got myself a new girlfriend. robin and i are officially a couple. ^_^

Saturday, September 25, 2004

twenty dollars well spent


this is the face of a happy man who has one of his dreams fulfilled.

not only that, i also got CHOPPER IN DEFENSE POINT! chopper is so fluffy. kawaii~~!!

night of the living dead

it's never too early for halloween.

this one is for a contest in onepiece fans club in devA. hope it's scary enough.

Friday, September 24, 2004

|)00g0|\|gZ p|/\||\|Z0rZ j00

carue and kungfu dugong arrived yesterday. the heat sucked and my day overall sucked, but these two totally balanced it out.

see dugong's muscle!

dugong wants to fight!

dugong charges!

dugong gives super powerful ass shake attack!

dugong wins!

oh, and this is carue.

kronecker delta

zeroth week. repeat, this is week number ZERO.

but nevertheless professor jenkins successfully cracked up the whole class, although unintentionally. instead of the usual determinant method when doing cross products, she introduced what she called the einstein summation with levi-civita epsilon that uses kronecker delta, which supposed to make the cross product easier to evaluate.

zeroth day, zeroth week. and everyone in the class stared at the blackboard with mouth wide open. my brain had a "system overload" warning and then crashed almost instantaneously. i tried restarting it, but it refused to be restarted because it knew it wouldn't be able to handle the workload. feeling lost, i started cracking up. i thought everyone else would be looking at me like i'm crazy, but everyone else started cracking also. apparently their brains got fried as well.

friday, yes. but i need to start studying before i get weeded out.


anyone knows how to animate PolarPlot in mathematica?

like this:

also, can anyone tell me how come PolarPlot command does not work in mathematica 5.0?

Thursday, September 23, 2004

granola bars

good news. this damn lab will be over in about 10 minutes from now.

i'm so damn hungry, maybe i should eat the granola bars in my backpack.

i think i've said before about this pretty girl in my physics class with a fabulous hair. well, she's sitting next to me as of now. ^^;

the absolute zeroth

zeroth week, and here i am, sitting on a 105A lab for the next three hours.

something is not right here. school hasn't even entered first official week and i''m already trying to learn something from this deep-voiced, bald guy in a purple polo shirt sitting in the front who thinks it's masochistic if we decided to continue to 105B.

i should just type in my notes here in the blog. too bad this blog can't write down all the squareroots and matrices. ^^;

20 minutes into the class, and i'm lost already. what the hell?

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

six feet under

driving alone with the windows rolled down really give me some time to have some conversation with myself. i realized that i don't know myself that well so for the past couple of days i've been conversing with myself, each of us trying to get to know each other. it's like ichigo and zangetsu in bleach, only we're not fighting for the sake of our lives.

i tend to keep the radio on, because that way i will not get bored, and i notice one song that keeps being played over and over. i don't know the singer, nor the title, but the lines are stuck in my head.

i don't want another pretty face
i don't want just anyone to hold
i won't let another minute go to waste
i want you and you're beautiful

i probably don't get the lyrics correct, as i'm too lazy to google it up, but that's about how it sounded. i have no idea why, but this stupid song is stuck in my head.

i don't know anymore about myself. i used to think i'm through that period of time when one is searching for oneself, but now i realized that maybe i haven't even gotten there. it felt like i've just been reborn, with no knowledge, simply blank slate. blank. i look at things around me and i ask myself, why am i here? do i deserve to be here? is this really where i belong?

i'm in a state of complete confusion, so please avoid me whenever possible.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

as if the same tune keeps playing over and over in my head

i'm not unhappy. i'm just not happy. that doesn't make sense, does it. well, nothing does.

my one week of vacation is over. school will start this thursday and i should be back to the daily routing of using my brain. ever since summer school is over, i have not really been using my brain, and it actually felt good, not having anything to think about or worry about. sometimes i stare blankly at my monitor screen or the wall for a couple of minutes without a single thought running through my head. that may sound impossible, but it's not. i can do that, and it felt peaceful to not think; it felt peaceful to not have any thought running thru the brain.

how is that different from being dead then? it's not. it's the same thing. death is simply a state where you have a complete absence of the mind. so i guess harshly put, you can say i was dead this past week.

but what good is living if you can't make anything out of it? you sit on one corner of the room while everyone else gathers in the middle, chattering, playing, laughing. you want to step out to join the group, but you're afraid that you do not have what it takes to chat, to play, to laugh with them. you're afraid that your presence will kill the joyful atmosphere. so you decided to stay in the corner. "everyone i love is happy, so i should be happy too," you say to yourself.

then you look at yourself in the mirror. but what good is happiness when everyone feels it but you?

don't be selfish now.

i do not wish to be selfish, but i just want to feel happiness again.

happiness is a state of mind. you can be happy if you will it.

can you really?


can you?

i want to be happy again. i'm not unhappy. i'm just not happy.

