Friday, December 31, 2004

goodnight, goodbye

tomorrow is the dawn of 2005, and tonight 2004 will end. so how has 2004 been? for me, it's not exactly my favorite year. lots of shit had happened; good shit and bad shit. here's a few noteworthy things that happened in 2004:

1. getting a gpa below 3.5: which isn't exactly bad. the only bad thing about it is that you don't get a certificate in the mail with your name on it that says "provost's honor."
2. some diseases are innate and incurable: sam was a reverse-pedophile, and still is, and will always be. a year's worth of attempt to cure him failed. miserably.
3. the old saying looks can be deceiving is true: david finally showed his true workaholic nature, but i bet he still has a better chance of getting laid than sam.
4. cute is the ultimate feat: ayumi hamasaki's cuteness has gotten me through some really rough times (check out her fly high video if you don't believe me). if you're cute, be happy that you're cute. some girls (you know who you are) think being cute implies that they're immature, but who gives a crap about maturity anyway? cute can get you through rough times, but mature? no.
5. getting a girlfriend.
6. getting dumped by the girlfriend. remember: every action has its consequences.
7. being lazy is my true nature.
8. coming to realize that i hate living in the city. or any place crowded. i shall one day own a ranch and live there with my family and two horses. no cows. maybe some monkeys.
9. owning a cellphone for the first time.
10. working 11 hours a week and taking five classes is worse than burning in hell.
11. working 20 hours a week with only three classes isn't any better either.
12. the other old saying history repeats itself is also correct.
13. physics people are the coolest people alive.
14. the probability of a miracle is NOT EXACTLY zero.
15. god exists. and there is such a thing as divine intervention.
16. i started to notice that cute-looking asian girls with nice hair all look like each other.
17. this blog started, thanks to jimbo who registered me an account with blogger.
18. finding out that 2 years ago i had a gay roommate.
19. bose is still my dream speaker.
20. iPOD fulfills half of my life. i love you, natalie.
21. the only way to beat the heat of summer is to either go to the beach and check out chicks in bikinis or to be nocturnal and sleep through the day. i did the latter.
22. arlongpark's one piece forum is the place to be.
23. one piece is the best manga. ever. it has been at the top of my "manga of the month" list since 2003. CONSECUTIVELY.
24. realizing that when i say a few, i mean more than that.
25. on my way to the ultimate gaming system: $3 12-button game controller and $25 racing wheel with pedals and stickshift made that huge contribution. all i need now is a joystick.
26. overclocking is a good thing to do.
27. driving alone at night when no one is around with music from the iPOD cranked up is the best feeling since ole gunnar solskjaer scored the winning goal in champions' league final against bayern munich in 1999.
28. driving alone at night when everything is so foggy that you can't see five feet ahead of you is much more fun and thrilling than rollercoasters.
29. weed isn't addicting. especially when you smoke it. never do brownies.
30. alcohol is still better when you take the hard stuff. life vodka. or rum. people say rum and coke tastes good, but i say it's too sweet. maybe dan mixed me too much rum and not enough coke.
31. drunk driving is fine, as long as you're fully aware that you are drunk driving.
32. becker is a good comedy show. everyone and their cousin should watch it. where else would you find a doctor yelling to his patient: i'm a doctor, for every 99 lives i save, i get to kill one. i've saved ninety nine.
33. saving money is never an option for me. getting $400 a month or $800 makes no difference to my checking account. it keeps going down.
34. t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops are my newfound favorite clothing style.
35. nature hates me. i'd like to point that one out.
36. keep in touch with your old friends. if you don't the next news you're gonna hear about them is probably them giving birth and divorcing their new husband.
37. paying $10 a month to streamload for 10GB traffic per month is the best investment ever.
38. hermit crabs are the best pet. no feeding or caring needed. they're strong enough to live by themselves.
39. people passed away. loved ones passed away. and when that happens, there is nothing you can do but to move on and learn to appreciate your life even more.
40. there's probably a lot more i want to list here, but i'll stop blabbing for now.

