Tuesday, August 31, 2004


remember when they say money doesn't buy happiness?

well, 25 million poundsterlings bought wayne rooney. hope that turns out to be happiness.

ruud van nisterlrooij, wayne rooney, alan smith, david bellion, ole gunnar solskjaer.

we better start kicking some asses.


there's a character in one piece, a shipwright, by the name of PAULEY. so far he's the character who's the most likely to join the mugiwara kaizoku-dan.

now, i've always been wondering how did oda get his ideas on creating characters. weird thoughts come and go, but HUGO BOSS???

never for once in a lifetime would that come to mind.

this finding is credited to VOEL from arlongpark forum.

for a friend

a comment on the last zoro drawing i received in my dA by AnimeAntie kinda intimidated me to do this.

so this one is dedicated to her.

dA people think my last zoro drawing was SHMEXY. ha ha ha.

Monday, August 30, 2004

look at the eyes that never sleep

i need sleep. only had 3 hours last night.

half-a-glass of wine and i'm off to bed.


you know something isn't right with this world when you drive your sister to school in the morning and you listen to kevin&bean show in KROQ and you hear them talking about the new reality tv show in which twelve macho men compete to be the most lady-like. seems like these days people would do just about anything to be on TV.

you know something isn't right with this world when you slow down to stop at a stop sign, the big SUV behind you speeds up, steered left, and passed you from the left side without even stopping. thank goodness it was a residential area?

kevin&bean show in KROQ is great. they make fun of just about anything possible.

the closing ceremony of the olympics was last night, and i didn't bother watching it. apparently, the theme of the ceremony is "harvesting weed," which they actually did for two hours in a row. speaking of manual labor as ceremony. if sam heard about this i bet he'll love it to out there harvesting. wait until he realizes it's not real "weed."

arlongpark has a forum now. it's great, people there are friendly, funny, and love intelligent discussion. plus the place is much more lively than the forums i've been with before. i have made 136 posts since august 26th, and today i shall be making more. not only that, but i also got acquainted with a greek physics major, and a french woman working on her thesis about transatlantic trade in liverpool or something like that. this is great. now i know where and who to go to when i travel to europe.

da hunk

this one, boys, is for all the marbles.

i think i'm starting to understand why zoro is featured in a lot of one piece yaoi. also, why girls are so into zoro, rather than sanji, who i think is more elegant and cooler.

zoro is a hunk. can't argue with that. and those are swimming trunks, not boxer. he's at the beach. this is the second of the beach series i'm about to do. the first would be the one with luffy trying to eat a crab. i will be doing sanji chopper nami usopp and robin. possibly ace, if i feel like it. =P

also, i will NOT be coloring this one. i like it the way it is and coloring will just mess everything up. i'm better with b/w shading than color shading. if you enjoy coloring, go ahead, be my guest, and color it. the a-little-bit-bigger version of the drawing can be downloaded HERE.

i hope zoro's feet are not too small, the right leg looks shorter and smaller because i ran out of paper. right next to the toes are already the end of the 8.5x11 piece of paper i was using. i should get an 8.5x14. i'm concerned about the feet, because zoro is known to one piece and zoro fangirl to be the best at satisfying women in bed, so with all the half-shoe-size thing and whatnot, i tried to make him look... well, manly.

holy crap, i hope i'm not turning gay.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

enough non-sense

this will be the last drawing i colored.

i have decided that my coloring sucks, and i have no patience. and to make myself feel better, my drawing looks so much better WITHOUT color. maybe if someone else is willing to color it, it will look better, but as of now, i suck at coloring, and i will never ever color like this again.

vector coloring is still okay, but this colorizing method is getting ghetto. plus it requires me to shade the original drawing, which, in my opinion, screws up the original look of the drawing.

i quit coloring.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

a sense of nationalism

yeah, that's something i don't have. not here, not back in indonesia.

i'm apathetic, but come on, there's nothing wrong about being ignorant.

watched the final of the synchronized swimming just about an hour ago. russians won. guess now they can go back home and make jokes about us the way we make jokes about them after coldwar. i've never seen this thing called "synchronized swimming" before. but it seems to be kinda similar to underwater ballet. either way, to me this sport is like somekind of an eight-girls lesbian foreplay. how can it not? they've got their legs rubbing each others and they're all wet. too bad none of them are hot.

then there's the USA vs brazil men's volleyball. as i was watching how the united states are being molested in the ass, i thought to myself: this is the perfect time for those anti-war activists who relentlessly enchant SEND THE US TROOPS HOME to be sent to greece to relentlessly enchant SEND THE US TEAM HOME.

save themselves the humiliation, you know.


men are from mars, women are from venus

my wrist is dying. stupid details.

Friday, August 27, 2004

14mb left

ten days. that's all it needs to deplete almost all of my 2GB transfer limit.

this MP3-sharing is a big hit. haha. no more download until the 17th of next month then.

people still don't leave messages though. bastard leechers.

a walk in the woods

try the fantasy abstraction profile. you've probably seen such a thing before, but the animation is pretty cool

Thursday, August 26, 2004

parental advisory

i was lying on my bad, staring at the ceiling, admiring the pattern of wood on the ceiling.

these patterns.

nature is beautiful. i don't even wanna know how biology people explain this. i think it's about time scientists stop reducing our sunsets to wavelengths and frequencies. stop doing the science and admire nature for a moment; for its beauty, not for what is hidden in it.

then my mom walked in.

she started ranting about my future and the day i get married and have little kids and whatnot. then my dad came in and started talking about the days when they just got together, HOW they got together, including all the details. trust me: it's worse than listening to your parents talking to you about how to use your penis correctly.

my mom ended the whole torture with "it's a dream of mine, that after you get married, you and your wife will stay here in this house. you know, you can live a perfect life in this very house."

[blinding flashes]


[high-pitched screeching noise]

[more blinding flashes]

then i was reminded to a similar situation in THAT 70's SHOW, which i imitated to amuse myself:

i've never heard the phrase "perfect life" and "in this very house" being used in the same sentence. oh, UNLESS separated by "as soon as i get the hell out of."

my life's turning into one big comedy. this is great. i only hope it's a series, not a one-timer.


