Saturday, July 31, 2004

usopp the brave warrior of the sea

arlongpark is still down, but yanime has the raw for 331.

captain panda has done the summary for 331, since stephen's host seems to be down due to bandwidth limit.

this chapter is another one i would rate 10 out of 10. oda-sama is again showing his mastery in storytelling by giving a twist that none of the readers could predict. apparently all the franky conflict was just a build-up to the inner-conflict between luffy and usopp about the fate of the going meri. so basically GM is not repairable because the keel is broken. the ship will have to be rebuilt, but even so, it won't be the same ship anymore. luffy didn't take the news quite well at first, and insisted that the shipwrights should just patch up GM so the crew can leave. but iceburg's words "i am disgusted, and you call yourself a captain?" hits the right spot and luffy starts to see that getting a new ship does not mean abandoning the old crewmate, but the old crewmate has its limit, and instead of grieving, they should bid it farewell with pride and express gratitude on the service it has loyally offered this whole time. usopp, however, is taking this news really hard. his shock is doubled with the disappointment that comes from the realization that he has no superhuman strength like luffy zoro or sanji.

in 331, oda-sama gives this crew the hardest trial of all: conflict between crewmates. throughout all 330 chapters, we see that the mugiwara kaizokudan always agrees on a decision, or has a little bickering but always manages to come up with a consensus that everyone agrees on. but now oda-sama seems to be playing a little soap-opera to get one piece out of the usual centered-around-fighting-only manga like dragonball. luffy already understands that he has to give up going meri for the better, and this doesn't mean leaving a friend behind, but usopp persists on not leaving the going meri, maybe there is more motive than just going meri being a crewmember? maybe because it is a gift from kaya? either way, luffy and usopp get into a big fight, up to the point where luffy makes an ultimatum that if usopp cannot accept the decision then usopp can just leave the crew, because he is in no position to judge how bad the damages of the going meri are. usopp, still persistent, then decides to leave the crew. not only that, but usopp wants going meri to be with him, and since GM still currently belongs to luffy, he challenges luffy to a duel.

truly, there has never been a manga in which the ending of the chapters leave the readers contemplating for a week about what will happen next. not even naruto. i get over the contemplating stage for naruto after a day or two. this one i will keep wondering until next friday.

i bow to the greatness of oda-sama. one piece is so going to be a literary masterpiece greater than homer's iliad and odyssey. or even virgil's aeneid. one day the students in revelle college, ucsd, will be reading hundreds of one piece volumes in their humanities class. wait, let me rephrase that: one day ucsd humanities department will have classes that study oda's masterpiece ONE PIECE. 5 quarters, GE requirement, must be taken for letter grade.

and i will be in front of the class, teaching with a big big smile.

as the gray cells wander

finished 8 out of the 24 essays i have to write for the final, due on the third of august. at certain points, the thought of giving up pops up. this is pointless. i'm not learning anything and i have to work harder than i have to when taking humanities. never again will i take online classes, or rather, not these particular ones. if i learn anything from these classes, it will be how to bullshit in a short period of time.

i have made it a routine, to draw something before i go to bed everynight. the creativity of oda-sama in one piece has motivated me to be more creative toward my character creation. i noticed that all the characters i've drawn since 4th grade never have depth; what differentiates them is only the hairstyles. so i learned to open my mind a bit and draw different characters everynight. i'm quite happy with this routine until finals finally kicked in and i haven't gotten a chance to draw ever since. the depth of the characters is still yet to be seen, but i think doing this everynight will eventually pay off. of course there are ocassions where i find it much more pleasing to draw the good ol' luffy. =)

Friday, July 30, 2004

the gandhi experience

went to huntington beach today with my family. wasn't quite what i wanted since my finals are due aug 3rd and i've still got a bunch of reading to catch up with and ---again--- 24 essay questions PLUS a research paper.

but i went anyway. besides, the heat was getting annoying and i thought i could use some beach weather. well, i got more than i bargained for.

i brought two chair pads that i bought at ikea for 50cents each so i could sit on the sand and have something i can rest my back on. once we got there, i put down the pads, sat on them, put on my earphones listening to garnet crow, pull out the gandhi autobiography i'm supposed to read for the finals, and started reading. my parents followed my sister, who was eager to walk all the way to the pier to check surfers in the US open. so i was left alone. good, i thought. i was right.

right next to where i was sitting were four girls. let me repeat that: FOUR HOT GIRLS. wearing bikini. i should really give props to whoever invented reflective coating for sunglasses because that really helped guys like me checking girls out without them knowing that they're being used for mental pleasure. one of the girls, wearing pink bikini, either got one that's too small for her boobs, or thought that her boobs were too big for the bikinitop. as a result, she kept on adjusting her bikini over and over. pulled it down, pulled it up, pulled to the side. she basically was rubbing her breasts every 10 seconds or so. i would have either been gay or had sworn to celibacy if i had been able to stay focus on reading gandhi. so for the next hour or so i did not move from the same page of the book. not much accomplished in the reading, but i had a fine day. very, very fine day.

speaking of gandhi, reading his autobiography totally changed my understanding about him. i heard of him often times, but i've always thought that he's this one jesus-like guy from india who has been perfect since childhood. much like mother teresa or sri bhagavan. but reading the autobiography, wow. he was really just a regular human beings like us. what surprises me most is the fact that he's living a regular life. he works as a lawyer. he's got family. he's into politics and whatnot. finally someone not quite so divine.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

crescent moon from the hilltop

thank you jemo for the trailer link. i shall watch it once i return to san diego, and download the demo as well.