oh, and PLEASE. if you're driving on the freeway, don't do these things:
1. throw away your cigarette butt out of the window. they usually roll down someone else's car so if the car blew up, your careless act just successfully made you commit the worst crime: murder.
2. turn on your brights. and for those of you who drives luxury cars with fucking bright headlights, learn not to tailgate or drive on someone else's blind spot. if you're tailgating me, the next thing you'll see is a fucking bright red light because i'll be damned if i don't slam on the brakes to scare the crap out of you. if you're on my blind spot, let me tell you this: the fact that your light is so damn bright does let me know that you ARE in my blind spot, but the fact that your fucking bright light is blinding me does not solve the problem.

if the government legalized alcohol and bright headlights, they might as well legalize marijuana and prostitution and gay marriage and teach fellatio in grade schools.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

the inbetween places

this is umbrae.

isn't she pretty? that little red apple with pins on it look good on her on my desk. by far the best decoration i've ever had. but if she moves... i swear, the first thing you'll notice is that thing in a dumpster in mexico.

rain craps. it's nice that we finally have something NOT sunny, but i don't like being wet, unless i'm taking a shower, and i don't intend taking a shower everytime i walk out the door.

i'm back in san diego, and i'm blogging again. will be here until thursday, because i don't like LA, and because san diego is a lot better than LA. the five people who i took around SD a couple days ago confirmed so.

so here's the story of my life so far: banyan banyan banyan banyan ban ban ban ban. watch guu and you'll understand what i was saying.

lake arrowhead could use a little more snow and a little less sun. besides, the whole point of going there is to see some snow. but all we got was an 80-mile drive and some boring lake.

going with a bunch of people means that you WILL and SHALL and ARE GOING TO be off schedule. and the error propagates, just like how physics teaches you. a 15 minutes delay at the beginning of the trip means a three hours off schedule halfway through the trip.

but san diego was a charm. when you take 4 people around with you and they were freezing cold and complaining all throughout the trip, you knew they love san diego right away when you took them to a place colder than places before and they stopped complaining and refused to leave the place. la jolla cove and mount soledad concluded the night. now one of them is contemplating a move to san diego.

i love SD, need i say more? and because of that, the SF trip was cancelled and replaced with a trip to SD.

i'll blog again later. got lots of pictures, just haven't uploaded them yet.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

sha la la la

merry christmas to all, even to those who don't celebrate.

merry kwanzah to all, and merry hannukah to all.

been busy the past couple of days. yes, busy, not lazy. i couldn't help but feel guilty about not blogging everyday, but then again, who reads the blog anyway? most people come only to download videos and mp3s.

either way, i love y'all.

someone (i think it's monsieur_orange) in the APforum mentioned something about the crew having platonic love for each other (and by the way, yes, 350 raw is out), and that got me thinking. i've always thought of their whole relationship as just simply very close friendship, but i think monsieur orange might be on to something here. i read once in a book by plato that platonic love (love that is completely devoid of sexual desire) is the highest form of love.

it's true, don't you think? think about it. i'm a believer of the concept that if something can be done really easily, it is of lesser value than something that needs a lot of effort to be done. example: eating a hamburger and exercising to burn the calories from the damn burger. the exercising part has a greater value because it takes effort and motivation to do, whereas eating a burger is just as easy as licking your finger, which of course, requires effort, but not as much.

now, love because of lust, is really easy to experience. you see a girl, she's hot, w00. there you go. but in order to love someone of the opposite sex completely and entirely WITHOUT having the hots for her, damn. you've got to swore to celibacy or something for that.

think about it.

i'm off to lake arrowhead and sandiego. won't be blogging for a while, so don't miss me too much.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


so i decided that LA traffic is the worst. at 11pm there's still a traffic jam. at 11pm there's still people honking and yelling at each other. i need somewhere peaceful to live in. somewhere where it's dead after 7pm.