GTO is a good series. not the anime, the drama. i've seen the whole entire series so i thought this time i should give it a try on the movie.

that's right. GTO the movie.

it sucked.

the message that series such as GTO is trying to give out is so deep, it cannot be well expressed within two hours.

but screw messages. the highlight of the movie is RENA TANAKA and NORIKA FUJIWARA.

rena tanaka is hella cute. ah, another addition to the already plenty japanese actresses i adore. the cute lips, sharp stare. oh i'd do her, definitely. if any of you can arrange a make out session with her, count me in. doesn't have to be free.

look at those eyes. that stare. those lips. WHO CAN RESIST? don't be in denial now.

and then there's norika fujiwara. not particularly as attractive as rena, but definitely cute. too bad she looks different in every pictures. this is the best one i could find..

oh, and she got hella big boobs. there's this scene with her running. she was already wearing a loose polo shirt and you could still see them bouncing. bouncy bouncy bouncy.

cute ladies are always the main attraction in a not so good movie. life is good.


i'm craving for coke right now. just finished a 2-liter bottle of coke earlier today, but still craving for it. i think they did put some cocaine in there or something that makes addiction.

drinking dr. pepper with a wine glass just doesn't do the trick.

contemplating whether i should get my car key and drive to the nearest store to get another 2-L bottle of coke, but what happened to harold and kumar when they went to get white castle burget traumatizes me.

should i should i should i?

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

kodak moment

have you ever had a serious case of bed-hair?

i have.

do not laugh. that's the face of a person who had 4 hours of sleep the night before and when he walked out from the bedroom he encountered his dad who laughed his ass off and dragged him outside to take a picture.

kodak moment, he said.

couple of weeks ago my dad went to the beach with my sister and her friends, while i was somewhere else that i can't remember right now. as always, he brought his camera along and took pictures. the roll was sent to walmart last week and we got it back last night. i looked through them and found this picture.

now i know where i get my perverted nature from. like father like son. it's all genetics, eh? so much for the nurture theory.


continue reading IF AND ONLY IF you're completely bored.

i needed some laugh, so i looked back to some recent conversations with sam, since either one of us usually say something stupid that makes both laugh.

keep in mind that sam and i are both typical college nerds whose thoughts and actions are directed toward getting laid or getting more booze.


zygoun: and david was like "uh....i was gonna say "porn?" ...that sounds like ben again...?"
EinZTeiN o07: ha ha ha
EinZTeiN o07: i would say that
zygoun: and i was like "yeah...we need him here"
EinZTeiN o07: aww, im being missed
zygoun: yeah we need u to make all those stupid comments for us

EinZTeiN o07: that i'm less angry and ready to move on
zygoun: that's....good to hear
zygoun: start making more friends who are girls
zygoun: and bring them back to the appartment
EinZTeiN o07: you dont need me for that
zygoun: oh yeah
zygoun: unless ur bringin TA's
EinZTeiN o07: wtf

zygoun: shit
zygoun: that's so disgusting
zygoun: but ....it's not funny if it's not

zygoun: oh
zygoun: u know i'm meticulously clean
zygoun: worse than a gay guy

zygoun: and start cramming after i come back
zygoun: if milla's out i'll do something else
EinZTeiN o07: hahaha, dont get the magz all dirty

zygoun: now I can get a girlfriend and beat all you guys
EinZTeiN o07: ha ha ha
EinZTeiN o07: may i know who
zygoun: i do not know..hopefully they still ahve those mail in brides from russia

EinZTeiN o07: this is only my 7th post of the day
EinZTeiN o07: and blogger wont let me post
zygoun: lol lol lol
zygoun: blog's like "....dude...go get a life"
zygoun: hahahahaha
EinZTeiN o07: oh shut up
EinZTeiN o07: it's addicting
EinZTeiN o07: im lonely, ok.
EinZTeiN o07: leave me alone

EinZTeiN o07: tellin ya man
EinZTeiN o07: we need punching bag
zygoun: yeah
zygoun: or i can find a german chick
zygoun: have some really violent sex..

zygoun: one thing that's damn sure from the pictures of maxim
zygoun: is....milla has no boobs
EinZTeiN o07: she has flat boobs
EinZTeiN o07: who cares, she's hot
EinZTeiN o07: they call such a thing "petite"
zygoun: but...she's russian!
zygoun: well...she's only petite in that area...
EinZTeiN o07: not all russian has big boobs
EinZTeiN o07: russians are hairy
EinZTeiN o07: you should be thankful she's not

EinZTeiN o07: give me some sites to go to
zygoun: well u don't lke chemistry
zygoun: but i have a pretty tite site that shows u how to make acetone peroxide

zygoun: um....it takes 24 hours to form...
zygoun: but it's still pretty good use
zygoun: if i want to blow up kids infront of our appt

zygoun: it might feel good to have a casual relationship
zygoun: get laid once in a while
EinZTeiN o07: hahaha
EinZTeiN o07: you mean for the first time ever?

zygoun: like mentally,
zygoun: i wouldn't count myself as a "vigin"
EinZTeiN o07: you get laid mentally twice a day dude
EinZTeiN o07: or more
zygoun: well...just once....but from the time when i wake up till i fall asleep"

zygoun: like water staterd dripping off rom the ceilling of david's bathroom
zygoun: so david went up stairs to check with the people...o
zygoun: french chicks yo!
zygoun: and two french chicks lives upstairs
zygoun: and when david's in the appartment
EinZTeiN o07: they're naked?
zygoun: one of them knocked on the room door
zygoun: and the other one came out in towels
EinZTeiN o07: wtf
EinZTeiN o07: i missed out
EinZTeiN o07: man
EinZTeiN o07: david sucks
zygoun: i know!
zygoun: i was praying for the ceiling to leak water again

zygoun: i think a woman is not complete until after 30
EinZTeiN o07: ewh
EinZTeiN o07: early menopause
EinZTeiN o07: dont leave out the possibility
zygoun: oh then no need for contraceptions
EinZTeiN o07: HA HA HA
zygoun: real "meat" all the time
EinZTeiN o07: i like how you work things out

zygoun: my lab TA from last quarter's german
zygoun: the face's alright
EinZTeiN o07: ha ha ha
EinZTeiN o07: damn dude
zygoun: but great body though
EinZTeiN o07: stop nailing TAs
zygoun: for some reason the german chicks got boobs that are so nicely shaped
zygoun: firm and big at the same time

EinZTeiN o07: what can i do to help you get over that girl
zygoun: i know a surest way
zygoun: cut my penis off

zygoun: i know
zygoun: i mean...i donno
zygoun: but u know...u donno too
zygoun: u know what i mean?
zygoun: lol
EinZTeiN o07: 2 words: you're drunk

zygoun: what was i thinking
EinZTeiN o07: girls?

zygoun: aiiiii
EinZTeiN o07: lemme guess
EinZTeiN o07: youve been ditching
zygoun: well....duh....
zygoun: only went to my econ class twice
EinZTeiN o07: that's associated with you as much as alcohol is

zygoun: and i should keep checking the TA's out
zygoun: and....i guess i can never keep up with the exponential curve can i...? hahahaha
EinZTeiN o07: yeah
EinZTeiN o07: stick with the TA
EinZTeiN o07: meh, i think it limits itself on 40
zygoun: logistic growth
zygoun: dude

