Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vongola History Lesson - Final Chapter Cover

For those of you who are still waiting for the next chapter, rest assured that I am working on it. Here is a proof: the cover page illustration for the upcoming chapter. Click to enlarge

The next chapter I release will probably end Vongola History Lesson. I don't have any intention to continue this (crack) story past this coming chapter, so I thought I should end with a small bang. This is the chapter cover illustration for the upcoming chapter (which will be about 30+ pages). I thought the last chapter deserve a jump-style colorspread. If you're curious about the weird wolf thing in there, you'll see who that is in the chapter's extra.

And if you have NO CLUE what Vongola History Lesson is, and want to know, you can read the chapters from the links below. Disclaimer: none of them are canon. I just make shit up as I go.

chapter 1 | chapter 2 | chapter 3 | chapter 4 | chapter 5

At one point I was thinking about actually printing the entire Vongola History Lesson and sell it as a doujinshi, but then I realized that it would probably be too much work. So instead, I'll just zip up the entire story and set up some sort of download link after it ended so you can enjoy the chapter in your computer for free.

If you enjoy reading this and want to show your support, I'm planning on printing this illustration as an 11x17 poster, which will be sold at Anime North (Toronto, Canada) and at Anime Expo (Los Angeles, California). The poster will also be available for purchase online after July. The price is still to be determined, but it will probably be $15 (including shipping).

again, apologies for the very very long delay in finishing this chapter. I hope you all enjoy this, and thanks much again and for reading (and waiting) and all the support. You guys are a great fandom.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I FINISHED MY VERY VERY FIRST ONE PIECE COLORSPREAD (and the strawhats aren't even in there)!

click for a bigger version.

this took about 20 hours to do, spread over an entire week. 4 hours of sketching, 4 hours of inking, 9 hours of coloring, and another 3 hours-ish of finalizing. it doesn't seem much, but planning the layout itself took about 2 weeks and many pages of my sketchbook, since none of the layouts seemed to be working.

will be sold at Anime eXpo (in LA) and AnimeNorth (in Toronto) provided that i get a table to sell things. if you purchase this buggy spread you also get a set of the following buggy doodles printed in 4x6 as a thank you gift.