(heard nedi's voice from the back: columbus, ohio)

uh, no. nowhere in the midwest. hawaii sounds kinda nice.

went to downtown disney today and got a hat. a cool hat. i'll wear it around campus next quarter; you'll definitely notice me. ^_^

many thanks to carly from arlongpark forum for the colorspread. i owe you one for that. just one.

so, plan for the week:
__ universal studios
__ lake arrowhead
__ san diego
__ road trip up north
__ pick up chicks

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


still contemplating of what to get me for christmas? how bout books? i like to read.

__ the feynman lectures, a set of three volumes by richard p. feynman
__ the quantum world, by kenneth w. ford
__ einstein's 1912 manuscript of the special theory of relativity, by albert einstein and hanoch gutfreund
__ surely you're joking, mr. feynman, by richard p. feynman
__ the golden ratio: the story of PHI, by robert livio
__ quantum theory, by david bohm

Monday, December 20, 2004

the king devil has spoken

here's something that everyone should quote from eric cantona, the legendary king devil: "they can say 'fuck your mother' and i will say nothing because i am an example."

nicely said, king devil.

screw malcolm glazer. manchester united don't need businessmen like him.


yeah, that felt a little better.

driving alone at night time is the best way to relieve stress. try it for yourself if you don't believe me. and don't give me the crap about polluting the air or increasing dependence on foreign oil.

so i took the mountain pass in glendora at highspeed again today. the sign said 15mph, but since i was kinda pissed off, i decided to take it at 35. i'm still alive, and i managed to skid the car. it's kinda fun to hear the tires squeal, especially with some techno initialD songs cranked up on my iPOD.

one of these days, i'm so going to get into an accident. either a head-on collision or falling of a cliff.


doesn't it annoy the heck out of you when a friend of yours who happens to be visiting said she wanted to do something with you and your other friend, but then told your other friend and she wanted to do something else without even mentioning it beforehand to you, which left the original plan completely abandoned?

so keep in mind that before you tell your friend such and such and your other friend another such and such, MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND. that way you don't have to disappoint anyone.

i guess the excitement doesn't really pay off. bah. things always turn out disappointing when i get over-excited; just like the first spiderman.

ah, screw it. i don't think i give a damn anymore.

Sunday, December 19, 2004


home is boring, like always, which is the reason why i haven't blogged since friday. it's hard to put up pictures too, especially with a dial-up connection that disconnects every 26 minutes.

little kids are annoying, and the fact that i've been around a lot lately, only strengthen that idea. they don't know anything, yet they act like they know everything.

bought three books off amazon, but none has arrived. looks like i'll have to resort to the nerd inside me, reading partial differential equation and integral equations for christmas.

nedi and shanti are coming to visit, nedi will be arriving on the 21st, and shanti on the 24th. middle school reunion, ah, something i've longed for.

sam's friend duk said that i'd die because i drink soda too much. well, what can i say, soda are addictive. i had three weeks without soda WHATSOEVER and now i'm willing to kill for a can of coke.

i found some funny pics, but i can't upload just yet, especially with the shitty connection that i have here.

have a good break, peeps. come visit me if you're bored.

Friday, December 17, 2004


if this world is powered by static electricity, everyone in the free world will go to west covina mall.

so i've decided that despite the fact that west covina is the closest mall to this deserted town, it's the most retarded mall ever. ONE bookstore, with NO place to read. and guess what? there's NO store there that sells audio cd. NONE. yes, NONE. it's all clothes. brr.

watched 4 episodes of .hack//sign today. i'm starting to catch on the story, but it's too dramatic and... well, boring. i'll watch more tomorrow after tara left. or before. whatever.

everyone said guu is funny, so i decided to give jungle wa itsumo hale nochi guu deluxe a try. finished first episode, couldn't stop laughing. everyone and their mamas should go see it and laugh like never before.

my only star

if anyone of you has MY ONLY STAR by SUSAN BELL, leave me a message. i WANT that song. it's one techno music they use in initial D.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

merry christmas

for those of you who are still thinking about what to get me for christmas:

the probability of a miracle is NOT EXACTLY zero

there can be miracles
when you believe
though hope is frail
it's hard to kill
who knows what miracles
you can achieve
when you believe
somehow you will,
you will
when you believe

that's david's theme song. mine's wilson philips' hold on. but come on now, THIS IS DIVINE INTERVENTION!