i should be doing my final exam, but thought i'd procrastinate and finish up knights of the old republic for the 5th time. besides, i was already at the last level so i shouldn't take too long. i was right. it didn't take long at all. bastila looks so hot fighting with two lightsabers.

and that face. oh, the eyes, the lips, so lovely. who wouldn't want to dream about making out with her?

got all 4 volumes of one piece today. viz is slow; wonder when the fifth is going to come out. i actually have all 35 volumes in my computer, not missing a page whatsoever, but it's just much nicer to have a physical book. irene told me that a long time ago when i first started downloading manga off the internet. my reasoning was that they're cheaper and they don't wear out. she said i was stupid; reading manga does not feel the same without your fingers holding an actual book whose pages you can actually flip through. i disagreed with her back then, but eventually came to realize that she was right. reading books just isn't the same without pages to flip. i guess red forman was right. "you can only live up to the level of the woman you're with," and that "a guy will never EVER be good enough for the girl." be glad, females.

now that i have a scanner, might as well utilize it to the maximum. these are the front and back cover arts of volume one, two, three, and four. click to enlarge.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

dream of reality

two nights ago i had the weirdest dream which purpose was probably to tell me that i have been playing too much knights of the old republic. i dreamt i was making out with bastila shan. now THAT was a great dream, putting aside how that made no sense whatsoever. but who wouldn't dream about bastila? she's hot, she speaks with british accent, AND she wields a yellow double-bladed lightsaber. her traditional jedi clothing makes her even hotter, and after she turns to the darkside, the dark jedi master robe looks so damn good on her. i'm currently on the starforge level, which i will be finishing tonight. and after i kill that ass malak, bastila and i will rule the universe as apprentice and master! muahahaha. i love the darkside of the force.

that's bastila. come on now, how can she NOT be hot? i surely hope they have hotter female characters in the upcoming knights of the old republic 2, released end of the year. no wonder this game got the BEST GAME OF THE YEAR award. any game that got me so addicted that i would play it 5 times and probably even more, deserved such an award.

went to sandiego yesterday, taking care of some physics crap and getting my last paycheck from spring. also checked out books in the bookstore and apparently the ones for fall have yet to come. the bookstore lady was being such a bitch and refused to give me isbn numbers for the books. "we don't give out isbn numbers," she said. well i sure as hell have been getting isbn numbers since fall 2002 from the counterperson in the bookstore. old women can be bitches sometimes.

trip home was sickening. 1.5 hours drive turned out to be 3.5. couldn't go over 35mph in average on the 5 and 57. there were ocassional 70-80 mph, but didn't last for longer than 5-6 minutes every time.

ArlongPark is down. another bandwidth problem. not just that, but kidavi has also been getting people hacking her server and as a result, K-O! is also shut down. TotalOnePiece haven't been working either lately. where do i go for my daily need of one piece?

finals for my 2 philosophy classes are out. i have from today until aug 3rd to finish another 24 essays, PLUS 4 more i have to do for my weekly essays, and a research paper. i'd rather dream about making out with bastila all day long.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

we hear ya

speaking of getting the message across.

Monday, July 26, 2004

the lure of the darkside

maybe it's because i've been playing knights of the old republic too much, but i doubt it: i think the darkside is really taking over me, slowly. the anger, the violence, the hate, the fear; i can seriously feel them all, burning within me, patiently waiting for the right moment for a frustrated me to give up and unleash all the darkness within. at times i tried to recall the jedi code: there is no passion, there is peace; there is no ignorance, there is knowledge; there is no chaos, there is harmony; there is no death, there is the force. but these don't help; containing the darkness within is a task that i've never thought would be this hard. i need something to cool myself down. i can't let the darkside take over. i cannot give in to the darkside for it only brings destruction, and death. i picture what i will be like if i let the darkside take over, and it frightens me. it frightens me horribly. the thought of me losing control of myself and start punching someone's face over and over until blood gets spilled all over the carpet and a life lost, is just horribly frightening. unbearable, even. but that exact thought was precisely what went through my mind last night.

and the thought is coming back again. i fear i'm gonna snap and let the anger take over, but i have to resist. it's been awhile since the last time i let anger take over and caused unnecessary destruction. i guess holding it in and being patient is more self-destructive than i ever thought possible.

this afternoon i swatted a fly into smitherens. repeatedly, until there is nothing left of it but a black speck of dust. i did it with such anger and hate, too.

finished ramana maharshi yesterday, and now finished halfway on another book assigned for this week's reading. good thing is, this one has pictures, and not just words. philosophy is boring, and i haven't been in a good mood lately, so might as well amuse myself with some funny pictures i found in the book. =)

sorry, no offense girls, but according to john locke, you in reality is much uglier than you in a guy's perception. guys may imagine you're this one hot chick, all perfect and whatnot, but in reality, you're just a skeleton covered in flesh, muscles, and bloodveins. reality bites, huh? =P

don't flame me. go to his grave and flame locke. i think it should be in england, somewhere.

and this one just looks so wrong.

forgive my dirty little mind, but "DICK AND JANE HAVE FUN?" they could have surely thought of something better than that.

stephen has written the script for chapter 330. the ending brought tears to my eyes: "i've decided that this is where we should part ways with the going meri."

