Tuesday, January 29, 2008

11 solution pages and 27 pieces of scrap paper wasted

i hooked up with taylor expansion on friday night in what was supposed to be a one-night stand.

four days later, i'm still stuck with her and the sex has been unbelievably terrible.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

in space, no one can hear you scream...

at the sight of this.

although i'm pretty darn sure that no one would care whether or not you have your pants on, either.

it seems like my sister has a bad habit of punching her friends. this habit had gotten so bad that her friends got her a punching bag for christmas, hoping that she'd channel her anger at the punching bag instead. but apparently she still likes punching boys a lot better than punching bags, and the punching bag ended up collecting dust in her room.

so i took it.

i think i'm going to put this in my office so everytime i have to deal with frustrating students i won't end up punching them in the face.

Friday, January 25, 2008

rain, rain, don't go away

for coralsnake@APF. prompt: usopp x kaya.

** why does the girl not look like kaya?
if you close your eyes and think of kaya really really hard, i bet it'll start to look like her.

** what's your favorite bit?
the machine thing usopp's fixing.

** what's up with the rain?
no idea, it's been raining this whole week and i'm enjoying it.

** why is usopp fixing the bloody thing outside when he can do it in a garage or something?
usopp likes getting all wet. he thinks it's sexy.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

i may be a thief, but i only steal hearts.

i was so tired last night that when i was using a ruler to draw a building, i pulled a line PERPENDICULAR to the ruler.

and then fell asleep on my desk for half an hour.

oh, stevie, is this what you comic artists have to deal with?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

cold temperature causes testicles to snuggle.

when i draw something good, people tend to like it. because of this, i often get questions such as "how did you draw so well?" or "how did you even get the idea?" in various netspeak manners, most notably in the form of AUDAISUDGHLASJDH OMG LOL WUT.

to be honest, whenever i encounter these questions, i feel utterly perplexed since i really don't know how to answer this question. i can, however, tell you what i do when i draw something worthy that i then put up online on places such as deviantart: i take my pants off.

i'm not an exhibitionist, and that's why i never usually come up with anything worthy of showing when i go draw outside with my friends. but when i'm alone in my room and i'm in a drawing mood, my pants always get in the way; they restrict the movements of my thigh, my butt, and especially, my crotch. that's why i take them off. now, don't get me wrong: i still have my boxers on because being buttnaked is equally uncomfortable, especially when the room gets stuffy and my butt starts to get sweaty and sticks onto the chair's cushion.

does being pants-less actually allow me to produce a good drawing? i don't know. but it certainly is consistent with the theory that human beings have their brain located in their butt; that's why we tend to come up with several good ideas when our butt can breathe. how many good ideas have you ever come up with when you're taking shower? when you're taking a dump? when you're sleeping naked? most of the more decent drawings that i've done were done while i only had my boxers on. most of the ideas for these drawings came when i was taking a long dump or showering. it might be a vulgar thing for me to share this with you guys in my flist, but it's a fact i cannot deny, and i'm quite sure some of you have a similar experience.

so, people: when you see someone wearing nothing but their underwear, please don't yell at them to put something on; your impulsive remark could be hindering the next monumental idea that may end up saving the world, curing AIDS, or simply producing a comic strip that will make your day.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

the serenity prayer

after a long day of dealing with 260 relentless students for a total of 8 hours, nothing can be more satisfying than sitting in your empty office sipping a cup coffee while picking your nose and wiping your boogers off your officemate's desk

the serenity prayer helped me through another rough day. i recited it at least 6 times today. see, back in 2005 i picked up a bumper sticker from a sci-fi convention in minnesota. it has the serenity prayer on it. it's rather surprising, but that serenity prayer has gotten me through some rough times and i'm thankful that i came across that bumper sticker. the prayer on the bumper sticker goes: "GOD GIVE ME THE STRENGTH TO DEAL WITH ALL THE IDIOTS WHO CROSS MY PATH."

now let's all recite it together.

lawny's handwritten meme.

The Handwritten Meme
1) your handle/name/username
2) left or right handed?
3) favourite letters to write
4) least favourite characters to write
5) write "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
6) tag 5 people

too lazy to tag. if you wanna do it, do it.

Monday, January 14, 2008



ameru made me a PANDA clay figurine. it was truly nice of her to give the panda the same expression as my eeca panda.

until i actually received the package and realized that the head had been chopped off. i think she was trying to use it as a voodoo doll to kill me or something. it came with some chocolate candies, but those were no consolation to a murder attempt by voodoo. here's what happened:

animation plays once. refresh the page to reload.

has anyone read MONSTER by Naoki Urasawa? if you have, tell me if this bit made you shake in fear the same way it did me. i almost couldn't sleep and i nearly shit my pants.

such a good manga. i was terrified.