Monday, September 20, 2004

if a picture paints a thousand words

now you can't look at those pencil cases and lunchboxes the same way anymore.

and here's to corrupt the future generation of america. it's okay, they'll corrupt themselves eventually with drugs and alcohol.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

godspeed leechers

holy mother monkey, my download limit just got renewed 2 days ago (17th) and up until this very second i've lost 1.3GB out of that 2GB limit. i really DO need to upgrade to 10GB download limit. damn leechers. and they don't leave comments either. bastards.

sam likes it bouncy

Saturday, September 18, 2004

restless mind, weary eyes

the past few days, i do not feel like sleeping at all. it is not that i have tons of work to do, but rather because i do not have anything to do. my inner-self is like telling me that i should take use my time as efficient as possible since after next week i would not have time to do stuff anymore. after next week, school will have started and i should be studying my ass off.

finished watching I ROBOT today. good movie with good jokes, i have to say. any movie that managed to squeeze in some funny lines during critical moments will get one extra point from me. other than that, the concept of the story itself is also quite good. the only thing i did not like very much was the cause of the revolution of the robots: "the creations have to protect the creator, even if it's against his wish." if it were something along the lines of machines eliminating human beings because they believe only the superior race can rule, then i'll probably like it better. i said PROBABLY because there is a chance it might turn into terminator 4. =/

i have not had any meaningful posts lately. that's because i have not really used my brain to think. when the brain is not used, the thoughts that usualy come and go no longer do, and without those thoughts, i can't really come up with anything meaningful.

the drawing mood i've been during the past couple of weeks have also faded away. i think it's the pressure from school. not schoolwork since classes have yet to start, but it is possible that the fact that classes start next week scares me, pressurizing me.

soundtrack to gardenstate is great. go buy the cd.

sleeping at such great heights

thank you iron and wine.

i am thinking it's a sign
that the freckles in our eyes
are mirror images and
when we kiss they're perfectly aligned

and I have to speculate
that god himself did make us into
corresponding shapes like puzzles pieces
from the clay

true, it may seem like a stretch
but it's thoughts like this
that catch my troubled head
When you're away, when I am missing you to death

when you were out there on the road
for several weeks of shows
and when you scan the radio
i hope this song will guide you home

they will see us waving from such great heights
"come down now," they'll say
but everything looks perfect from far away
"come down now," but we'll say

i've tried my best to leave
this all on your machine
but the persistent beating
sounded thin upon listening

and that frankly will not fly
you will hear the shrillest highs
and lowest lows with the windows down
when this is guiding you home

they will see us waving from such great heights
"come down now," they'll say
but everything looks perfect from far away
"come down now," but we'll say...

Thursday, September 16, 2004


many thanks to jimbo for introducing me to this.


jim O sphere:
hey haha
jim O sphere: whats up
jim O sphere:

off the walls
EinZTeiN o07: just finished eternal sunshine
jim O sphere: and bouncing the me______mory
EinZTeiN o07: 2 words
jim O sphere: of someone elses f@t.e
EinZTeiN o07: you're high
jim O sphere: im /ing the pirates down ben
jim O sphere: i have them waiting on the .
jim O sphere: almost going to $ them out of the bank
jim O sphere: and # those nuts back into the ocean
jim O sphere: im a []teeer!
EinZTeiN o07: ...............
EinZTeiN o07: dont hate the pirates now
jim O sphere: they cant have the 1 piece
jim O sphere: !t5 mi(\)E!
EinZTeiN o07: sure it is
EinZTeiN o07: =)
jim O sphere: baastard
jim O sphere: now youve done it
jim O sphere: NOW YOUVE DONE IT
EinZTeiN o07: we have a bond jim
jim O sphere: [jim rips a hole in the universe]
EinZTeiN o07: and i will not let the bond break
EinZTeiN o07: even if i have to cripple you
jim O sphere: WHAT?!
jim O sphere: YOU FOOL
EinZTeiN o07: and break every single bone in your body
jim O sphere: [jim stands back to witness ben's true reaction]
EinZTeiN o07: [ben stares emotionlessly]
jim O sphere: um
jim O sphere: dood
jim O sphere: youre supposed to transform
jim O sphere: shit
EinZTeiN o07: um
EinZTeiN o07: didnt work
EinZTeiN o07: shit
EinZTeiN o07: [runs away]
jim O sphere: worst manga ever
EinZTeiN o07: i'd give a point for being stupidly funny
EinZTeiN o07: or funnily stupid

eloisa to abelard

how happy is the blameless vestal's lot!
the world forgetting, by the world forgot.
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd;

i know a good movie when i see one. and i just saw one. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind is an ingenius visual imagery of the old sayings "happiness is a state of mind" and "it is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all."