know that in PHYS 100A i got 60% on the final, and in PHYS 110A i got BELOW AVERAGE on the final, and ended up witha 67% overall in the class. so apparently as long as everyone else got screwed as much as you did, you're good. PHYS 105A i don't even want to talk about.

a good advice

i remember once over the summer i told my parents: if you guys don't wanna do dishes, here's a good idea: PAPER PLATES.

i came back this winter break and i found my parents eating using paper plates.

i was speechless.

on a side note, i think neha and i had quite a blogworthy conversation:

EinZTeiN o07: my favorite quote of all time:
i believe that if anything is worth doing, it would have been done already.
xix BLueKiSs xix: slacker quote
EinZTeiN o07: nah
EinZTeiN o07: actually it's number 3 on the procrastinator's creed
xix BLueKiSs xix: yes it is
xix BLueKiSs xix: it is still a slacker quote
EinZTeiN o07: you dont like it?
xix BLueKiSs xix: didnt say it was the slacker quote
xix BLueKiSs xix: not really
xix BLueKiSs xix: lol
EinZTeiN o07: wow
EinZTeiN o07: and i thought we're both slackers
EinZTeiN o07: apparently im the only one
EinZTeiN o07: thanks for alienating me
xix BLueKiSs xix: i believe that if anything is worth doing, i would have done it already.
xix BLueKiSs xix: thats my quote ;-)
EinZTeiN o07: :-(
EinZTeiN o07: hey
EinZTeiN o07: that's also a slacker quote
xix BLueKiSs xix: hey....this is not exclusive of academics
EinZTeiN o07: one that's more... SELF ORIENTED
xix BLueKiSs xix: na uh!!
xix BLueKiSs xix: how is that a slacker quote?
EinZTeiN o07: think of it
EinZTeiN o07: if it's worth doing
xix BLueKiSs xix: anything that I think is worth doing, ive already done it
EinZTeiN o07: you'd have done it
EinZTeiN o07: right
xix BLueKiSs xix: books are of a diff matter
EinZTeiN o07: so then
xix BLueKiSs xix: lol
xix BLueKiSs xix: so like i wanted to learn something i have done it
EinZTeiN o07: nothing is worth doing
EinZTeiN o07: because if it's worth doing
EinZTeiN o07: it would have been done
xix BLueKiSs xix: eh?
EinZTeiN o07: by you, in this case
EinZTeiN o07: but regardless of doing it
xix BLueKiSs xix: noooooooo
EinZTeiN o07: *who's
EinZTeiN o07: it HAS ALREADY been done
xix BLueKiSs xix: NO NO NO
EinZTeiN o07: :-P
EinZTeiN o07: yes yes yes
xix BLueKiSs xix: goddamit no
xix BLueKiSs xix: go to bed
EinZTeiN o07: might wanna change that to future tense
EinZTeiN o07: ;-)
xix BLueKiSs xix: i will not let a fob teach another fob!
EinZTeiN o07: if it stays in teh past, it stays a slacker quote
EinZTeiN o07: ha ha ha ha

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

full scan

i found out that on the back of the wrapping package of the calendar there's a full picture of the one i scanned a few days ago. too bad it's not colored. still looks badass though.

and this is why i love one piece even more and more. calipha just beat nami in hotness; she is now just below vivi. a little bit below.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

12 hours

is how long it took to finish da vinci code. i like angels and demons better, honestly, even though (as greg had pointed out) they pretty much have the same plot. but regardless, i give dan brown props for the crazy symbolism and facts.

who would've thought that mary magdalene was jesus' wife?

crazy shit.

en route to chapter 31

13 3 2 21 1 1 8 5

o, d r a c o n i a n d e v i l!

o h, l a m e s a i n t!

so dark the con of man

wow, this just gets better.

and better, and better.

