Tuesday, March 25, 2008

comics and diarrhea

just a little update on comic pages progress:

gintama is up to page 11, with page 10 and 11 completed on thursday and friday, respectively. i think i'll put a stop on gintama for a bit and focus on reborn because i'm on fire with reborn.

i finished the 2page spread for page 19 and 20 on wednesday, and friday i took a break by hanging out with joanna, will, andy, brigitte, and stephanie. that was like a sneak peek of what AX this year is going to look like: loud as hell, and totally unproductive. friday night i went home to glendora and started shitting out reborn pages on saturday.

as of now, i had finished page 21 through 28 for reborn. 8 pages in 3 days isn't bad, right? it's not gonna get me a job in weekly jump, but it's at least decent for this doujin project. i just pulled out a piece of paper to start page 29, but i thought i'd make a cup of tea and relax a bit. i need to sleep less, too, because the past two days i've gotten way too much sleep (9 hours and 7 hours, respectively). imagine how many more pages i could've spit out if i had only gotten 5 or 6 hours.

here's 6 of the 8 pages i finished.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

two more hours

until GRAND SLAM SUNDAY. premier league leader manchester united will entertain 4th-position liverpool at old trafford, while arsenal on the 2nd place will visit stamford bridge to play 3rd-position chelsea. i'm hella excited.

just finished inking four reborn pages, which brings up my reborn doujin to 24 pages total. gintama is still stuck at page 11. since the game is on in 2 hours, i might as well start another reborn page. i really need to reduce the amount of sleep i've been getting (6 hours a night) and be more productive. being a comic artist, a break from school is no longer a time to catch up on the sleep i've been missing, but rather a time to be as productive as possible and thus get even more sleep-deprived.

but i'm enjoying this, so it doesn't matter. better than stressing out all night doing physics.

i got a haircut today.

mkage@LJ said i look older, and tsubasa@LJ said i look sexier. does being older and sexier make me george clooney? he and pierce brosnan are probably the only two guys i'd hit on if i were gay.

my mom came home today from her friend's place bringing back some siomay, which is one of my favorite indonesian food that i used to eat for lunch everyday at school. i already had natto for dinner, so i didn't eat the siomay right away, but since i'm pulling an all-nighter, i'm at the stage where i'm craving food, and so i decided to gobble up the siomay. while eating, i thought i'd share this siomay experience in a blog post, so i imagegoogled "siomay," and SHIT. i'm fucking hungry now.

where's chang so i can make him suffer with me?

Friday, March 21, 2008


i love gintama. i think what makes it so great is that all of its jokes are often told with a straight face, which is a form of humor in itself. however, when you draw a comic adapting a similar style of humor, the process of drawing it is really boring, because everyone is... well, emotionless. you can't really play with the faces as much as you can in one piece.

so instead of gintama, i present you hentai kamen.

you can crop out the face of the guy getting hammered with the ultimate inari sushi, and replace it with the face of a person you don't like.

or you can stick your own face in there. whatever makes you happy.

Monday, March 17, 2008


i wish i were burly enough to beat up bad guys with my crotch while wearing panties on my face.

one day, i promise you..

Friday, March 14, 2008


and not just that, today is extra special because it is also einstein's birthday!

to celebrate this day, let's all read a bit more about pi. did you know that pi is irrational? and since pi is irrational, there are many approximation schemes used by mathematicians to obtain the value of pi, with 22/7 being one of the more famous approximations. it's really too bad that you can easily proof that 22/7 exceeds the value of pi.

does anyone want to go eat some pi today? i'm going to marie callender with some friends around 9pm. if you want to join in on the pi day festivities, let me know.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

lightsaber addiction

i will buy a wii soon, for the sole purpose of playing Star Wars: Force Unleashed.

6 minutes full trailer here

a little past 2:00 you'll see them starting to talk about vader and has some awesome scenes featuring darth vader in it. do you know what the first thing that came to mind when i saw this? darth vader and eneru on the moon, totally retarded and out of character.

so i poked chang on MSN and we brainstormed about the next eneru on the moon installment. this next one will be vader-centric, but the crack should be good.

sorry, vader. you're so awesome that we couldn't resist the temptation of making you look totally retarded.