EinZTeiN o07: 3?
EinZTeiN o07: who?
zygoun: fate

EinZTeiN o07: the day carmen got a bf you'll be seeking a razorblade
zygoun: in door bbq party yo
zygoun: carbon monixide

EinZTeiN o07: yo
EinZTeiN o07 wants to directly connect (8:43:06 PM).
zygoun is now directly connected (8:43:09 PM).
zygoun: porn?
EinZTeiN o07: no

EinZTeiN o07: this is what my friend alex said about his friend greg
EinZTeiN o07: If GregMobile607 is away or offline, look for him at the showing of the PAssion of the Christ at AMC LA JOLLA 12.- Back row- middle seat - penis out- masturbating
zygoun: ..........................................................................
zygoun: i down grade myself to issues
EinZTeiN o07: yeah, bunch of sickos
zygoun: ur friends have problems
EinZTeiN o07: no no
EinZTeiN o07: you're still problems
EinZTeiN o07: they have GENITAL HERPES
EinZTeiN o07: and HIV positive
zygoun: and final stage testical cancer
EinZTeiN o07: yes
zygoun: lol
EinZTeiN o07: both testes

zygoun: when enthaply is negative....heat is given out right?
EinZTeiN o07: isnt entropy ALWAYS -
EinZTeiN o07: oh wait
EinZTeiN o07: you said enthalpy
EinZTeiN o07: ha ha
EinZTeiN o07: i dont know
EinZTeiN o07: i forgot what the heck that is
zygoun: oh c'mon
EinZTeiN o07: google it up
zygoun: yup

EinZTeiN o07: http://www.llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.com/
zygoun: yo man~ where are u from?
Krungthepmahanakornamornratanakosinmahintarayu- tthayamahadilokphopnopparatrajathaniburiromudomra-janiwesmahasatharnamornphimarnavatarnsathitsakkatt-

zygoun: they can read my face yo
EinZTeiN o07: oh yeah, you turn red
zygoun: shit
zygoun: put ink on my face
EinZTeiN o07: haha and say waht
EinZTeiN o07: you just got attacked by a bunch of squids?
zygoun: i was fixing the printer?
EinZTeiN o07: i like the squids better

zygoun: damn
zygoun: keep downloading wrong movies!
EinZTeiN o07: dude
EinZTeiN o07: look for the keyword
EinZTeiN o07: "PORN"
zygoun: but this one's like "red light district brothel"
zygoun: man
EinZTeiN o07: haha that's not enough
EinZTeiN o07: it can be jsut about prostitution
EinZTeiN o07: not necessarily nudity
zygoun: chinese are not really that direct
zygoun: man
zygoun: at least some tits!
zygoun: red light district brothel yo

zygoun: 29 to 42!
zygoun: milf! milfs! milfs!
EinZTeiN o07: shiets
EinZTeiN o07: you ARE serious bout this
zygoun: yeah....milfs! milfs! milfs!

zygoun: *sob ToT
EinZTeiN o07: you have 4.074x10^13 m to study
zygoun: o_O?
EinZTeiN o07: thats 37h 40m in spacetime measurement

zygoun: i'd like to see that calculator banging its head on the wall
EinZTeiN o07: does a calculator even have a head?
EinZTeiN o07: how fast can caffeine kill you?
zygoun: um....must be slower than physics

zygoun: HCl and ethanol
zygoun: the only two chemicals u'll need in ur whole life

EinZTeiN o07: your grade just evaporated?
zygoun: um....not exactly
zygoun: the crystals got blown away by the ventilation system
zygoun: so did the grade

zygoun: one korean chick
zygoun: score almost perfect on both test
zygoun: 146 and 147
EinZTeiN o07: shiets
EinZTeiN o07: is she cute?
zygoun: nope
EinZTeiN o07: ah nvm then

EinZTeiN o07: http://core.t35.com/gallery.php?girl=jblalock
EinZTeiN o07: they got a whole bunch of pics of her
EinZTeiN o07: sooo hot
zygoun: mmmm
zygoun: can u get out of the room for a minute

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

7th post of the day

i'm such a loner, aren't i?

loner, loser, all those l-words that have negative written all over them.

parents are asleep, sister is off to bed, but apparently they forgot to turn the tv off. so with garnet crow's song playing, there it is on tv: the olympics. men's 3m springboard diving.

and all throughout six rounds of guys jumping twisting sommersaulting and whatnot in their speedos, the only sentence that ran through my head was "HIT THE BOARD, HIT THE DAMN BOARD!"

aren't olympics fun? you sit there watching all these things you don't usually watch just because you're waiting for some funny shit to happen. well, admit it. it's as frustrating as watching a fashion show on tv, waiting for some nipples to pop up. speaking of driving yourself nuts.

i heard of this somewhere, but it only reminded me of what first crossed my mind when i saw what they saw. i guess i'm not the only one thinking how stupid that thing is: MINI M&M's. what? did anyone EVER complain "dude, this m&m's too big for my mouth. i need smaller ones."

what were they thinking?


is easy when you know things by heart. just like me and one piece.

here are the other results of that quiz. i basically can change the answer and get the results i expected. i know one piece characters THAT much.

i love one piece. that's one love where i will never get hurt. maybe i should just marry a manga.

quizzing the night away

i don't particularly like online quizzes, cuz they basically tell me nothing i didn't already know, but this one is a one piece character quiz; i couldn't resist the temptation.

Which One Piece Character are You?
quiz by orangeday.net

w00t! i'm luffy!


reached 3000 hits today. time for a new layout?

Re: Tina

i thought i should be replying a message here, instead of leaving message in my own blog.

the glow on the sword and the hilt is just an effect of outer glow on a white vector layer. the cool thing about pen tool is that all you have to do is specify the main points of what you want to make, and then using the convert point tool, you can drag around each point to create a curve. i think the reason why they call it "vectoring" is because when you drag each points you're basically treating each of them as a vector. each has a magnitude and a direction.

so say you want to make a circle, all you need is to specify 4 points using pen tool. your initial drawing will look kinda like a diamond. then you switch to convert point tool, which looks like a ^, and you start dragging around each points until your diamond turns into a circle. the catch is that when you specify the 4 points CLOCKWISE, you'll have to drag around the points using CPT clockwise. if you specify the 4 points COUNTER CLOCKWISE, you'll have to drag around the points in the same manner also. if you drag it in the opposite direction it'll get kinda jumbled up. that's why it's vector, i think.

it's a crappy circle, but you get what i'm saying.

oh, and i hate green's theorem.

some things i don't get

am i a bad person trying to be nice?

or am i a nice person trying to be bad?


i need to keep my mind from some things i shouldn't be thinking about. so i vectorized the zoro drawing i made. so far it's been just the basic coloring and whatnot, but i'm currently working on the details of yukibashiri, and i can tell you, pen tool is hella awesome.

here's a preview of what's coming up. i love that little faint glow i put on the shiny part of the blade. props to photoshop; it can do ANYTHING.

well, okay, it can't dance or run around. but you get what i mean.

shading this thing is going to take hella ages.