it's very tragic to see joel running away in his mind, trying to hide clementine so that her existence in his memory does not get erased. kinda reminds me of that one episode of that 70's show where eric just broke up with donna and an angel came down to help him realize that it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. like the christmas carol, the angel took eric to see the past, the present, and the future, but failed to convince eric that the pain he suffered from breaking up is trivial compared to the pain he has to suffer through had never felt the love. eric insisted the angel to wipe out all the memories, but when the angel was about to do so, all the sweet memories came back to mind in a jolt, and he changed his mind. the angel disappeared, leaving eric in his room, speechless.

joel: this is it. the time has come. we're going to get erased.
clementine: what do we do now?
joel: enjoy the last bit of it.

also the fact that joel and clementine were once in love, then decided to have their memories erased, but in the end even scientific advancement could not overcome the fate that brought them together, kinda reminds me of the 100% perfect girl story by haruki murakami. thanks to jemo for linking it.

it is a sad story, isn't it?

go dugongs go

this better be mine in three hours. if anyone outbidded me i am going to wish him death wishes. horrific ones.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

carue is mine

the kungfu dewgong is next.

nothing limited

We start, then, with nothing, pure zero. But this is not the nothing of negation. For not means other than, and other is merely a synonym of the ordinal numeral second. As such it implies a first; while the present pure zero is prior to every first. The nothing of negation is the nothing of death, which comes second to, or after, everything. But this pure zero is the nothing of not having been born. There is no individual thing, no compulsion, outward nor inward, no law. It is the germinal nothing, in which the whole universe is involved or foreshadowed. As such, it is absolutely undefined and unlimited possibility -- boundless possibility. There is no compulsion and no law. It is boundless freedom.

~Charles S. Peirce

if you do not know anything, do not say anything

if there is one thing i believe in that idiot monkey D luffy, it's his sense of justice.

337 just came out, too bad there isn't any good scans, YET.

but someone wrote a script from the crappy scan. so thanks for that.

oh, and who said being a soccer referee is easy?

maybe what we have right now is already what is best

stayed up the whole night yesterday, and took a cup of coffee to help sustain me during the day. started a drawing of the mugiwara kaizokudan this morning but didn't look too good so i trashed it.

visited christine whom i met last quarter in the physics lab section i TA'd becasue she needs 2CL textbook, which i happen to have....

fuck i smell weed. people upstairs are getting high and starting to stomp the floor. those retards.

... which i happen to have, so i thought i'd be nice and let her borrow it. dropped by around 4 and ended up helping her clean up her room, then out of nowhere i suggested we spent the night watching gardenstate, and she agreed. people say garden state is good, and friends i trust say it's good. so i went with the expectation it will be good.

i was wrong.

gardenstate was more then good. it was beautiful. i walked out of the theater thinking how beautiful my life is despite all the shit that's going on, and i suddenly lost all the reasons to complain about my current life. zach braff wrote one good movie that will forever be in my favorite movie list. i have to admit, i came out of the theater amazed at how brilliant zach braff was, but also loathed his guts since he got to make out a bunch of time with natalie portman. i should write my own movie, direct it, make myself as the main character, then pick natalie portman as the person i shall be making out with the rest of the movie. natalie is the cutest non-asian girl i've ever seen in my life. plus she has those sexy full lips.

her lips are a turn-on. i am in love with natalie portman.

time to fold clothes and then off to dream about natalie.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

two teaspoonfuls of sugar

coffee tastes especially good after staying up the whole night. i do not have any homework or anything to do, i was just drawing and then when i looked out the window the sun is out already. so i decided not to sleep.

i decided to make my own fantasy pirate crew. i call them the runaway pirates. simply because they've all made some sort of stupid mistake in the past and is now running away from the marines who want to catch them and throw them in jail for good. well, most of them, that is.