Monday, December 13, 2004

an ounce of stale cheese

warning: bitter entry ahead.

i hate it when because someone else did something stupid, i got into trouble. and no, it's not just some random trouble, it's a trouble that puts one thing that i value over my life at stake: friendship.

they say ignorance is bliss, and what you don't know can't hurt you. i say that's true. fucking true. now i just wished i didn't know what's going on. being in between two things and paralyzed to the point where you're unable to even decide where to move, sucks like shit. shit i tell you. fucking shit.

so tell me, what would YOU do?

they say that nature is all about balance. well, it seems to me that i've always gotten myself in a lose-lose situation, and have never even once be in a win-win situation. so much for balance.

dillema. is that even the right way to spell it? or is it dilemma? i like the latter one better so i'll use that. i've always wondered why people consider a dilemma as such a big deal. i mean, it's just not being able to decide within TWO options, so it shouldn't be as bad as say, a trilemma or a quadruplemma. hell, shit, i say to myself. if anyone knows this best, it should be myself. how many of you are able to do process of elimination on a multiple choice test to narrow down the answer from five to two within a minute? a lot i bet. now how many of you are able to pick from the two answer within five minutes? not a lot.

see, the thing about only having two options to pick from, is that ONE OF THEM has FIFTY FUCKING PERCENT chance of being correct. say you had 5 options to begin with, one of them will be correct while the other four are wrong. this means you can eliminate one easily, because you have 80% chance of eliminating a wrong one, and only a 20% chance of eliminating the right one. now think about it, after you eliminate one, you're left with FOUR and your probability of eliminating the wrong one has decreased to 75%, and the probability of eliminating the right one increased to 25%. keep doing this, and you'll eventually find yourself stuck when you have 50% probability of eliminating the wrong one, AS WELL AS THE RIGHT ONE.

so which one will you pick? what would you do?

and it's not fun when EITHER WAY you go, you're screwing YOURSELF over. i'm a a big dipshit, and i hate it.


if anything gets fucked up, please refer back to this entry. that way you understand that i didnt mean to fuck it up. i'm in a dilemma, so forgive me if i do pick the wrong decision.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

i'm feelin' like a monday

but today i was saturday night.

dinner is always great when you're with great people. and it becomes twice as great when those great people are the people you've grown to love with all your heart. friendship should not be taken lightly, keep that in mind.

i realized that i haven't really "blogged" lately. all of my latest entries have been complaints or pictures. so since i'm done with finals let me go back to my usual blogging mode and let me blog my night away.

so i decided to come over to tara's last night and ended up spending the night over. felt bad for taking up half of her bed (which was already pretty small), but i now realize that i really don't have problem with sleeping anywhere. my dad has problems with sleeping somewhere foreign, but apparently for me as long as i have a comfy bed, a sleep is a sleep. the only distraction was the hot girl i was in bed with.

distraction i tell you. ^^;;

so sam's going to hongkong over christmas. let's hope he doesn't do anything stupid, like making his highschool teachers pregnant or something like that. hope he'll be having a blast there. that kinda makes me jealous. as much as i like it here, i would want to at least visit indonesia again. too bad this ain't gonna happen until at least after i graduate. =/

i love natalie. have i mentioned that? it's not easy to have someone you can be with 24/7 and never complains when you're singing to stupid sappy songs with your crappy voice. i love natalie.

my oversleeping habit is getting worse. this time it doesn't even require turning off the alarm. i'd wake up to the sound of the alarm, but i could just go back to sleep without even turning the shit off. i think i need an alarm that gives a quick little electric shock whenever it goes off.

i appreciate warm, crispy on the outside but soft on the inside, tasty bread. they make really good sandwiches. as sam once said, it's really hard to screw up making sandwiches, but i think it's also really hard to make SUPER good sandwiches. charley's in mission valley makes good sandwiches though. good bread, i think that's the key.

so i decided to get the 5th volume of one piece, even though they changed zoro to zolo, which was stupid. i also got a 2005 one piece desk calendar. ah, i love christmas shopping for myself.

i didn't know mixing cheese in an onion soup would make the soup taste a lot better. i guess that's why that shit costs me eleven bucks. best part of the day is that i get to eat lamb. eating lamb makes me thinking about indonesia, because the last time i had lamb was there.

oh right, i need to update my granola bars count.