Monday, August 23, 2004


anyone wants a gmail account? i got an invite sitting there like an idiot and it's tempting me to click on it.

message me if you want to be invited. don't even ask if you already have one; greedy people is one thing that this messed up world needs the least. first come first serve.

eyes wide open

warning: negative energy ahead.

i came to a conclusion that a toothache is not even half as bad as a heartache. well, maybe if it were all 32 teeth then, only then, could be as bad. but to generalize from that, physical pains are almost nothing if compared to emotional pain. physical scars are cool, especially if they're on your cheek and shaped like a cross, but emotional scars aren't. they hurt like a bitch, and the pain fades away longer than the halflife of a nuclear waste.

so it is normal for us to be aware, since we are all afraid of being emotionally hurt. i've heard sentences that justify such coming from people's mouth, even myself, but sometimes being emotionally hurt is just a recurring incident in life. it's inevitable. life would be boring without such pain. nonetheless, it's only normal to try to minimize such emotional pains to the least possible amount.

then to do this, you administer selective trust. you trust some people, you don't trust some people. you use your best judgment to classify them, but in the end you always have a list of people you trust and you don't.

what sucks is this: NO MATTER HOW SELECTIVE YOU ARE, THE PROBABILITY OF PEOPLE YOU TRUST GIVING YOU EMOTIONAL SCARS IS NOT ZERO. well, of course unless you trust NO ONE. that way you won't know anyone and no one can emotionally hurt you. hedgehog syndrome.

and what sucks even more is this: when people you trust hurt you, it hurts much much much more.

and when the people you have faith in and you least expect to do such hurtful things to you, actually hurts you, you wonder, who can you trust anymore? who can you believe in?

i don't think i'm capable of trusting anyone anymore. everyone's out to get me.


just saw the trailer of resident evil 2; i still believe that milla jovovich is the hottest girl i have ever seen alive on earth.

sam, we need to get four of those september-issue maxim. you'll be seeing one piece posters and milla jovovich up my walls starting september.


people who invented these might have too much time in their hands, but regardless, they're geniuses:

__ rejection hotline, and
__ telemarketer's nightmare.

try calling. it's great.

when the day i give the rejection hotline number to a girl comes, one of my lifelong dreams will be fulfilled.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

what you don't know CAN hurt you

forum linked

this blog is linked in an indonesian forum. ha ha ha. i just noticed it this morning from the referring URL list in the counter. it's great to see how many people love one piece as well. =)

i must admit, one piece the anime is definitely inferior in terms of quality, compared to the likes of naruto, bebop, champloo, or kenshin. that's why even though i collect all of the episodes, i hardly watch them. honestly, they sort of ruin the manga, which i worship with all my heart.


there's one good thing about the anime: the endings and openings. the synchronization between movements of characters and beats are perfect. plus i must give hella props to whoever picked the songs; all 13 ending songs and 4 opening songs FIT PERFECTLY to the whole sailing, voyage, pirates, friendship, sea thing. they all fit perfectly to the theme, and when you watch the ending and the openings, you'll never ever get bored. they sometimes even bring you to tears, even if you hardly understand the meaning of the words. ending 5 BEFORE DAWN by ai-sachi is my personal favorite, followed by ending 11, A TO Z by ZZ. then there's ending 12 TSUKI TO TAIYOU by SHELA and ending 10 FAITH by ruppina, ranked third. as for the opening, i'm indifferent between opening #4 BON VOYAGE by BON-BON BLANCO (which reminds me of bon-clay the okama) and the third opening HIKARI E! by THE BABYSTARS.

go download them people. with streamload as the host, the download should be fast.

Saturday, August 21, 2004


this is an audio post - click to play

seriously, i did see it waving.

a follow-up

kristin wrote an entry talking about how the news headline about paris hilton's dog missing. i don't know what kind of dog that little piece of shit is, but whenever i go to malls or anywhere away from home, i see more and more people carrying that kind of a dog. and whenever i see those dogs, the first thing that comes to mind is "how far will that thing fly if i give it a kick?"

evil, but then again it's tempting. not my fault if the dog has "hey i'm little, kick me" written all over its face.

the following is a comment i put on kristin's x. it's long enough so i thought it deserves its own post.

you know the current teenager generation is pathetic when you see simple life won an award in teen choice. i mean, what's so good about 2 girls driving across the state screwing over with people's life for a couple of days? but then again, dolly parton once said "there is no such thing as a ba-a-a-ad publicity," after they named the cloned sheep after her. guess paris is trying to do the same.

did you see that one SNL where jimmy fallon interviewed paris?

jimmy: yeah, hilton hotels are worldwide, and i heard they're just finished building a new one in paris. is that true? does paris hilton really exist?

paris: yeah. it really does.

jimmy: so.. i just wanna clarify this... i heard they have DOUBLE OCCUPANCY... is that true?

paris: [smiles]

jimmy: mind if i check in?

that was a great one. go jimmy.

Friday, August 20, 2004


that's a shout to myself.

i once said that life kicks someone where it hurts the most at the worst possible time, but at that time, that someone wasn't me. now i'm saying it again because i now know how that someone must have felt.


no, more than just that.


probably should have used the exclamation mark.

three full moons and two nights. only after then are my eyes completely opened.

i've been an idiot. a complete idiot.

i've had my opinions on things. my perspective of life. well, tonight i realized that all of them weren't right.

whenever i express my take on life to someone, the most common reply i get is "that's way too idealistic." a reply which i usually counter with, "this world is already too pessimistic. so why the hell not?"

if i have ever given any of you advices, or suggestion, you can forget about them now, if you haven't. all of them are most likely inapplicable in this dreadful amorphous p-brane we call reality. i realize now, that my view on things are too idealistic, and idealistic views don't survive in this darwinian world.

think about love.

should you not give it your all, and by all i mean, ALL YOU'VE GOT, for the person that you love? if you love a person, it is only right ---AND normal--- for you to give the person the most you can give. right?



after all, LOVING means GIVING, and not expecting anything back, right?



but if you love someone so much, and have given all that is humanely possible for that someone, even if that someone doesn't feel love to begin with, love will eventually emerge in that person's heart, won't it? people can LEARN to love, right?