Sunday, July 25, 2004


got myself a new canoscan LiDe50 for $57. now i can get more stuff scanned faster and easier.

officemax has a visioneer 7100 for $30, but apparently the cover opens sideways and it's gonna be a hassle when i'm trying to scan something like an image from a textbook. true that i can take the cover off, but then what's the point of having a cover in the first place? also, usually when i take things off i tend to forget where i put them. so i decided not to get this one.

frys has an advertised epson 1260p for $40. i was interested in that and went straight to frys. apparently everyone else was interested in that as well that when i got there they've got no more of those. my dad said that they might still have some in the back but i loathe with passion, asking help from a frys salesman. not because they're impolite and not helpful, which they are, but more because everyone else seems to love them so much that one person can hog a salesman for over 20 minutes. of course there are five or six other people waiting in line to ask questions to that same salesman. due to this i tend to NOT ask for help; it's like a waste of time. with that, 1260p was also no longer an option.

then, in the place where they have the pricetag for 1260p, i saw two boxes of canon LiDE50. pricetag said $89.99, but for the refurbished ones, $59.99. i've had experiences with refurbished items, and so far none has been disappointing, so i thought i might as well give it a try. besides, it's frys; they've got a 30-day return policy on any item, closed or open. so why not. apparently the refurbished one that i got has a price tag on it that says "reduced to $56.99." so there you go, i saved myself another $3. my dad was of course being all paranoid and said that frys is still making a shitload of money even from $57 so technically i ain't saving any money, but that's the talk the old man gives me everytime.

much to my surprise, the scanner comes with a stand so i can use it in the upright position. sweet. i can't scan books in the upright position, of course, but for photos, it works fine. 1200 x 2400 dpi resolution, 9 seconds preview, 11-12 seconds scantime, PLUS 4 buttons that just make my lazy life even lazier. button one scans, saves, and transfers the image straight to an OCR software, button two scans, saves, and transfers the image straight to photoshop, button three scans and saves, button four scans, saves, and transfers the image straight to acdsee. those buttons save me about three to five more things i have to click or press before i get the same exact thing shown on the screen. life is beautiful. now, you might think i speak too highly of this scanner, and maybe the price $57 for such a scanner isn't too cheap, but i'm happy since i moved up from a umax astra 2000p that takes ages just to preview, let alone scanning. plus the umax i used (now my dad and sister use it) is HUGE, about 18"x12" and about 4" thick, AND still uses that ugly old LPT port. no offense to LPT port fans, but i think USB rules. this new LiDE50 is only about 14"x10" and a little less than 1.5" thick. it can definitely sit or stand on top of my PC perfectly.

enough about the scanner. i just found out that the old saying "like father like son" is true. i was driving down colorado going to glendora ave when i saw a hot brunette in a tight pink shirt and mini skirt walking on the culdesac street to my right. i figured since it's a residential area no one would complain about me driving slow, so i slowed down to about 20mph and since the coast was clear i didn't bother looking straight ahead; i just made sure the steering wheel stayed straight. so for about 6-7 seconds i was looking to my right, checking out the brunette, and i noticed that my dad, sitting on the passenger seat, was doing the exact same thing. i knew he was also checking out the brunette because he looked over his shoulder after we passed her, which was what i did as well. i thought that was quite funny, considering that he's almost 50 and has been married for 20 years. i guess guys are guys, no matter how old they are. maybe one day i'll take my son to the beach just to check out the girls. haha.

i got this in my email this afternoon and i thought i should share it with the world:

the US postal service issued a george w. bush stamp. it soon discovered that the stamps were not sticking to the envelopes, so it established a commission to investigate the matter. the commission reported back with the following findings:
1. the stamps met all regulations.
2. nothing was wrong with the adhesive.
3. people were just spitting on the wrong side.

ha ha ha. now i wished i had gw's email address so i can forward this. =D

Saturday, July 24, 2004

a quart of randomness

jimbo wrote another beautiful entry. i wonder what's going on in the mind of such a genius. to be honest, i think at least every 2 out of 3 entries that he writes leave me speechless.

currently reading RAMANA MAHARSHI AND THE PATH TO SELF-KNOWLEDGE. no no. not for fun. hell no. it's for that philosophy class that will end 2 weeks from now. quite interesting, but too much to read. so i started reading one piece again, the early chapters. i got up to volume 4 and i realized that the drawing style oda started out with was so different from the one he uses now. compare chapter 28 with chapter 330. details, shades, sfx, wrinkles on the shirt, everything is much more detail in the new chapters. i think the changes start after the arlong arc. drum arc was quite detail but not as much as it is now. either way, oda proves that he's getting better. what a crazy mofo.

had quite a nice conversation last night with irene, something i haven't had in a while. a long while. my friends have been wondering how the hell i can put up with such a relationship. we've been together for over 2 months, but we haven't seen each other in 2 years. if all goes well i'll get to see her in february, but if not, god knows when i'm gonna ever see her. to be honest, i have no idea how the hell i can put up with it either. i think i'd be lying if i said not being able to talk to her because of various stupid reasons is not tormenting. sometimes when i call her she's either out with her friends, out with her parents, asleep, or doing some other things. it's probably a lot easier to get a hold of the president. i'm quite uncertain right now about how i will be able to get through this, but i know for sure that i want this relationship to work, so i guess if the torment is one-sided then i'll just have to come up with something.

be stoic like aeneas. heh. i've come to realize that reading books actually teaches you something new. ha ha.