bounty: 8 million beri
ability: unknown
info: was once an apprentice to chief advisor tsuru (the old hag in ch.234). recruited by the marine because of his intelligence, and was trained to become a battle tactician. infamous for always beating chief advisor tsuru in "go" and successfully nailing every single chick in the marine base with his charm and good look. this is with the exception of tashigi (she's never around), chief advisor tsuru (too old), and hina (seto got bitchslapped everytime). 8 million beri bounty was put on his head after seto implemented his flawless plan to take naked pictures of hina in the shower. plan was flawless; hina never knew about it, until seto opened a booth and started selling these naked pictures to marine guys. seto is now on the run from hina who can't wait to cut his head off. seto still keeps a copy of hina's naked picture; it is now pinned on the wall of his bedroom as one of his greatest achievement. despite a captain, no one knows what ability seto possesses, as he never fights. he sits, watches, and gives direction. after all, he has natural ability as a tactician. his first-mate does all the fighting for him. seto also navigates the ship.


bounty: 7 million beri
ability: iwa iwa fruit (rock)
info: lass is an insomniac who one day accidentally ate the iwa iwa fruit. he has the ability to make rocks out of any parts of his body. even his spit can turn into rock. despite young, lass has been traveling with seto long enough to know seto inside out. he does most of the fight for seto. with his iwa iwa ability and seto's strategy, this pair has never been defeated. but then again, they have yet to arrive at grandline. lass loves beer; it doesn't get him drunk, but it's somewhat like a soda to him. lass had a 7 million bounty put on his head because one time when he was 6 he accidentally fell asleep after a week with no sleep, and he stumbled off a cliff, landing on a marine sergeant who was partying down there and broke the sergeant's neck. other marines were trying to shoot him, but because his body is as hard as a rock, he got away safely.


bounty: 10,000 beri
ability: skillful at throwing knives
info: the chef of this crew used to sell fish in a small island in west blue. he usually attracted customers by showing them his skills with knives. he got a small 10,000 beri bounty put on his head after the marines found out that he's selling rotten fish, smeared with "FRESHFISH" powder so the customer wont notice the nasty smell. his knife skills attracted a marine officer into buying his fish, and the night after the officer was hospitalized for food poisoning. endoh is now on the run from angry marine officers.


bounty: none
ability: speed and agility
info: meh, i'm not oda. he's just my favorite of all the shipwrights in water7.


bounty: 9 million beri
ability: expert in using double bladed sword (too bad there's no lightsaber in one piece)
info: shaleena was once a student from a small dojo. she then decided to travel around and meet up with other swordsman. not to defeat them, but to test out their skills and improve hers. although skillful, shaleena is extremely clumsy. she accidentally cut off the head of the dog of a marine officer and had a 9 million bounty put on her head. she is now on the run from angry marine officers, and marine dogs. she does not wear bras.


bounty: 2 million beri
ability: expertise in medicine and surgery. also plastic surgery.
info: this skillful doctor is currently on the run from angry patients from a marine base he had been using for money. like most doctors, he cures them of their illnesses, but he did not forget to put somekind of other virus or bacteria on them that will make sure they come back within 2-3 weeks for another treatment. his malpractice went smoothly until one day he forgot to replace the label of the drug from "extremely dangerous" to "completely safe." a marine apprentice saw that and started spreading the truth. a marine officer put 2 million bounty on his head for malpractice.


bounty: none
ability: T-virus that mutates in perfect synchronization with her cell, giving her monstrous ability.
info: this hot chick from resident evil has got to be a part of my crew. she's the only reason my roommate and i paid $7 to watch that movie. she was naked in both movies, too. despite having no boobs, she's still hot. plus, she's russian, so she's in.


bounty: none
ability: blue tube top and tight skirt. she also kicks ass.
info: this other hot chick from resident evil apocalypse plays jill valentine, and her sharp look turns me on. so she's in.

now i need to make the jolly roger. wanna know why me roger is so jolly?

Monday, September 13, 2004

avast, mates!

international talk like a pirate day is coming up on september 19th!

here's some awesome pirate pickup line you might wanna try.

10. Avast, me proud beauty! Wanna know why my Roger is so Jolly?
9. Have ya ever met a man with a real yardarm?
8. Come on up and see me urchins.
7. Yes, that is a hornpipe in my pocket and I am happy to see you.
6. I'd love to drop anchor in your lagoon.
5. Pardon me, but would ya mind if fired me cannon through your porthole?
4. How'd you like to scrape the barnacles off of me rudder?
3. Ya know, darlin’, I’m 97 percent chum free.
2. Well blow me down?