[or can they?]


why can't they? if someone already loves you so much, why is it not normal for you to love them back? love CAN BE LEARNED. love will DEVELOP overtime. can't YOU learn to love?


that is what i always think, but apparently i was mistaken. again. love CAN be learned. sure. but there is a difference between love that is developed and love that pops out naturally. the one thing that i didn't see until today when i had this talk with sam is that THE FORMER CAN NEVER BE AS STRONG AS THE LATTER. never. well, i'm sure there are few rare cases that can be an exception, but in general, never.

love should mean GIVING and not asking anything back, shouldn't it? i should have been. but this world doesn't seem to be working that way. sam said there is one who always sticks to that rule: GOD himself. haha. that's right. such a love is DIVINE.

divine love is for divine beings, not for us mortals.

no mortals should even attempt such a thing.

roronoa zoro

finished the coloring.

maybe i should give the skin more color, rather than just white contrast. =/

details, details

spent a little past 2 hours tonight drawing this,

the formidable pirate hunter, roronoa zoro.

usually drawing these things don't take long, but this time it's the DETAILS on zoro's swords that took a shitload of time. i can't imagine having to draw the details over and over and over when making the manga. props to oda and his staff.

the sword at the bottom that zoro is holding is the YUKIBASHIRI. thin, sharp blade that can cut swiftly thru stone. smooth, black hilt and sheath, without any pattern on them. two golden round clips on the sheath and one on the hilt. then somekind of a circle insignia right in the middle of the hilt.

sword in the middle is the WADOU ICHIMONJI. this is the legendary sword from kuina's dojo that zoro inherited after kuina died. wadou ichimonji has been zoro's sword since the first time he took off on a quest to be the greatest swordsman. during the fight with mihawk, his two other accompanying swords broke into pieces, but this one stays unscathed. this sword has white sheath, also with no pattern. the hilt has exactly 10 diamond-shaped pins that hold the cloth that wraps the hilt. the design wasn't that intricate, but it's a lovely sword. this sword is the one zoro holds in his mouth.

the last sword at the top of the others is the SANDAI KITETSU. a cursed sword whose owners always die a horrible death. zoro tested the curse of the sword against his luck, and his luck won. the cross-wrappings are red-colored, while the middle part is wrapped in gold metal. the end of the hilt has quite an interesting design that i noticed while drawing. the sheath itself is red, designed as if one section is wrapped on top of the other.

will be coloring this tonight. or tomorrow if i'm too lazy.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

THE T610

woke up to the sound of my dad talking english to some other loud guy. first thought: maybe someone from church.

wait, my dad doesn't speak english.

hopped out of bed, curious to see who it was. then there he was, standing on the front porch, holding a huge fedex box.

"a delivery for you," he said.

"huh?" i replied with sleepy eyes.

then it crossed my mind. the cellphone. the one i bought for $25 with $155 rebate. damn, that's fast service; arrived 2 days after the order is processed.

lovely, hope it's not gonna cause more trouble.

conversation of the day

sam and i never had an agreement on which girl is hot and which is ugly. most of the girls ---or women--- that he considers hot, i consider them ugly. and it also works the other way around.

but there are two women that we agree upon. catherine zeta-jones and milla jovovich.

then kristin told me about milla jovovich being in the newest issue of maxim.

two horny guys late at night, what can you say?

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

in addition

a little update on the blog:

1. downloadables are now in form of dropdown menus. i'm thinking this way common people can't simply hotlink it and waste my bandwidth.
2. since the number of people who download one piece MVs is declining, i thought it's about time to unravel the SINGLES. that's right. mp3 singles of three openings and twelve endings. i didn't really like WE ARE! so i haven't uploaded it yet. the last (#13) ending has yet to be uploaded also since i'm under 56k this summer.

dreamship by aiko ikuta is cool. and the other 2 songs in the single is good too.

oh pretty lady

finished robin vector art.

she's so hot. **drools**

working the shading and lighting on the cleavage has been so much fun. **winks**


tuesday was tin's birthday, so i took her out for dinner, since i didn't get her anything. it was also indonesia's independence day, but that's not as fun.

noodle planet was a good restaurant. the food took forever but it was satisfying. had pad thai, while tin got herself some spicy yakisoba. the yakisoba was quite good, but next time i should get the non-spicy one. my tongue's really sensitive for those kinds of things.

haven't had a good talk with tin for a while, so we did. apparently she seems to be having the common i-dont-enjoy-home-anymore problem that most over-protected asian teenagers experience, so since it's her birthday, i thought i should take her somewhere to cool her down a little.

back in la jolla, that would be the seal harbor. here in glendora, up all the way to the top of glendora mountain road. so we drove up, about 8 miles up the mountain road, we stopped and started stargazing.

then it happened.

unexpected, out of nowhere, unplanned, deadly.

tin farted.

i could hear the lamenting deaths of three or four bears in the mountains. as if such massacre wasn't enough, tin continued her fart. or should i say, fartS.

poor wild animals.

on a happier note, i signed up for a deviantART account. i've been signing up for a bunch of stuff, just to kill time. sign of loneliness? maybe. apparently i noticed that i have lost interest checking the sites i checked frequently since they hardly change. these people seem to have a much more interesting life that they don't sit on their ass and check the same site more than ten times in a day, crossing fingers hoping that there will be somekind of a miraculous update, like me. oh yes, i do that. so UPDATE YOUR DAMN SITES, dudes and dudettes.

and at least leave me some comments. be bitchy, be notorious, be obnoxious, i don't care. just comment. even a little "ha ha" will be appreciated.

devA seems hardcore. i was updating my gallery with the third artwork i uploaded and i already got people commenting and making sanji skypiea art a favorite. don't these people sleep?

on to robin vector project.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

think scary thoughts

picture yourself walking in a dark alley of a big city like new york on one foggy night. it's a long, dark alley, and it's almost pitch black.

then you hear footsteps from the direction you're heading. not shoes, but from someone walking barefoot.

you stop, thinking what might be ahead.

you brush off those scary thoughts and start walking again, slowly.

the sound of the footsteps gets louder, clearer, as you proceed, but the thick mist prevents you from seeing anything outside 5-foot radius.

then you see a figure, unclear, clouded by the mist, but as you walk forward the figure starts unraveling itself.

it's a woman, and she's naked.

then you look up to her face, and you see her eyes staring directly into yours.

if i were you, i'll run the hell away from there.

more colorjob

ONE PIECE volume 20, chapter 183, page 16, square 1.

pen tool is awesome, much much easier to work with.