**goes to count**

i have 12 left. that means i ate 24 already. they must have put some addictive substance in it.

currently talking to sam as i'm blogging. please keep in mind that we're talking about how teenagers in hongkong impregnate their girlfriends and push them down the stairs or punch them in the stomach so that the baby died:

EinZTeiN o07: you guys are weird
EinZTeiN o07: dont you have abortion clinics?
zygoun: uh.....dude...i was talking about those teenagers in the ghetto
zygoun: abortion clinic...pleaseeeeee
EinZTeiN o07: ha ha
EinZTeiN o07: but you're not from the ghetto are you
zygoun: west side~!
zygoun: word
EinZTeiN o07: ha ha ha
EinZTeiN o07: wtf
zygoun: nah i'm not from ghetto
zygoun: but...dude, my parents are!
EinZTeiN o07: they push each other down the stairs?
zygoun: like i said....i probably was an accident
zygoun: just didn't get rolled down the stairs
EinZTeiN o07: ha ha ha ha
zygoun: dude!
zygoun: they should have rolled me downt he stairs
zygoun: so i do have to do all these pchem bullshit
zygoun: like....forget about that one
zygoun: but at least...please...roll my brother down the stairs
zygoun: *sob
EinZTeiN o07: HA HA HA
EinZTeiN o07: ive seen that one coming
EinZTeiN o07: did he do anything stupid again?
zygoun: i donno
zygoun: but he's out there with a pretty cute girl in the living room
zygoun: now
zygoun: might do something stupid soon
zygoun: hope we got food wraps
EinZTeiN o07: well
EinZTeiN o07: tell him he cant do the push-her-down-the-stairs thing here in the US
EinZTeiN o07: he'd get his ass sued
EinZTeiN o07: btw, FOOD WRAPS?
EinZTeiN o07: WTF man
zygoun: dude u don't remember
zygoun: i said we can use food wrap as an emergency contraception device
EinZTeiN o07: i know
EinZTeiN o07: but
EinZTeiN o07: geez
EinZTeiN o07: let him use your condom or something
zygoun: i didn't bring it
EinZTeiN o07: you're SUPPOSED to
zygoun: why?
zygoun: i'm going back to hk?
EinZTeiN o07: keep it in the wallet just in case
EinZTeiN o07: because
EinZTeiN o07: you never know when some random girl is gonna walk up to you and slap you and say "let's go make babies"
EinZTeiN o07: better be prepared for that dude
zygoun: dude...think about it, the only reason we have to roll our girlfriends down the stairs because we don't use condoms
zygoun: and all the buildings we have in hk are at least 15 stories high
zygoun: so we have plenty of stairs
EinZTeiN o07: right, but you dont wanna do that, cuz you're not ghetto
zygoun: my heart is!

i don't like rollercoasters in general. been in some, but those rides are not my way to get the adrenaline rush. trust me, fellow adrenaline addicts: driving fast on a curvy downhill slope when there's such a thick fog is a lot more frightening than wimpy rollercoasters.

so overall my saturday was superb. superb as in everything went very well and i'm very happy. one disappointing thing is that when you witness something amazing that you don't know if there ever gonna be a next time, the very person you want to share it with is not with you. it has never been a perfect timing.

if you're a starperson, the best time to see the lovely starry sky in sandiego is to go to a really high place (like mt soledad) when the whole city is covered in thick fog. that way all the light polution is being absorbed by the fog and the sky will never again be as clear.

that's a long enough rant, i'm off to bed now.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Thursday, December 09, 2004

rob lucchi

here's one to the coolest villain ever introduced. not all villains know how to keep their composure like this guy. and best of all, not all villains know how to be cocky but doesn't sound like a jerk.