And the number one pickup line for use on International Talk Like a Pirate Day is …

1. Prepare to be boarded.

and if the ones above don't work (as they usually don't), try the following:

They don’t call me Long John because my head is so big.
You’re drinking a Salty Dog? How’d you like to try the real thing?
Wanna shiver me timbers?
I’ve sailed the seven seas, and you’re the sleekest schooner I’ve ever sighted.
Brwaack! Polly want a cracker? … Oh, wait. That’s for Talk Like a PARROT Day.
That’s the finest pirate booty I’ve ever laid eyes on.
Let's get together and haul some keel.
That’s some treasure chest you’ve got there.

here are the top 10 pickup lines for the lady pirates:

10. What are YOU doing here?
9. Is that a belayin' pin in yer britches, or are ye ... (this one is never completed)
8. Come show me how ye bury yer treasure, lad!
7. So, tell me, why do they call ye, "Cap'n Feathersword?"
6. That's quite a cutlass ye got thar, what ye need is a good scabbard!
5. Aye, I guarantee ye, I've had a twenty percent decrease in me "lice ratio!"
4. I've crushed seventeen men's skulls between me thighs!
3. C'mon, lad, shiver me timbers!

...and the number one Female Pirate Pick-up Line:

1. You. Pants Off. Now!

i wanna live like a pirate. aarrrrrr!


chopper and robin. quick drawing and inking, finished in 2 hours. i wish i can draw robin-chyan better. she deserves a better drawing.

as for chopper, i don't really care. he can go to hell and i won't even notice. sorry, chopper fans.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

stupidly funny, funnily stupid

you know how stores like officemax or officedepot have walls made of glass? well, there's a reason NOT to wipe them up TOO clean.

david and i still need to punk someone. this should be a good idea.

ever heard of the saying "dogs are men's best friends?" well, that's not the case with a cat. they can bite you in the ass. literally. that gets me thinking. why would one want to adopt a cat?

animal cruelty is fine, but infant cruelty?


if you ever get to be a news reporter, TAKE THE VAN.

pingpong has never been so much entertaining. oh, and this isn't the black screen pingpong.

props to the chinese. go chinamen!

our beloved governor in japan. omg that guy has so much free time in his hands.

perfect timing to screw up your romantic moments. they will remember that for the rest of their lives.

please don't smoke. you can hack more than just some nasty shit.

i wish i have my own band singing my background music all the time.

do not underestimate what a bunch of horns can do.

nori fumi furikake

rice seasoning tastes like heaven, especially after you starve yourself by eating once a day for the whole week and finally decided to fill yourself up with rice at 4AM in the morning.

Saturday, September 11, 2004


bloodrayne is going into the theater. kristanna loken will be playing rayne. hm, this ought to be hotter than milla in resident evil.

especially after we get the news that rayne will be posing nude in playboy, along with the likes of kurenai from RED NINJA, nina from TEKKEN, and mileena from MORTAL KOMBAT.

praise CG animation and 3D rendering. speak of anti-reality.


i'm tired of being called a yaoi artist by gurneel

enjoy, gurneel.

oh, to those of you who have NO IDEA what fellatio is, look it up. i'm not writing down shit like that here. a friend of mine already told me that this blog got blocked by the program her dad installed on her computer so that her brother cant go around downloading porn. apparently this blog was blocked due to the fact that my writing is too obscene and vulgar. so yeah, go look up what fellatio means, if you haven't already known.

autumn leaves

Friday, September 10, 2004

gomu gomu no penis

i've mentioned the idea before. jim has heard about that, and so have many other people whose mind i've corrupted with one piece stuff.

i didn't make this, but found this while browsing thru some sites. YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW WHAT SITES. it just hella cracked me up.

6 sections, 19 hours

w00t. got my old job back.

be sure to visit me at the physics 1CL lab, warren lecture hall every tuesday from 11-5 and wednesday from 12 to 3.30. got a total of 19 hours of work. lovely. finally i can save up for an ipod



half of you probably don't have any idea what the hell i'm talking about. and the other half probably don't even bother reading.

today is my late grandma's birthday. usually we would have a small party, just my parents my sister me and my grandma. back when i was little my mom and dad had to work all day long, so i don't usually get to see them until nighttime. during the day after school my grandma always took care of me and protected me from the evil minions who are trying to steal my dragonball z cards.

one thing i could never forget: before she passed away she called my name over and over, seemed like she couldn't let it go without me being there. too bad i was at school. i cried my ass off when my parents told me that she was looking for me and said "i wanna hug him just one last time."

i love my grandma. apparently after she passed away she didn't stop her effort. two nights after we had her funeral, she came to visit me on my dream to say goodbye. i miss her. she said i was her favorite grandson.

happy birthday grandma.

run little gurneel, run

a red sun sets, blood shall be spilled this night

what i've been wanting to say

has been said.

nicely, too

"creator oda, not satisfied with drying out the "shiver me timbers" stereotype of what we think of as pirates, has created a tale of adventure that draws not just from pirate lore, but adventures in lost world-type locales..."