Friday, July 23, 2004

three-thirty in a nutshell

arlongpark released 330 today. and as i have predicted, luffy sanji usopp and chopper did kick major ass. too bad frankie himself left already and all that's left were those weaklings. here's 330 in a nutshell:

see, we all love spending money to have some fun, but when you STEAL the money from the mugiwara kaizokudan, you get 4 pissed off pirates:

in addition to that, you also get a taste of luffy's gomugomu no kyanon,

zoro's santooryuu karasumagari,

sanji's paateiiteeburu kitsukukoosu,

and chopper's ranburu fuunpuanto rozeoroneedo.

but of course you can't just get away with your crime like that. i mean, they're pirates, for crying out loud. do you really think they'll just gonna let things go that easily? no; they get even more pissed off. i believe the letters there translate to something like "WE'RE NOT LEAVING UNTIL NONE OF YOU ARE LEFT WITH UNBROKEN BONES."

so the fight goes on,

until what once looked like this

now looks like a piece of crap.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

psalm 23

here's a nerd guide to psalm 23 that i found in my inbox this morning:

the lord is my programmer;
i shall not crash.
he installed his software on the hard disk of my heart;
all of his commands are user-friendly.
his directory guides me to the right choices for his name's sake.
even though i scroll through the problems of life,
i will fear no bugs, for he is my backup.
his password protects me.
he prepares a menu before me in the presence of my enemies.
his help is only a keystroke away.
surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life,
and my file will be merged with his and saved forever.

not being religious or anything, just thought it's funny how they have a nerdified version of such a thing.

one piece 330 is coming out either tonight or tomorrow. luffy zoro sanji and chopper are so gonna kick major ass.

still behind in the reading assignments and i got myself into playing knights of the old republic for the 5th time. this time i'm using a male, going dark. not that the game is addicting nor that i have no life, but there is one more quest that i haven't gotten to finish yet last time because i did lightside and killing people apparently gives darkside points and that would ruin going to the lightside perfectly. well, this time i don't have to hold back and i can finish that one genohaaradan quest. sweet. =)


this blog is #29 on the list when people yahoosearch "Hentai Addict Sex Comics". WTF?

and my onepiece drawing made it to's fanart section.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

mantle of the force

so i got out of contol again the past three days and have been abandoning my reading assignment for my 4th round of knights of the old republic. no regret though. far from it, in fact. i discovered cool new things.

what i didn't know before is that there's more to yavin than it looks. go to yavin after you're done on tattooine and you'll meet suvam tan, a rodian. talk to him and ask about other visitors. after you get 3 starmaps, go back to yavin again and most likely you'll find suvam being bullied by 2 trandoshaans who want his latest unfinished inventions. persuade or force persuade them to go. even if you're using the darkside, DO NOT threaten or kill suvam. he's useful. really useful. then after you get all 5 maps, before going to the starforge system, visit yavin again and you'll find suvam being ambushed by 7 trandoshaans. kill all these ugly aliens and suvam will show you his latest innovation: THE MANTLE OF THE FORCE and THE HEART OF THE GUARDIAN.

they're crystals, by the way, that you can put on your lightsaber. but not power crystals; they replace the main crystal that gives out color. mix these with opila, solari, sapith, and the krayt dragon pearl, and you've got yourself the best 2 lightsabers you can ever find. these cost a lot by the way. i believe mantle of the force costs 25000 credits and heart of the guardian costs 20000 credits. but they're worth it. your lightsaber also looks cooler. mantle of the force gives the saber a greenish blue color, and heart of the guardian gives it an orangish red. they don't just look cool, though. they KILL good. it only takes one master flurry to kill one dark jedi apprentice. combine stasis field with force speed, and you can kill three jedi apprentices while they're all still paralyzed and offer you no resistance. ah, the beauty of quick kill.

another cool thing about yavin that i just noticed, is that THEIR PRICES ARE WAY MORE EXPENSIVE THAN ANYWHERE ELSE. yes, for the same item. then why would it be cool? well, think about it. that means they also give you MORE money for the items you're selling. plus a bonus. in other planets, they buy your items HALF the price they're selling it. so a hold-out blaster for example, that costs 100 credits, will be bought for 50 in other planets. well, in yavin, they give you 65 for the hold-out blaster you're selling. so that's 65% the original price. so all those weapons and whatnots you plunder along the way, SELL THEM AT YAVIN. you'll be making money like a prostitute. also, play some swoop. it's not hard and it gives you cold hard credits. winning the swoop in manaan gives you 5000 and tattooine gives you 120 racebonds. each racebond in yavin pays 196 credits. you do the math. so there you go. sell all your crap and invest on cool stuff like the mantle of the force and the heart of the guardian.

also, LIGHT EXOSKELETON looks so cool on the character. it costs 10000 credits but it's well worth it. the problem about this is that armor-restricted forces cannot be used. so stasis field, force speed, force immunity (that's what i had in this 4th game) cannot be used while wearing this thing. heal still works though. not only cool, it gives you +2 strength, +1 dexterity, and +8 defense. best armor, i'm tellin ya. heavy exoskeletion gives you +9 defense, but it requires proficiency for medium armor. if you were a sentinel scoundrel like me, it's not worth it to invest your feat points on armor proficiency. if you're fighting a shitload of people, it's better to take off the exoskeleton and use your jedi master robe or the qel-droma robe. jedi master robe gives +3 to defense and qel-droma robe gives +5. not as good as the exoskeleton, but at least your stasis field works now.