i just realized, after 2 tomorrow, i'll be as free as a beach bum.



god, i need that song right now.

speaking of discouragement,

lost another ball today, and now all i have is a non-functioning penis. but like aimee said HARSHLY: "it's not like you're ever gonna use it anyway."

here's a quote from michael dehart: "i used to think that you can only be kicked in the nuts so many times before you actually die. but lately i've begun to realize that there's no limit."

yup. endless suffering.

sam and i watched the poor bunny video again, then we rushed to google to find the lyrics.

well, here's the LYRICS. have fun singing to it.

i finished all the apple cinnamons a little past midnight last night. count: 24. how bad can twelve granola bars in 24 hours be?

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


i recently discovered that stress, combined with lack of sleep, produces the same effect as hair gels.

report after first final

like the way michael put it: i got castrated. and since now i only have one ball left i need to work my ass off, because if that one's gone tomorrow, i'm gonna need to get a replacement for friday.

i ate all the lemon. count: 30.

granola count

went to ralphs and stocked up on granola bars. i bought six box. meaning there's a total of thirty six granola bars with six different flavors. i have eaten three lemons.

count as of wednesday, 1.22am: 33

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

highway to hell

the journey has begun.

new blog music. luffy zoro nami usopp sanji chopper and robin singing jingle bells. hope this eases my pain.

ah, the pain.

Monday, December 06, 2004

they do come in handy

a pair of plyers, that is.

because you never know when you'll be sitting on your own glasses for a good minute and not realize it.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

speaking of distractions

my life is so much peaceful without aim. maybe i should just retire completely from it.

hermit way.

poor rabit

everyone else has had more sex than him. 1718: big boobs. 67: medium boobs. that's an awesome ratio. 0: masked. ha ha ha.

when you have too much time in your hands

channel it to creativity

greg, you're right. the chopper's twinkle twinkle single is so awesome. i love the jingle bells crew version. that will be this blog's main song next week. ^_^

Friday, December 03, 2004

grab a knife and slit them throats


Yah-yo, yah-yo!
Dreaming! (Don't give it up, Luffy!)
Dreaming! (Don't give it up, Zolo!)
Dreaming! (Don't give it up, Nami!)
Dreaming! (Don't give it, give it up, give it up, give it up, give it up, give it-- NO!)
Here's how the story goes, we find out
‘Bout a treasure in the Grand Line, there's no doubt
The Pirate whose eye is on it, he'll sing,
"I'll be King of the Pirates, I'm gonna be King!"
Yah-yo, yah-yo, yah-yo, oh-oh!
His name is Luffy
(That's Monkey D. Luffy)
(He'll be King of the Pirates!)
He's made of rubber (How did that happen?)
Yo-ho-ho, he took a bite of Gum-Gum Yah-yo, yah-yo!
His name's Zolo, he's just like a samurai
And a L-A-D-Y Nami's not shy
The Pirate Crew comin' through doin' their thing
With the King of the Pirates, he's gonna be King!
Yah-yo, yah-yo, yah-yo, oh-oh!
Set sail for One Piece, it's the name of the treasure
In the Grand Line
Yah-yo, yah-yo
Set sail for One Piece!

yes, that's the lyrics of the dubbed OP anime in the US.

excuse me, i'm going to throw up now.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

all wrapped up

as much as i like things when they're naked, some things in this world definitely look much better wrapped.

like our fugly sun god.

from tat

physics forced me to resort to sinfest, and happened to come across this:

steve martin once said, "sex is the most natural, most beautiful, most wonderful thing that money can buy."

time to save up. this time it's for a NATURAL, BEAUTIFUL, and WONDERFUL goal. yup yup.

to kill a mockingbird?

and if you ask me too
daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird
i'mma give you the world
i'mma buy a diamond ring for you
i'mma sing for you
i'll do anything for you to see you smile

and if that mockingbird don't sing and that ring don't shine
i'mma break that birdies neck
i'd go back to the jewler who sold it to ya
and make him eat every carat don't fuck with dad