Monday, August 16, 2004


i've always been a big fan of you, and still am. was, is, and will always be.

what's not to like about you? you're pretty, charming, intelligent, understanding, compassionate, full of potential and mysteries to unravel. being with you can certainly make a man's life adventurous, lively, anything but dull and boring. and that is exactly how a man should live: anything but dull and boring. a life that is dull and boring is a life without meaning. a life that, some people say, is not worth living. to me, life such as that is not necessarily without meaning, but definitely still worth living. as long as a man still has you, life, excitement is just an impending occurence.

man seeks happiness, man seeks pleasure, man seeks a peace of mind, man seeks excitement, man seeks love, man seeks things, different for each man, but eventually, a man will seek you, life. why, you ask? because in YOU and you ONLY can a man find the things he seeks. you are an infinite slab of possibilities; nothing is impossible for a man as long as he holds firmly onto you.

but things in life are all about balance: happiness has sorrow, pleasure has pain, white has black, ups have downs, light has dark, good has bad, best has worst. or they can also be the other way around: sorrow has happiness, pain has pleasure, black has white, and so forth, depending on whether seen from a pessimist or an optimist point of view. but in the end it comes to balance. but this idea of balance isn't a demotivating or anything close to that. OPPOSITES AMPLIFY. happiness might be something good, but sorrow makes happiness better. pleasure is something that everyone seeks, but a little taste of pain can amplify the pleasure one receives to no measure. without black, white is just an absence of color.

this is the law of nature. something that even something as majestic, as powerful, as incredible as you, life, cannot escape from.

you, life, has an amplifier: death.

the great epictetus once said that death is nothing to be feared of. what's there to be feared? while you're thinking about death, you are ALIVE, so there is nothing to worry about. and when you're dead, you no longer exist, so you've still got nothing to worry about. what makes a man fear death so much is the THOUGHT of it, not death itself. so by the principle of self-discipline, a man need to fear none if he can discipline his mind.

that's what epictetus said, and i agree, there is no need to fear death. i do not fear death. when i die, then i die. nothing else happens. the only thing that i will be missing is you, life. you, the infinite slab of possibilities, the domain of the things a man seek. but i'm sure by the time i die, i'll be using up your potential, so i won't be missing a thing. what i do fear, though, is leaving behind and not being able to be with those i love most: friends, family, partner, co-workers, relatives. the worst part in death is not the fact that i cannot be with them if i die, but that they will be saddened by my death.

see, life, i am still holding on to you, and i won't let go. i mean, why would i even want to let go something that holds infinite possibilities? something so amazing, probably greater than happiness itself. but what's so despicable of you, is that when you try to adhere to the principle of balance, you become really harsh. and i mean, REALLY harsh.

i like you, life. but sometimes, you kick someone at the WORST possible time, right where it hurts MOST. imagine a skinny scrawny single man who got fired from his job, in deep debt, got stuck in the middle of a rainstorm with a flat tire, realized that he doesn't have a spare tire, then got a gun pointed to his forehead by the truck driver from whom he was asking for a ride, got robbed, got kicked in the nuts, pushed off a ledge, rolled down a steep rocky hill into a bush of wild plants with hella thorns, stuck on a muddy field 100 feet below, then got surrounded by wild monkeys. yeah, it's kinda like that. worst possible time, hurts the most. and that is why sometimes i want to go up to you, look you straight in the eyes, and yell at you: YOU SUCK. YOU'RE UNFAIR. WHY DID YOU DO THIS? WHY NOW? WHY THERE?

i want to hate you for doing this, life. not because it is painful, but rather because there is nothing i can do. i can't stop it, i can't console it. nothing. this is supposed to be something i can at least take part in, though beyond my control. but as of now, i can't even do that.

i want to scream out loud that you're not fair, but then there is that #1 rule of life: life is unfair, get used to it. so that kinda defeats the whole purpose of screaming even before it happens.

thanks, life. i hope you're happy seeing the sad faces of those who always hold on to you no matter what. i hope you're having fun kicking people where it hurts. and you definitely have a really good timing. i hope you still stick with your principle of balance, because the opposite is the only thing i'm looking forward to right now.

your angry fan,

Sunday, August 15, 2004

memorable lines

harold and kumar go to white castle is hilarious. not witty funny like dodgeball, but still quite intelligent in terms of jokes. take kumar, a genius indian guy who don't really give a crap about anything, and harold, a korean guy who is probably the unluckiest person alive. pair them together, and you get a great couple that's about as funny as jackie chan and owen wilson, only without the actions.

go watch, if you haven't.

during a med-school applicant interview:
kumar: see, i don't really want to go to a medical school. i just want my dad to keep paying for my apartment.
interviewer: but you got a perfect MCAT score!
kumar: so? i'm hung like a horse but that doesn't mean i have to be a porn star.

throughout the whole movie:
harold: fuck.

in some forest:
kumar: i've got a bad news, and a worse news.
harold: give me the worse news first.
kumar: the cheetah took us in the wrong direction.
harold: ..... and the bad news?
kumar: your laptop's broken.
harold: WHAT?! why didn't you tell me that first? how can that NOT be the worse news?
kumar: well, you see, the one about the laptop only affects YOU, while the other one concerns the both of us, so it's worse.

in princeton unversity campus:
kumar: no one's got weed? what kind of ivy league school is this?

when kumar was peeing in some bushes
[freaky guy approaches]
kumar: um, sir... i'm just wondering---
guy: EH?
kumar: yeah, um, i'm..
guy: EEH?
kumar: of all the bushes in here, why did you have to choose this one to pee on?
guy: what? is this your bush?
kumar: um, no, but i got here first---
guy: EEEH?
kumar: .......
[guy looks down at kumar]
guy: nice penis.
kumar: ..... thanks.
[kumar runs]

a cup of coffee in the morning

been waking up no later than 7.30am the past three days. is this a bad omen?

sanji got a little editing on the detail of his skypiea shirt. next time i'm drawing one piece characters, i'll be sure to pay more attention to clothing details and whatnot, since i obviously got sanji's shirt all wrong:

1. there should have been 4 concentric circles in each flower, arranged in alternate red and dark red color.
2. the flower petals were supposed to be white, which i've fixed
3. the lines connecting each flower to another should have been only two, not five.

next time.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

mine! mine! mine! mine! mine!

sister's watching nemo again. i've lost count how many times she's seen it over and over.

caricature dude got colored. still need to work on my coloring, but whatever. this one keeps me busy the whole day.

feels like middle school

caricature request from an old friend.

frictionless padding

finally got a flashdrive from frys. 256mb for $30, not too bad. what amazes me is that 2 hours after the store opens, there's only ONE item left. either frys only has less than eight in stock, or there's a bunch of early-birdies who have no idea how good it feels to sleep-in on saturday morning.

speaking of sleeping in, i woke up quite early today: 7am. a rumor has it that today there will be a preview of foxbox's fall program, including the butchered one piece. so i woke up early to see how bad it is. the result is that, for ONE HOUR, foxkids kept showing "MEGA SNEAK PREVIEW TODAY ON FOXBOX" crap but never actually showed anything more than just that. the online clip can't be downloaded either with this dialup. but people in ArlongPark said it's as bad as it can be; luffy and zoro sound gay and nami sounds like a spoiled brat.

oh well, at least K-F is still running. and i finally got the dreamship single by aiko ikuta. one piece ending #13.