i'm still getting hits from people who googled "bastila naked." imagining it makes it even more tempting and now i really wanna see bastila naked. she's so hot. especially with that british accent. this 4th round i used a male character and i successfully romanced bastila. some memorable lines from bastila are: "just shut up and kiss me, you fool" and "be careful, my love. may the force be with you." ha ha ha ha. cracked me up so hard. like virtual sex, almost, only without the sex scene. too bad lucasarts and bioware did not set up a kissing scene. boo. they'd better have some kissing scenes in knights of the old republic 2.

i took some captions while playing the game:

that's me all excited after getting the mantle of the force and heart of the guardian. the orangish red one is the lightsaber with heart of the guardian, and the greenish blue is the one with mantle of the force

this one's in kashyykk's czerka dock. in qel-droma robe wielding the heart of guardian and mantle of force lightsaber.

in manaan, sith's hangar bay. i forgot that they've got 5-6 soldiers and a dark jedi in there so i haven't switched back to the robe. that's the cool light exoskeleton i was talking about. i want something like that for my birthday. =)

character page. the name seto rodin i made up myself, i browsed through kotor's random name database for five minutes and couldn't find a decent name that looked appealing. so i made up my own. don't ask where i got the inspiration for such a name.

fighting rancors in the rakatan temple exterior. with heart of guardian and mantle of force in the lightsabers, it only took two master flurries to take out those huge mofos.

killing a paralyzed female dark jedi in the rakatan temple. i know stasis field makes it an unfair fight, but who cares. those are weaklings; they're not worth the time. hope the feminists won't come chasing me now.

fighting darth malak in the starforge. that's what happens when malak uses master power attack against you.

malak dodging my master critical strike. that's the good thing about wielding 2 lightsabers. when one misses, you've still got the other one inflicting 24 points damage. the yellowish glow around the hilts is because of the dominator gauntlet, which gives a good +5 to strength.

regular attack on malak. not quite as cool in the freeze frame, but in realtime it looks hella cool even though regular attacks don't inflict much damage. about the robe, yeah it looks hella ugly and girlie and whatnot, but that's the starforge robes that i got with 23 computer spikes ---even after using calrissian's utility belt and interface visor--- and it gives +5 defense, +8 dexterity, +2 saves for all, and +5 to wisdom. i figured i'd need hella wisdom so that my force powers work on malak, and hella dexterity to avoid his stupid master power attacks, so i used that ugly robe and the circlet of saresh (which gives +5 to wisdom also).

look carefully and you'll see that my mantle of the force lightsaber cuts through malak's stomach. boo. he should have died instantly.

the last scene in the victory celebration right before the credits rolling. left to right: jolee bindo, mission vao, carth onasi, seto rodin, zaalbar, canderous ordo, bastila shan. they didn't show HK-47 or T3-M4. i guess they're not human enough to be in the picture. juhani isn't there either. she couldn't fit in the picture so they kicked her out. =)

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

dumb down thyself

got this from the philosophy group for the class i'm taking this summer. apparently it's by charles sykes, in his book DUMBING DOWN OUR KIDS, with some revision by whoever posted it on the forum.

rule 1: life is not fair; get used to it. the average teenager uses the phrase "this (or that) sucks" 8.6 times a day.

rule 2: the world won't care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself.

rule 3: you will NOT make 40 thousand dollars a year right out of high school. You won't be a vice president with a cell phone until you earn both.

rule 4: if you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss. he doesn't have tenure.

rule 5: flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. your grandparents had a different word for burger flipping; they called it opportunity.

rule 6: if you screw up, it's not your parents' fault, it's COMPLETELY YOURS. so don't whine about your mistakes. learn from them.

rule 7: yefore you were born, your parents weren't as boring as they are now. they got that way from paying YOUR bills, cleaning YOUR clothes, and listening to YOU talk about how cool YOU are. so before you save the rain forest from the blood-sucking parasites or saving them whales, try delousing the closet in your own room.

rule 8: your school may have done away with winners and losers but life has not. in some schools they have abolished failing grades; they'll give you as many times as you want to get the right answer. this, of course, doesn't bear the slightest resemblance to ANYTHING in real life.

rule 9: life is not divided into semesters. you don't get summers off ---neither do christmas or springbreak--- and very few employers are interested in helping you find yourself. do that on your own time.

rule 10: television is NOT real life. your life is not a sitcom. your problems will not all be solved in 30 minutes, minus time for commercials. in real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs.

rule 11: be nice to nerds, chances are you'll end up working for one.

oh, please pay full attention to rule #11 and keep that in mind. =P

Monday, July 19, 2004

after all, tomorrow IS a brand new day, right?

come to think of it, when someone said the world will end tomorrow, it's already tomorrow in australia. sucks for them then.

aimee and her friend, joyce took me down pacific coast highway, all the way down to san juan capistrano. so i told my sister after i came back that i passed by newport beach, the place she has always wanted to go after she got all into that show the OC, and told her i will take her down there after she's done with her summerschool. she had been putting on the angry face for quite awhile i thought this might cheer her up. she grunted and said ok. i thought that might have cheered her up a little, boy was i wrong.