Friday, January 11, 2008

dear astrophysicists,

i don't know why, but i find today's sinfest comic extremely hilarious. and i'm not even into astro.

i went home today to give my sister the tumbleweed i picked up last week, but apparently she's not coming back until tomorrow. i guess i'll just leave the tumbleweed on its natural habitat: on the dead piece of land in my backyard. she can pick it up when she comes home tomorrow. see, that's the nice thing about having a tumbleweed; it's entertaining to look at, and you don't have to put in any effort to grow it because it's dead.

when i was driving back home today, i had a lot in my mind that was good blogging material. they all faded away as i got home, though. wonder why i have such a short term memory.

i've been feeling rather funny these past few days. kinda like this.

now if only i have a pair of panties i can rip. oh, gintoki, i feel you. this world needs more robinhood panties thief.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

i think someone named tokugawada nobuhide said that.

lynne came back from japan with these.

so now i have a coin pouch that might bite my head off, and eli dangling off my cellphone. too bad she doesn't have her hairy ojisan legs sticking out.

Monday, January 07, 2008

life, the universe, and a few other things

this picture pretty much summed up my 2007 very nicely.

also, tumbleweed in my trunk.

i think i'm gonna give this to my sister.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Saturday, January 05, 2008

a good downpour to wash away the stanley

i intended to finish reading and taking notes for the first 10 sections of jackson today, but i got to the poisson and laplace equation part of it and opted to play FIFA 2004 instead. i had almost forgotten how disgustingly unattractive physics could be sometimes. the goal for tomorrow is to get these 10 sections read and noted, so hopefully my willpower will have gotten back from his extended vacation when i wake up in the morning.

decided not to go to san diego tomorrow because of the rain and wind. i like the rain and i like windy rain even more, but only when i'm inside my room, looking at the people outside getting soaked. my plan in san diego was to hit the downtown, the beach, mount soledad, the cliffs, as well as a few others outdoor spots, and none of them is ever gonna happen with this kind of weather. especially because i'm already sick and classes start on monday. if i'm perfectly healthy and i have three more weeks of break, i wouldn't mind playing in the rain all day and night. rain is so rare here in california that when it does pour, we should all go outside and drink a cup of tea to celebrate it.

i went jogging on tuesday, as a part of one of my few new year's goals. my legs were unbelievably sore the next day, and still is until now. sitting down on the toilet seat when i needed to take a dump was the most painful part. i guess that was expected, considering i haven't exercised since intramural soccer my freshman year in UCSD. i'm not out of shape, but i guess ROUND is not really a desirable shape.

it's 5.30am at the moment, which means i have not succeeded in fixing my sleeping pattern. this quarter i have 8am discussion sections to teach every thursday, so let's hope this whole sleeping thing gets better by thursday.

i picked up a tumbleweed on the way home from tutoring today. there was a police car on standby across the street waiting to pull over people who don't stop at the stop signs, and they cop inside it was looking at me weird. what's the matter, officer? never seen anyone pick up a tumbleweed from the middle of the road and stuff it into the back of his car?

i guess not, huh?

Thursday, January 03, 2008


i traded my skypiea set with mokenda@DA for this.

i think i got the better end of the deal.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

tracing back the steps

i'm procrastinating at the moment, so i'm going to look back at the posts i made the past year and see how the year has treated me.

january was when i first realized that i no longer have any interest in studying physics. it was after this that i started trying to find loopholes so i would not have to do physics but could still get out with a physics master's. it was a dilemmatic few weeks, but i ended up giving it up for good and decided to pursue my studio idea. i also made this clear to my graduate advisor at the moment, and turned out it was a bad idea because he seemed to have lost respect for me. this month was also the first time i was assigned to teach discussion sections and not lab sections, and about 2 weeks in, a student came to me crying. i also started reading gintama.

in february, i bought my first bristol pad from the UCI bookstore. it was 18x24 in size. this is the same pad i used to draw 2 of the biggest pieces i've drawn so far: the enies lobby tribute, and the thriller bark diner. i also kept the tradition of posting what was and is still the funniest valentine's day card i've ever come across on the 14th. towards the end of the month, i was lucky enough that the chicken wings i bought at albertson's came with its feathers. it amused me to no end and was an awesome way to wrap up a month.

march was the month when i finally decided to give up on physics research and pursue something else, figured out why women are so complex, attempted for the first time a complete CG drawing (which i was unhappy about), and started my enies lobby tribute on the bristol board i bought the previous month.

i started off my april with BLADES OF GLORY, which kept me laughing for a good month, celebrated an epic manchester united win in europe over silly roma with a startling 7-1 scoreline, and finished the enies lobby tribute in the middle of the month.

that thing then sold like roasted chestnuts during holiday season at AX.

