Tuesday, August 28, 2007

sketchbook dump

since i haven't had time to draw anything seriously.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

the time machine

is the worst. movie. ever.

i procrastinated watching this since it was first released in 2002. i should have procrastinated more; it's one of the very very few movies that made me wonder who died in hollywood and hired people to work on this movie. whoever was in charge and put guy pearce as the main character needs to be banished from the movie industry and left to die on a raft in the middle of the pacific ocean. guy pearce looks like a fucking monkey. there, i said it.

two highlights of the movie:

1. the time machine itself. steam powered and full of bullshit, but well-designed. it's full of details and very elaborate. if there's a miniature replica of the time machine, i wouldn't mind having one to put on my shelf.

2. sienna guillory. too bad she died early in the movie. twice. silly deaths, too. a quick googlesearch after the movie returned an info that she played jill valentine in resident evil: apocalypse, so it's no surprise that her name sounded familiar when i looked through the cast list. she certainly looks better as long-haired blonde than a short-haired brunette, though.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

lots of mayonnaise, no mustard

i seem to have developed some addiction to sourdough bread.

recently, as a part of my effort to cut down my cost of living, i have been buying cooked ham/bologna/salami/turkey slices from albertson's, as well as some bread to eat the sliced cooked meat with. it started sometimes early july when i bought 3 loaves of bread (multi-grain, 12grains, and wheat) because they were on a discount. not long after i got home i realized that there is no way i could finish all 3 loaves before they started growing mold even if i eat one or two sandwiches a day, so i decided to eat a sandwich everytime i felt hungry, and ended up eating about five to six sandwiches a day, with 2-3 hours of time interval between sandwiches. but even with this eating habit, i could only kill the multigrain and the 12grains, and was forced to throw away the wheat since i started seeing green hairy stuff on it.

after that first experiment of living off sandwiches, i realized that it's not so bad living off sandwiches. all i needed to do is put 2-3 slices of meat and microwave the sandwich for 30 seconds, then take it out and toast it with a frying pan for about 5-6 minutes. put in some lettuce and stuff it with mayonnaise, and it's good to go. it's not very time-consuming, it tastes decent, and it does not cost much. so with this new eating habit, i started trying out different kinds of bread from albertson's.

one that caught my attention was the sourdough.

the name, "sourdough," peaked my interest. i wanted to find out whether or not that thing is really sour, so i ate it by itself, untoasted. the result of this experiment was the realization that sourdough bread is not really sour, but it does taste awful when eaten as is. i had already bought a loaf, and i would feel bad throwing it away, so i toasted it and ate it with my sliced meat.

to my surprise, the awful taste of it disappeared. toasted sourdough bread is very different from regular sourdough bread. i have no clue why, but since that day, i've only been buying sourdough bread from albertson's

i'm also running out of the kewpie that aby got me. i should pick up a large bottle the next time i go to mitsuwa.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

yawn of the dead

end of july is really something worth celebrating. on the 30th there was my dad's birthday, which was celebrated with a two-and-a-half hour drive to a city which normally required nothing more than forty-five minutes to travel to. and until now i still have no clue what caused that fifteen-or-more miles worth traffic jam. i got him a beatles anthology set of 8 VHS tapes. i hope he still has that dinky VHS player at home.

i also drew him a last minute christmas card. last minute here implies that it was not well-planned, but hey, it's always the thought and the effort that counts. not the end result. click to enlarge.

we had a good dinner at the elephant's bar. the food was pretty decent, but maybe i should've gone for the salmon instead of the chicken.

also to celebrate this end of july is the release of awesome DVDs. 300 is out, but i have yet to pick that up. i like the movie, but i'm not so sure about owning the dvd. the thing about owning a dvd is that it has to be a movie that i'd want to watch over and over again, and if not the whole movie, then maybe parts of it. 300 was amazingly brilliant, but i think watching it once was quite enough for me.

the number 23 is out too, so i picked that up since i missed out watching that on the theaters. probably not a movie i'd want to watch over and over again, but this one got picked up for the simple reason that i've never seen it and tv-links hasn't got it. i've always been a jim carrey fan, though, and thoroughly enjoyed his performance in 23. it's got alternate endings which i have yet to check out, so maybe the dvd is worth having anyway. alternate endings always peak my curiousity. only zarquon knows how many cats i've left dead because of that.

side note: this has always been bothering me, but when they say "curiosity kills the cat," i wonder why no one has ever asked "whose cat?"

the highlight of the end of july, however, is the release of HOT FUZZ. i bought fuzz on tuesday and re-watched it right after. not only that, but the dvd is DEFINITELY WORTH HAVING. the bonus has a 20-minute video on edgar, simon, and nick's tour in the US for the fuzz's screening, and it was hilariously brilliant. there's this bit when they had a phone interview, and out of boredom they just decided to strip down to their underwear. then after 15 or so calls, a lady came in to tell them that it was the last caller, and the look on her face was just priceless. the deleted scenes were even more hilarious, and the outtakes were mind-blowingly awesome. it's just amazing how much these british cuss. fuck, cunt, bollocks (what is that, anyway?), shit, motherfucker, and all sorts of other words i never even knew were cusswords. i guess they probably realized that they cuss too much, so as one of the extras in the dvd, they included a "MILD TV VERSION" of some hotfuzz scenes.

"police work is not about proper action or silt!"

"he sounds like a good bloke."
"actually, he was arrested for selling drugs to students."
"what a clunt."

"hey, watch this---- AGH MY EYES"

"you're a doctor. DEAL WITH IT."

the motherhugger part i'll never get over with.

to top off the whipcream with a cherry, this afternoon my SHAUN OF THE DEAD DVD arrived on the mail. funking brilliant. what could be better than rampaging through town smashing zombies on the head with a cricket bat? i have yet to see the extras, but i'm sure they'll be as delightfully smashing as the extras on fuzz.

it's almost 2.30am. i'd better go to bed before i exacerbate matters.