just half an hour ago she turned her computer off and i thought she'd be done with the internet so i quit knights of the old republic and went on to check my email. then she came rushing out of her room with an even angrier face and asked if i was online. so i told her that i was only checking my email, which wouldnt take more than 2 minutes. then she started yelling at me again and said that she was talking on the phone. i got confused and i tried to reason. first of all if she were on the phone, me connecting won't hung her up. secondly, even if the cosmic radiation background did make that happen, she could just call the person back. i mean if it's really that important i could wait and check my email later. then she got angry again and threw a pack of goldfish snack on the carpet, which obviously caused a mess. i could have started cleaning it up but i decided not to and said to her politely, "you do know that you're the one cleaning that up, dont you?" so she started picking the pieces up recklessly and instead causing even more mess. then, it came out again, and not just once. the i-hate-you speech. out of her mouth. into my ear. haunting my mind. i was tired, i did not think i had done anything wrong, and the house was really hot. so i snapped. i snapped and started yelling at her how those words she said hurts my feelings. see, i don't care when my best friend or anyone else are talking shit about me or saying crap to me. but coming from a family member, as much as i wanted to not care, it hurts.

am i really that bad of a brother that my own sister hates me, whatever her reason is?

i looked around at my friends and i've never seen any of them having problems like that with their brothers or sisters. i've never heard any of my friend telling me that their brother or sister hates them. so that gets me thinking: am i really that bad?

by the way, i still don't think modem querying cuts off an ongoing phone conversation. not even due to cosmic radiation.

on a happier note, this strip is why tatsuya ishida is such a genius.

went to circuit city yesterday because they claim to be having a clearance sale. well, it's either people came early and CLEARED it all the way out, or they're clearance-selling lousy crap. i had an interesting talk with my dad along the way: i got this clip-on at walmart that perfectly matches my glasses and it has reflective coating. so i told my dad how great reflective coatings are: when you're checking out girls, they won't know you're checking them out. my dad looked at me weird and said, "son, here's a thing about girls: when you're checking them out, they DO want to know that you're checking them out; it makes them feel good about themselves." see, i've always had that kind of thought in my mind, and honestly speaking, i couldn't agree more; i've even said that over and over whenever my friends and i are discussing these kinda things. but hearing that from a father's mouth? left me speechless for about 10 seconds.

i've been complaining to some people about how hot glendora has been. in comparison to san diego, i said, "summer sucks, no hot girls in bikini, just heat stroke." in comparison to las vegas, i said, "glendora is like las vegas, only without casinos and strippers." well, passed by the beaches today on the way to san juan capistrano and there, all over the sidewalks: girls in bikinis. oh yeah. aimee said that pch in newport beach is nice because everything is so walkable; she said, "you can walk everywhere here." i didn't say it out loud but i agree. and with girls in bikinis walking around (without towels wrapped around their waists too), even a lazy bum like me would never say no to the idea of "walking around."


hot girls in bikinis.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

sun shines and the wind blows

ah, the 18th. today is my 2-month anniversary with irene. well, not really anniversary since that would be for annual events, but i can't really find the right word. maybe i've been up for too long?

decided not to sleep until tonight. that way i can fix my nocturnal sleeping pattern.

finally finished those stupid essays. i now proudly declare that i am free. yeah baby. free as a raccoon. i mean bird.

speaking of raccoons, i've always wondered what would happen if a man actually have to fight a raccoon physically. i mean those raccoons at ucsd. they're huge, probably bigger than a golden retriever. i think i'll be rooting for the raccoons.

so i signed up for juno's speedband. this is the same as netzero's speedband, if you're wondering. conclusion: faster, true, but at the cost of lowering image quality. basically what it does is that it caches the sites and depends on your setting, the lower the quality of the images you'd prefer, the faster the page loads. it works fine for me, since it's just lowering the jpegs from quality 5 to 1, which makes quite some differences, but not much to me. i read news, not look for pictures anyway. so i guess the $5 extra is worth it. it feels like half a broadband ---well, maybe a little less--- when loading pages. but it still does not solve the problem of internet on this computer disconnecting every 27 minutes. stupid modem.

my philosophy teacher seems to be a really huge fan of nietzche so she makes us read all this stupid crap about him for the midterm. well, while i DO find him to be an intelligent man, after finished reading all his works i looked up to the heavens and uttered "oh you poor bastard," but then i realized that he can't be up there so i repeated the same line looking down.

that poor bastard.

and look at this: the cover art for one piece volume 33.

how can one not fall in love with luffy all over again after that afro hairdo? the spirit of the brotherhood will never die. haha.


note to self: whenever you see a small bug crawling on your pants, make sure it crawls away from your genital area before you smack it into smitherens with a 350-page textbook.

thank goodness it was paperback, otherwise.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

dubbed one piece intro

4kids must die. this is crap.

inside the nasty mind of star wars nerds

i've always been amazed that whenever i check the reference page of my counter, i always get at least a hit every day or two, from someone googling with the keyword: bastila, lesbian, naked. apparently it took the googler to my entry about knights of the old republic and my little dirty thought about my female character having a little lesbian action with bastila.

so i decided to do a little investigation myself. i googled up such terms and got taken to some starwars forums. about three or four of them.

much to my surprise, i found out that if you use a male character, you can romance bastila. this is of course, something i've never done since i was never too interested in the conversations. and apparently if you use a female character, you can romance carth. very interesting. however, one thing that surprises me, is that apparently whoever wrote the storyline, intended for juhani to be a lesbian. this is no rumor. people have tried over and over and found this out. maybe it's a glitch, but what if it's not. apparently if you have a female character and talk to juhani a lot, you'll eventually get to do juhani's little side-quest and get to see this guy, a slave trader who apparently have been selling juhani's race, the cathars. well, juhani turns out to be one of the slaves he had sold before. make a long story short, you get to kill this guy, but apparently if you are on the light side and tell juhani not to give in to her anger, after this sidequest is completed, she'll, well, fall in love with you. haha. some people in the forum have been able to get the romance glitch between the female character and juhani and they thought that was a really great twist. then i looked back to my experiences in playing kotor and i realized i've gotten there. when i was using light side i saw these people and i did play the dont-give-in-to-your-anger route and i think i noticed her saying about some of those implicit lesbian stuff, but that time i wasn't paying attention to it since, like i said, i wasn't big on the conversation part of the game; all i wanted was just to kill kill kill.