Friday, August 13, 2004


i'm halfway through college, time doesn't just fly, it goes at godspeed.

if you're currently confused on your love life, read and understand THIS. i trust in jim's greater wisdom. that guy should really start writing books and publishing them.

went to graduate admissions discussions today with aimee. apparently if you're in the physics discipline, once you're admitted to a grad program, you don't actually have to pay for anything. you might have to be a teaching or research slave, but you really don't have to pay a single penny by yourself. everything is paid by the department since they've got so much money from the research fund. the only catch is that you'll have to be a good student. if you slack off they can ask you to pack your bag the next day. not a good news for a lazy bum like me. =/

so i was pondering which grad school programs i should apply to, and since i want to be doing particle physics, i'd have to choose the ones that have good programs in particle. UC san diego is definitely an option, not for the HEP department, but for the weather. la jolla is paradise. university of washington in seattle has, i heard, a good program in particle, so that would be an option as well. the same goes for UC santa barbara. so those three are in my list of schools i will definitely apply to.

now the dream schools: definitely caltech in pasadena. they got the geiger research stuff going on there, and who knows, maybe there is such a thing as gravity waves. princeton is also another one, although it's all the way in new jersey. then the top-notch dream school: STANFORD. not just that it's a prestigious school, but that school has pretty much everything i've always been looking for: it's own cathedral-like church and it's own linear accelerator.

but then again, these are the dream schools. i'm gonna need excellent rec letters and GRE scores if i want my application to be even looked at and not be a midnight snack for the paper shredders.

so i got the target schools and the dream schools. i need backup schools. dammit.

Thursday, August 12, 2004


[EDIT] drawing edited. added some more shading. [/EDIT]

made this today.

coloring still sucks. this one's even worse not because it takes LONGER to color it, but the piece of paper i was using was crappy and the pencil leads were acting weird. well, maybe it's just my stupidity for not knowing this, but i noticed that 2B on top of 2H don't stick to each other. the 2B ends up being crumbly and shit like the shade on the left of nami's skirt. nami's left. not your left.

shading is crappy. reason for this is mainly because i drew smaller. the sanji portrait used up the whole entire 8.5x11 piece of paper; only for the head, but this one, i used the same size paper to draw from head to thighs, thus giving me smaller workspace and i cannot work on the details. i'll try to draw nami portrait later.

finally, i drew a GIRL. i've always been making excuses that i cannot draw a girl; one main reason is because everytime i draw one, she looks like a man. and that's just not right. but here's another thing i've never said to anyone: i have some kind of a phobia when drawing boobs. not that i have problem with boobs, i've seen boobs in movies, and i've seen lots of movies with boobs, especially after rooming with sam for a year. seeing boobs is fine, DRAWING boobs is another story. see, for artists, boobs and female curves are like art. there's beauty in them. not the dirty kind of beauty, but the beauty kind of beauty. huh? if you don't get what i'm trying to say, don't worry, i don't either. when i draw boobs, i want to draw boobs that can radiate beauty; ones that when people see it they go "wow, that's nice boobs." but everytime i attempt to draw boobs, they seem to be radiating dirtiness instead. i watch hentai but i don't wanna be making one.

hell, even some hentai girls have non-dirty-looking boobs. i need to practice drawing more boobs.

wow, that's a lot of "boobs" in one paragraph. i'll use "rack" next time. or "hooters"


wish all the news on tv are like this.

finally something the canadians are good at. ha ha ha. go canadians.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

almost forgotten

i've almost ended my run of blogging every single day. i looked at the clock, it showed 1120 pm and i realized i haven't put down any crap today.

frys is still out of that jumpdrive i wanted, i guess if fate likes me they'll be in by friday. if fate hates me then i won't be having any jumpdrives.


wait a minute, fate doesn't exist.

been re-reading naruto, on chapter 122 now. as i'm reading along i'm thinking: this manga USED to be good. i mean, up until naruto fights gaara, i think naruto could be one of the best manga ever made. but then after sasuke ran off to seek orochimaru, there hasn't been as much intensity as there was back then. not even compared to the early chapters when naruto was still pretty much an idiot. it seems like masashi kishimoto (is that his name?) had a change of heart or something. i don't feel the same kind of intensity and emotion i felt in the earlier chapters. i mean, this should be really intense, the long-awaited fight between naruto and sasuke, but for some reason it's not any more captivating than the fight between sakura and ino. i'll see how 227 turns out.

people haven't been commenting on this blog, it's getting lonely. i wonder if people only come here to leech the one piece music videos i hosted or to look for naked pictures of bastila.

meteor shower tonight. gonna go hit the mountainroad around 0130 am to see if i actually get to see a shower tonight. in the past it had always been only one or two shooting stars i saw, which was in no way a shower.

got my INTRODUCTION TO ELECTRODYNAMICS book, for $39.44. now waiting for CLASSICAL DYNAMICS OF PARTICLES AND SYSTEMS, which i got for $62.25. not quite cheap, but at least better than the ucsd bookstore that sells those two for over $100 each. for those of you looking for the same book, the ISBN# are 013805326X and 0534408966, respectively.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

long time to see

i got to talk to an old friend last night; a girl who used to be my closest friend in 9th and 10th grade, and whom i haven't seen for 2 years. it was a nice, hour-and-a-half long conversation, reminiscing about the good ol' middle school days and stuff we used to do together. she said that middle school years were by far the best three years of her life. it's nice to know that there are people out there who still remember you even though you only talk to them twice a year, at most. it's also nice to get the default "i miss hanging out with you, when are you gonna be back" question, because that one sort of lets me know that my presence is still appreciated and wanted.

she told me that a lot of our middle school and highschool friends are in the database of friendster, so i thought i'd sign up for it, since it's always a good idea to keep in touch with old friends from indonesia.

i miss the good middle school days, too.

the day starts at noon

and it has been like that lately. i really should get back to waking up around 7-8, at least before school starts because next quarter my classes start at 9. living off campus means that i can't wake up 10 minutes before class starts.