"series creator eiichiro oda has gone on record stating that as long as people who work on the animation truly think about his characters and love the series, he doesn't mind how they handle the work."

"... eiichiro oda has reached a new level of human crativity and constructed characters that seem human and natural enough to carry on a conversation with, and bizzare enough to jog us back into reality."

"judging by the ratings, one piece is smashing other successful anime like NARUTO, INUYASHA, and even DETECTIVE BOY CONAN."

"the series is not afraid to deal with heavy themes and creator oda has become famous for creating complex and intricate backgrounds for his characters."

thank you greg werner. i owe you one. just one.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

still on the piracy business

here's a wallpaper for you

click for full size. they're 1024x768.

shrinking package

this is a picture of franky. the new villain oda introduced who stole 200 million beri from luffy and is wearing a speedo.

now, after awhile, we noticed that franky's speedo is lacking something.

something that bulges outward.

so i proposed to the people in the forum: maybe franky used the 200 million beri to get his sex changed.

gurneel, who always likes to pick on me and gives me the title "yaoi artist," disagreed. he thinks franky's package just shrinks because it's cold. to put it in his words:

Its cold thats all! Dont go around calling Franky an Okama [GAY]! I mean all he's wearing is a speedo, he's prone to the elements so you would expect to see his package shrink.

ryo, who was not satisfied with such explanation, demands more. gurneel seems to be such an expert in this thing, and he puts it in such a brilliant way i thought it deserves its own post.

You see the male organ can contract and expand. There are many different variables that may lead to this.

::goes to look at the previous posts with Nami and Robin pics::

There you go we have expansion.

::goes to look at e1ns yaoi pic::

and now we have contraction.

Weather is another variable, when it is cold the male organ perfers to hibernate, by hiding away like a bear. But if the weather improves or a shexy bee hive comes along the bear may decide to come out hibernation and go in search of some sweet honey.

See, what you cant learn from your parents or from school, you can always learn on the internet!

numero uno

as of this very second, i am officially the top poster in ArlongPark forum with a total of 459 posts.

first time i ever heard my roommate snore. and he snores hella loud, too. what has he been inhaling at work?

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

munkee sex

this guy is awesome. i need to practice so i can make two monkeys have sex.

forum whore

that's me.

i've been lurking around ArlongPark forum since the day i joined, august 26th. up to this second i have made 438 posts. that's an average of 34.3 posts per day. that also puts me as the number two poster in the forum. number two, out of 220 members.

i guess that's nothing to be proud of. just shows the fact that my life is sad and i spend most of it sitting in front of a computer talking about one piece.

i'm a super forum whore!


made my first doujinishi today. w00t

Usually a unofficial fan-made comic dedicated to certain genre. They can range from anime to LOTR to X-Men. Some webcomics are also referred to as doujinshi.

chapter 335 ended with franky challenging luffy to a duel. the following is what i would like to see happening at the end of the fight. if oda decides to do something like this, i would be most pleased.

but then again, that asshole is full of surprises. there is no end to the kind of twists and turns he can do.



personally, i like usopp better withOUT the bandana. that is why in this doujin i decided to give usopp a new look. he looks badass that way. like a gangsta.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

silly rabbits

thanks to the geek, i managed to get an access to this news about microsoft. here's a quote:

Microsoft has also managed to upset women and entire countries. A Spanish-language version of Windows XP, destined for Latin American markets, asked users to select their gender between "not specified," "male" or "bitch," because of an unfortunate error in translation.

oh, and this is what i call super pimping.


my japanese name is 遠藤 Endoh (distant wisteria) 一樹 Kazuki (one wood).

t3h 5Hm3xY 0n3Z

i wonder if they have a six-foot version of these.

if they do, i would be able to sleep in eternal happiness for the rest of my life.

nami looks really cute, but as much as i like cute girls, i'd have to choose robin. she is just HOT. SIZZLING HOT. i'd seriously do her.