heh, this game is getting much more interesting. definitely worth playing again for the fourth time (and probably more). that is, after i get this stupid summer school shit done with.

on a side note, knights of the old republic is coming out late 2004 or early 2005. haha. definitely a-must-buy. or a-must-download, that is. =)

the poll: luffy vs zoro

so arlongpark is having a poll game called the one piece character tournament. well, today's match up is luffy vs zoro.

needless to say, there's been some interesting conversation between fans from both sides:

Seta Ginny: And anyway. Even if you say the two are equal fighters on the battlefield...Zoro wins in the bedroom. Hands down. Sorry, Luffy, I love you...but...Zoro's got my vote!
Trogdor: what do you mean in the bedroom?
Seta Ginny: By in the bedroom, I mean Zoro's got what it takes to satisfy a lady. Think the birds and the bees.
Ben: Luffy. Quite frankly, Zoro sucks
Seta Ginny: Contrary to popular belief, Zoro doesn't suck. The yaoi fans just think he does. >D
e: ha ha ha. "By in the bedroom, I mean Zoro's got what it takes to satisfy a lady." the thought makes me laugh. hahahaha.
Seta Ginny: The thought of Luffy in the bedroom is quite honestly what makes me laugh ^_^* I love Luffy dearly, gomu gomu below the belt.
Seta Ginny: I feel like such a fangirl ;_;
Madgophermm5: ha that is because you are such a fan girl
hmc317: i wanna see this final four, luffy vs nami, and ace vs shanks, with the final being luffy vs his hero shanks or his bro....
Seta Ginny: Oh hush you! I really wanted to see Zoro vs Nami, although that'd be very masochistic for me.
Ben: You forget Luffy's ultimat bedroom technique GOMU GOMU NO................ELONGATE
Seta Ginny: Now what did I say about no gomu gomuing below the belt?
madgophermm5: Dude, Chicks dig Scars.
Seta Ginny: Preferable across the chest.

on the argument regarding who can satisfy chicks more in the bedroom, i would personally go for luffy. there's no way muscles can beat gomu gomu no penis. ha ha ha. crazy yaoi people.

Friday, July 16, 2004

a little change

so i decided to change a little, the layout of the blog. and this is not because i've got so much time in hand. rather, because the midterms are due tomorrow before midnight and i've still got plenty of essays to go. i like the use of dropdown menu, not because it looks more sophisticated, but because it makes the blog looks more compact. as for the one piece endings and openings, i'll leave them in links like that. i've restored the shortcuts but still not available for downloads. wait till tomorrow, when streamload takes another ten bucks out of my account and lets you guys download again.
i hate heat; it ruins my mood to study, so i developed a new method of studying. i study at night, sleep during the day when it's hot. this house has no air conditioner, but i figured if i'm tired, no matter how hot it is i'll fall asleep anyway. so i've been nocturnal these past two days; i sleep at 10 or 11 in the morning, then wake up before 6 in the evening. here's what i don't get though: i hear more birds chirping AT NIGHT as opposed to daytime. the house right across the street has this HUGE tree out in the frontyard that has probably become a birdlair or something like that. just an hour ago ALL the birds were chirping for like half an hour. i could never imagine that bird chirps can be louder than the music coming out of my speakers.
blogger had a little change in their posting layout. they've now got different fonts available, size adjustable, even the colors can be changed, and now you no longer have to incorporate SHIFT when you do the shortcut keys. good, but i don't like it. for some reason the page loads LONGER, and since i'm using my good ol' crazy browser, ctrl+i pops out the favorite menu on the side and ctrl+b pops out the organize favorite window. i have to switch to the "edit HTML" part in order to use the old shortcut. that means more things for me to click and i hate extra work.
i had no idea why i did this, but i just sign up for provance. i've actually heard of them for quite some time, it's just i've never had the time nor the will to check them out. so i thought i should give it a shot since studying philosophy is getting on my nerves, and ended up signing up, thinking the usual ah-what-the-heck. the result? i now have to put this little annoying link on the left that randomly links to someone else's blog. why can't they just send me the link to the blog in email? it's like a booger in this slightly-modified layout.
well, i'll see about this provance thing. if it gets too annoying i'll just cancel the account.

5 minutes worth of fun

so chris fiddled around and found this new audioblogger feature.

i'm a curious guy, so i was tempted to try it as well. and like always, i gave in to the temptation.

1 661 716 BLOG (2564) and here's what i got:
this is an audio post - click to play
i was curious to see how long it would let me record for free, so i left the cordless phone in front of the speakers and played maaya sakamoto's windy day, which is five minutes and fifty six seconds long. then i went online again and played the audio post above. it turns out audioblogger only records the first 5 minutes of your rant, and turns it into an mp3 about 900kb in size. didn't get the whole song through, and quality wasn't that good either, but hey, it's using a PHONE to record, so that's good enough.
you're right chris. this does open a "whole new can of fun."