went to frys to get a jumpdrive yesterday. apparently the $39.99 one with $15 mail-in rebate is all sold out. crazy people. should have gone on sunday instead. also, frys got some seemingly good backpacks for $4.99, $8.99, and $12.99. of course the cheapest one is sold out also, but at least now i know i don't have to go all the way back to indonesia to get a cheap backpack. the ones they sell at stores like jc penney and similar stores are all above $30, and that ain't cool. student backpack means a backpack for students, and students are generally poor, so they should really lower the prices. props to frys.

i've been having mixed dreams lately, it goes from funny to frightening. for the first time ever, i dreamt i was dreaming about dreaming. wtf? a three-fold dream? what is this? consciousness trying to trap me so i can never get out of the dream realm? the scary part is, even the third level of dream feels so damn real, it's creepy. one thing that always bothers me, though: when you're dreaming, unless you're high as a kite, you're usually in a place that is familiar to you, like your living room, or the mall you visit frequently, or your campus. but in the dream, there's always something unusual with these places. like your living room suddenly turns into a 4000 sqft open field, but the kitchen, couch, tv, everything is still there. or the mall walkway suddenly turns into gopher tunnels and you have to go around the mall using that hardhat with flashlight attached to it. or your campus suddenly have a plasma tv on every side of every building. see, when you wake up, you think back and you say to yourself: damn, that's hella weird. it's almost as if you notice that these things are not what reality is like and therefore you should already be aware that you're in a dream. but that is not the case when you're dreaming. for some reason you always accept these anomalies as something that are not out of the ordinary. either you go making up reasons like "oh maybe they're trying to conserve energy so we're using flashlights," or you just don't think of any reasons and just accept the place because you know where you are. sort of like "hmm it's weird, but i KNOW this is my living room." why? why cant you be aware that you're dreaming?

i used to be able to do that. i used to have control of my dream. whenever i feel threatened or scared, i can always stop the dream and bring myself to wake up. my dreams used to be like watching a movie; i can stop, fast forward, rewind, anything i wanted. and probably because i realized that i'm dreaming, i felt like i am god because i have control of everything. if i see a piece of paper on the sidewalk and i want that to be destroyed because i don't like it, i can just WILL to be able to shoot laser out of my eyes and POOF, the next second i have the ability to shoot laser out of my eyes and the second after that the piece of paper turns into ashes, blown away, scattered by the gusting wind. when i feel like flying, POOF, and i get my wings. when i'm fighting evil minions, i can do that thing they do in comedies, where the protagonist stops the anatagonist who's trying to kill him, grabs a copy of the script from his pocket and said "wait, i'm not supposed to die like this. according to the script, there should be a lightning strike that strikes you down before the sword kills me," and instantaneously, CRACKAZABOOM, lightning strikes and the antagonist dies. i used to be able to do all these in my dreams, but now... not anymore.

it seems to me that maybe reality has gotten a grasp of myself. i think i'm too much engrossed in the real world i can no longer distinguish which is real and which is a dream. see, when i was little i was a big dreamer. while lying on the bed at night, i played a movie i instantaneously created in my mind about an hour before i actually sleep. i was the main character, of course, and i always kill the main character in the end. i love tragedies. movies that end happily, at least for me, is not quite a depiction of the real world, because the real world is tragic. i wish i can go back to being a big dreamer.

dream is an essential part of reality. without dreams, there is no reality.

let's all keep the D's will alive, shall we? =)

there are things that a man cannot stop:
a person's will,
a person's dreams,
and the change of an era.
for as long as man longs for freedom,
he has no necessary feat to stop these things.

~ gol d. roger

Monday, August 09, 2004

BT is in danger

SAVE BT and other p2p network. i mean, seriously, making that illegal is like taking the lives of a bunch geeks, instantaneously. it'll be like cyber-holocaust. think about it. these geeks LIVE there; they EAT there, they SLEEP there, hell, they even HAVE SEX there.

protect these innocent geeks.

a little shade of gray

tin came over today to hang out. expected arrival time was 1-ish, but she didn't show up until about 3.30. not surprised; that's very typical of her. while waiting, however, i somehow got over my laziness and started drawing sanji on a piece of paper. the only reason for this was because i wasn't satisfied with the color job i did yesterday.

paintpixel has a tutorial on how to color and shade, but they give no guideline on how to choose the correct shade for a color. nor do they give recommendations on skin color, because that's hella hard to choose. there are gazillions of them to choose from. well, basically the only thing useful i got out of that site is on HOW TO CREATE AN OUTLINE. select RGB channel, good to know.

paintpixel's tutorial showed a method they call "cel-style" which i haven't tried yet since i'm not particularly fond of pen tool, but i tried their "airbrush shading" and i sucked at it. just look at the sanji coloring from yesterday. apparently i'm not artistic enough to be able to pick the correct colors for shades, so i literally gave up that method. maybe i'll take it up again, after i'm better at coloring.

today i figured that maybe i should invent my own method of coloring. i've been using photoshop for over 6 years now, i should be able to fix something up. so i invented this hue-method. it's really nothing special; those of you who are familiar with photoshop should be able to guess what this coloring method is. the only this that makes this method might not be preferable to some is that YOU HAVE TO FIRST SHADE THE DRAWING YOURSELF. if you don't shade it, it won't work.

so i spent about a little over an hour to get this drawn:

and then a little over 2 hours to get it colored:

i don't know about you, but i like this much much better than the airbrush coloring method.

what i did was basically this: create the transparent outline for the picture and put it on a new layer. then create three more copies of the original picture underneath the outline layer. use one for the hair, one for the skin, and the other one for the shirt. use polygonal lasso tool to create a selection of the area you want to colorize, then hit ctrl+U or image > adjustment > hue/saturation. check the colorize box and adjust the hue, saturation, and lightness the way you want it to be. if you cannot find a good setting, pick the closest one and then adjust the levels (ctrl+L or image > adjustment > levels). works out good for me.

here is the hue/saturation setting with the colorize option checked.


the tongue and gum are on the same layer as the skin. try it if you like. use the grayscale image from above and color it the way you want it. i was using photoshop 7.0, if you didn't know.

on a side note, it's nice to have someone IM you with these

bOba oN iCe: 143 edo
bOba oN iCe: 637
bOba oN iCe: and i'm 823

the numbers are supposed to be pager codes, back from the days when we didn't have text messaging. urbandic has the meaning to them.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

color job

i think this is what i will be spending the rest of my break doing: coloring.

this is the one piece drawing i drew, inked, and scanned in a couple of weeks ago.

i took sanji's face and started coloring it. now, no need to remind me: i KNOW i SUCK at coloring. that's why i prefer grayscale drawing with pencils ranging from 8H to 8B. but i think i should know how to color, because anything in color looks much better than in grayscale. the following piece of crap is what i get after 2 hours of work.

maybe i should just stick with grayscales and pencils. at least until i learn how to shade properly. =/