in may, i discovered the awesomeness that is HOT FUZZ, suffered through early summer heat, and all the spring lovin' in the air made me fell in love with kewpie mayo. i also tried to start a new weekly 4panel comic, but that lasted about 4 weeks and died away. i also met joanna in a manga class, who turned out to be really good at coloring traditionally with copic. so we started a weekly doodlefest session.

june was filled with these sessions. i would go to coffeebean near where she lived with paper, pencil, and pens and just started drawing for a good few hours. since AX was coming up, i finished a set of 6 colored one piece postcards with jo helping me pick the colors. eggy also came down from montreal to hang out with me for about 2 weeks before AX. i also managed to break my gmail.

and there came AX in july. four days of hanging out with the awesomest people who share the same geeky interest in manga and comics in general. i made about $1000 from the prints i had, but $500 of that went to printing, $200 went into lodging and registration, and the last $300 was spent on buying a set of 72 copic markers. on top of that, i had to spend money to eat and to buy toys (got tashigi POP), so the $1000 was easily wasted. good thing was, i had a lot of print leftovers that i can sell again at the next con i go to, which should hopefully be anime north in may of 2008.

august wasn't very eventful. i picked up a hot fuzz DVD on the same day the shaun of the dead DVD came in the mail, and i was a happy man for an entire month. i also learned that the UCI physics department gave away free office supplies to grad students and faculties, including PILOT PRECISE V5 rolling-ball pens that come in five colors: red, blue, black, green, and purple. so i took advantage of that and started sketching in pens instead of pencils. by the end of the month i completely gave up pencils.

classes started again at the end of september, but it didn't make much of a difference since i was teaching summer school until mid-september, but i did draw my first harry potter fanart for aimee's birthday, learn what bukkake really means, and bought my first car.

i broke gmail once more in october. this time it actually told me that i need to either get a new account, or just buy some more space off them. i also came across the most hilarious football picture i've ever seen, and had to sniff ashes for a few days due to the fires all across southern california. luckily y-con was on the same week and i thus ditched southern california for the fresh, queer san franciscan weather. my deviantart page also hit 100,000 pageviews at the end of this month. october 29th, to be exact. my e-penis is now over 100,000 strong.

november was, and will always be a special month because my birthday fell on this month. it was also special because my close cousin passed away in an accident on my 2003 birthday. until this moment i still don't know how to celebrate it. but i was productive this month, creating two doodle journals on my trip to y-con, and also coming across an old blog entry about an e^x and a constant that walked into a cave. it had me in stitches when i first came across it in 2003, and it still cracked me up like no other nerdy joke in 2007.

then december came around, and it only took thirty-one days for the year to be over. since the year was about to end, i spent the month just enjoying life and sketching with my free colorful pens a lot. i also kept the tradition of drawing christmas cards for special people of the year. i then caught cold sometime towards the end of december and i coughed and sneezed my way till the end of 2007.

that was long.

now for 2008. i've never made any new year's resolution under the belief that resolutions are like rules, they're only meant to be broken. using this life philosophy, i have maintained a 100% record of never breaking any new year's resolution, simply because i've never made any. but i think the term "resolution" is rather narrow, since it focuses on fixing the stuff that didn't go well the previous year. so i think this year instead of making resolutions, i'm going to set some GOALS. let's see, this year, i'm going to:

1. (this is probably going to be the hardest) procrastinate less and be more productive. at the moment i'm already procrastinating by typing up this entry, but i'm going to aim to do at least SOMETHING every moment that i'm awake. i've spent last year sitting down on my chair thinking about what to do and never starting it (wait-wait-plan instead of plan-start-finish), so this year instead of thinking, i'm gonna try to actually do the bloody thing instead.

2. finish the comics i plan on doing for anthology. oh, and get it published.

3. live a healthier life: eat more vegetables, exercise more. considering the fact that i DON'T exercise at all, just a little bit of exercise would have accomplished this goal. how easy.

4. finish another big spread before anime expo.

5. graduate and get the hell out of school.

6. go to church regularly again. i hardly went to church last year, although i did go to church weekly when i was in sandiego.

7. live a less nocturnal life (oh look, it's already 1am).

8. get a girlfriend. i'm pretty contented with a single life at the moment, but it does get lonely at times.

so, any eligible bachelorette wants to get goal #8 accomplished early? =D

rise and shine, you bloody scalawags

did you see the first sunrise of 2008?

i saw the first sunrise of 2008 from the park a block behind where i live. it was pretty. prettier than usual considering it marks another successful lap around the sun. 2007 was filled with sadness and happiness that shaped me into who i am at the moment, and i am thankful for both of them, because sadness amplifies happiness, and happiness heals sadness. here's to the struggle and excitement that await in 2008, because life is one long journey, and everything that happens in it is an adventure. yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum.

that said, now i shall go sit in front of the heater to warm myself up. at 40˚F, it was pretty stupid to go outside just to watch the bloody sunrise.