Saturday, December 31, 2005

happy new year

from the folks at manchester united.

ji-sung park, edwin van der sar, john o'shea, wesley brown, alan smith, cristiano ronaldo, darren fletcher, and louis saha.

i saw this splash page on manchester united's website and thought it was the loveliest thing i've seen all day. here's one to success in 2006. don't lose hope, lads, the title's still up for grabs.


today's forecast: heavy rain.

for those who decided to mess with these three dudes, that is.

rain of blood. rain of tears. mwahahahahaha.

forgive me, it's been raining for a week straight and it's starting to affect my sanity. besides, i thought these three made a good team when they infiltrated puffing tom.

sketch done while waiting for ruru to call me. then inking and shading were done after the phone call. now if you'll excuse me, i shall go to bed because my wrist just fell off from crosshatching.


Friday, December 30, 2005

the rain that piss down on you

went to san rafael today, and came back immediately.

life is all about signs. signs that nature gives out for you to find and decipher to figure out what your next action should be.

when everything goes wrong the entire morning, it's a sign.

when you see penguins everywhere you go, it's a sign.

when even the fastest windshield wiper speed failed to let you see what's fifty feet ahead of you, it's a sign. a sign for you to find the first exit and go straight back home.

this was after the wiper was turned off:

this was two seconds later.

san rafael was a nice town, if it wasn't flooded. as much as i liked thrills, having your car start hovering at 30mph was just not funny.

i should quit being lazy and start exercising next quarter, partly because then i would have more time since classes wouldn't be too hard, but mostly because my being out of shape is getting out of control. maybe i should make that my new year's resolution: to get in-shape. but we all know that new year's resolutions exist so that people can break them.

no wonder so many berkeley people are suicidal. the weather here is so depressingly foul it hardly deserves its name.


Thursday, December 29, 2005

fourteen miles per hour

driving in san fransisco is something that should only be done for a punishment. especially during rush hour. i bet even the most sinful person in hell would rather take the worst punishment hell could ever give him than to drive in san fransisco in rush hour.

most of the pictures i've taken were taken while driving. apparently i had done this so many times in the past ten days that i have now become an expert in such a multitask. in san fransisco, however, this was impossible. of course, anything that is impossible should be done impossibly, but i couldn't for the life of me figure out how. so i gave up because it took too much time and effort to figure it out.

weird, but quite interesting. apparently the streets in san fransisco imitate the laws of the streets in hongkong. green means go, yellow means drive faster, and red means three more cars. not just that, but it seems to me that drivers in san fransisco are competing to see how many times a day they get honked at by other drivers.

i should have gone to napa instead today. that way i wouldn't have to deal with nasty san fransisco traffic and would've been able to enjoy at least an hour and twenty minutes worth of fun in the vineyards.

got colorwalk 2, third log, and the latest jump that has one piece and bleach spread, along with 2006 calendar from kinokuniya today. lovely.

pictures from monterey and berkeley
the problem with shower curtains sticking to you while taking shower is one that has been baffling physicists and chemists for a long time. is it pressure difference? or is it electrostatics? either way, motel 6 has the solution, which i thought was quite ingenious.

pictures from monterey, seashore:

cannery row:

if the entrance looks this shitty, i doubt anyone will want to enter.

small car. i love.

david, look. IT DOES EXIST.

at fenton's getting icecream. dan courtney jaideep and myself. i was hitting on jaideep but got turned down.

view from dank's house.

going into baybridge.

bay bridge.

some pictures i took while driving, before i decided to give up entirely.


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

ode to irony

when you meet a person who feel the way you feel, think the way you think, with whom you are certain that whatever you are feeling at that moment, that person is feeling it too, and that person reciprocate such feelings, you can be certain that you've met your soulmate.

but sometimes, in the end, you've got no choice but to let that person go.


Monday, December 26, 2005

damn biologist

i should stop talking to david.

DoctorPingPhang: biology lesson for you
DoctorPingPhang: a girl's road to organism is of course the clitoris
DoctorPingPhang: and that is located near the opening of the vagina
e1n: organism, or orgasm?
DoctorPingPhang: orgasm
DoctorPingPhang: same thing
e1n: hahhahahaha
DoctorPingPhang: and remember the clitoris is a smaller penis
DoctorPingPhang: so just do not get grossed out
DoctorPingPhang: anyway
DoctorPingPhang: just remember
DoctorPingPhang: it is near the opening of the it does not matter what length your penis really is
e1n: you can still hit the spot
e1n: gotcha
DoctorPingPhang: oh...the g spot
DoctorPingPhang: stupid germans
e1n: yeup
DoctorPingPhang: that is actually the set of nerves running to and from the clitoris

size matters, eh?

snapshots round four

eDIT: no more slow loading. i can do post cut now. woohoo.

people will be pissed off that this blog loads so freaking slow with all the pictures up now. oh well, that's just too bad.

pictures set 4: from santa cruz to monterey.

three cop cars lined up on the left turn lane next to me when i went back to san jose. wonder what's up.

on the way to santa cruz.

stupid sign that told lies. no lane was closed.

stupid idiot driving TT at 50mph on a 35 street, STANDING UP ON HIS SEAT. i wonder if his car got somekind of auto-pilot device. regardless, i hope he died from all those stupid stunts he did in front of me so i can take his TT and give it to ruru.

UCSC. literally a forest. if davis is a bicycle friendly town, this one is certainly NOT.

squirell on a tree

whenever you stop at a stop sign. there's a high probability that you'll be seeing this.

beaches of santa cruz. there are many people surfing, and there are many people checking out the people who are surfing.

traffic congestion where the silver jetta was no longer a silver jetta.