Thursday, July 15, 2004

i'm all words

this blog, i just noticed, has been more pictures than words lately. so this morning, i'll be all words and no pictures.

well, maybe some. sorry, i just can't resist showing pictures. maybe it's just me but i think pictures can speak more than words. that's why i draw

another reason for many not very interesting entries lately is that my life has been deprived of fun this whole week, mainly because of the two midterms for philosophy that has to be finished by this saturday before midnight. now, let's recap that. for one class, i have to write fourteen esssays to get a C. just a C and i have to work THAT hard. writing these fourteen essays wouldn't have been bad had those questions be something i can just BS. apparently i've used up my luck somewhere last week, because these are questions that tests whether i've been keeping up with the readings or not. i'm supposed to read four books and so far i've read one. well, after the all nighter tonight, i finished another one. but i've still got two more books to read in order for me to answer the last five questions. ack.

and that's just one class. the other class, i have to write ten essays for the midterm, PLUS another four essays that are supposed to be weekly essays. i was talking about this with sam earlier, what the hell happened to these teachers? the way kristin put it was "what crawled up their asses and died there?" so sam and i had a nice little discussion on what might have happened to these crazy community college teacher, and we agreed on one thing: it is more likely than not that they haven't been getting enough action in the bed for the past three months; i bet it's been all begging and no action. speaking of survival of the fittest and tendency to procreate.

on a side note, NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO MAKE A WEBSITE WITH ALL BLUE BACKGROUND AND ALL WHITE TEXT WITHOUT ANY PICTURE. i was reading this on nature vs nurture, which i need to answer a question on the midterm, and suddenly hunger struck. so i went to the kitchen to fix myself up some rice, leftover sesame chicken and peking pork, and another mug of coffee since i intend to pull another allnighter tonight. took me about 10 minutes to do, including bathroom breaks and a little accidents here and there with the microwave and the pyrex pot i used to boil water, but i got myself an early breakfast. so i brought this mug of coffee with the plate of food to my computer and about 10 feet away from the monitor, i was shocked. holy crap. the blue screen of death. the first time in two years, and RIGHT when i forgot to save my two-page essay i've been working on the past 4 hours. the song by that one punk band that my sister always listens to ran in my head, "god must hate me he cursed me for eternity." but then i realized. it's just the website. even maaya sakamoto was still singing "tune the rainbow." that stupid website almost killed me with a heart attack at 4 am in the morning. the use of blue background and white text like that should be banned forever. what if i were a 90-year old man on the verge of death?

i just finished chugging down that last bottle of vodka.


i'm home.

i don't have a bottle of vodka.

oh well, it must have been the coffee then. i think i'd need a couple more mugs before i can function correctly.

what is wrong with this house? in winter, it's cold like the northpole. in summer, it's hot like las vegas. if those places ever get too crowded, just send the tourists here. it's the same weather, only no strippers and prostitutes. something unexpected that i've been expecting happened today: the temperature inside this house is 7°F higher than the outside temperature. i was literally baking brownies on the carpet. i miss SD weather. sam kept rubbing it in my face that the temperature down there doesn't go higher than 80. here it doesn't get lower than 95.

when you have money and thinking about buying a house, think wisely. when the agent takes you to check out a house and you see a mountain close to it and your spouse goes "woo, mountain, pretty. i like this, i feel close to nature," DRAG HER AWAY IMMEDIATELY. if necessary, bribe the agent to talk shit about the house. trust me, if you don't do that, in the summer you'll see a three-mile long ants line all around your house, spiders occupying every corner of the ceiling, cobwebs on items you FREQUENTLY use, flies swarming you during daytime, and mosquitos swarming you during nighttime. it's not pleasant, i'm telling you. PLUS, mountain weather sucks. go to the beach. if you ever get a stroke, it'll be because of hot girls running around in bikinis, not HEAT.

read an interesting line in steven pinker's the blank slate: "monkey see, monkey do." then my disfunctional mind rhymed it instantly: "monkey throw poo." which relates to the experience of a friend of mine who got poo thrown at him by monkeys in the zoo. fortunately for him the hostile monkeys were behind glass cage.

also read this interesting passage in the same book, page 349:
in a famous case study, an eight-month-old boy lost his penis in a botched circumcision (not by a mohel, i was relieved to learn, but by a bungling doctor). his parents consulted the famous sex researcher john money, who had maintained that "nature is a political strategy of those committed to maintaining the status quo of sex differences." he advised them to let the doctors castrate the baby and build him an artificial vagina, and they raised him as a girl without telling him what had happened. i learned about the case as an undergraduate in 1970s, when it was offered as proof that babies are born neuter and acquire a gender from the way they are raised. a new yorks times article from the era reported that brenda (now bruce) "has been sailing contentedly through childhood as a genuine girl." the facts were suppressed until 1997, when it was revealed that from a young age brenda felt that she was a boy trapped in a girl's body and gender role. she ripped off frilly dresses, rejected dolls in favor of guns, preferred to play with boys, and even insisted on urinating standing up. at fourteen she was so miserable that she decided either to live her life as a male or to end it, and her father finally told her the truth. she underwent a new set of operations, assumed a male identity, and today is happily married to a woman.

now i really wanted to tell some government officials who run metal detector around my groin that i have a steel penis. steel penis that stays hard 24/7. oh yeah, baby.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

intense loathe

i know hate speech is not allowed, but please tolerate it just this once.

this is sanji, the chivalrous chef of the straw-hat crew, in all his glory, with his usual elegant, cigarette-smoking self.

and this is sanji, in the anime, after being edited by bastards from 4kids; they replace his cigarettes with A FREAKIN LOLLIPOP.

so let me make this message clear: