Monday, December 25, 2006


i've been feel guilty to all you one piece fans because i haven't produced ANY decent OP fanart since..... august. or july, i should say. so that makes a 5-month draught of OP fanart.

why did i finally decide to do OP fanart again now? well, partly because i feel bad, partly because Mascot1063 on DA asked about a spread with franky, partly because i wanna show eggy that OP IS NOT DEAD TO ME, but mostly because i just got a lightbox and wanted to try it out. so i did and this is what came out. click to enlarge.

this is drawn on TWO A4 sheets. the line that goes through the middle is there because that's the separation betweent the two sheets that i taped together with a long piece of scotch tape i stole from the library. the original sketch was made really really shitty ON PURPOSE because the whole point of having a lightbox is to be able to transfer something from a shitty piece of crap paper to a good paper. for those of you who are curious, this is what the original looked like before i transferred it to onto th 2 A4 sheets:

that's right. they don't even have the same orientation.

conclusion: i love my lightbox. and my copic markers. merry christmas. oda is god.

OP chars (c) oda, ALL HAIL.

uh, merry christmas?

because apparently no one can find a better greeting to use on this day.

so my target is 14 christmas cards. i accomplished 8. SIX was my limit before i got sick of drawing cards. the remaining willpower i gathered up was only good enough for two more. sorry about that. maybe later when i'm not so sick of drawing cards anymore.

so anyway, picture-heavy post. but again, it's too late for that now.

for shiroro

for egg

for ocean

for nyang and nuu

for ameru

for chang

for lawnmowerpants or leapingmenpeeing or whatever.

for makoto

ya, merry christmas, happy holidays, season's greetings, happy new year, whatever. i'm going back to hibernation.

Monday, December 11, 2006

on the 14th day of christmas

so it's 14 more days until christmas, and i'm repeating the same project i did last year, only this time it seems like it's become more massive, partly because i can't count, partly because i never know what day it is today, but mostly because i'm a whore.

so another year has passed. what have YOU been doing all this year? did you do anything productive? did you accomplish anything you're proud of? did you make a fool out of yourself in a global scale? HAVE YOU BEEN PARTICULARLY ANNOYING TO CERTAIN PEOPLE?

i certainly have. only god knows how many people this year i've annoyed to hell and how many eyes i've burnt or minds i've scarred with all the disturbing images i made them see. apparently in the past half year it has become an automatic habit of mine to make everything someone said sound perverted, wrong, disturbing, AND to top it off, accompany it with some sort of visual aid. all the wrongs you see here are nothing compared to what i do at night after i come home from campus, in front of my computer, armed by my wacom tablet, pencil, paper, and canon scanner. it delights me to know that somewhere in the world, my drawing just made someone cry, or bang their head on the desk, or scream, or jump out of their seat, or get yelled at and tortured in the janitorial closet by the librarian because of the numerous non-worksafe images on his public computer screen.

and so i feel bad. kinda. well, not quite. almost. um, not really, i guess.

but my point is, i now feel obliged to compensate these people for having to put up with me all year long, and so i am starting this project called MY TRUE LOVE SENT TO ME (because i can't think of anything better).

so what is this? well, the idea is to pick a few people that you felt you've disturbed/annoyed all year, AND/OR people you love/value most in your life, and MAKE THEM A CHRISTMAS CARD. NOT BUY, MAKE. you might not be as witty or skillful as those hallmark card artists, but at least the card you make will be UNIQUE, in a way that only one copy exists in the whole world. your skill is not what matters. what matters is the time and thought your put into this, and whoever receives this card, i guarantee you that person will treasure it, because of the effort you put into it.


and why am i posting this here? because this is not just my project. YOU CAN DO IT TOO. there are still 14 days until christmas, so make a list of the people you think deserve a christmas card because they mean that much to you. christmas has become a commercial holiday, so it's nice to stop for a moment with all the consumerism and MAKE YOUR OWN GIFT. it can even be something as simple as a christmas card.

i think i have 13 people on my list. that means a card a day will keep the doctor away. i will submit my finished card and update this journal accordingly.

now go and spread the christmas card love.

list of finished cards:

1. shiroro - [+]

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

statutory rape

i think i failed my graduate classical mechanics class. it's sad because i still remember the days when F=ma was not so complicated.

i hope you don't get raped too bad by your final. if you do, remember this, and know that you're not alone.

good luck on finals.

and by the way, those of you who think OMG THE COMIC STRIPS ARE BACK! well yeah, not really. i want to start doing this again, but i'll see how much time i have.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

4 days before final

my dad called earlier today.

dad: that picture in your blog... is that you?
me: ... no, dad. that's how physics looks like to me.
dad: if physics looks like that, i wonder how you look like.
me: like this:

week 10

this is how physics looks like to me at the moment.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Friday, November 24, 2006


10 years later:
~ reborn design by myself.
~ colonello design by aby
~ marmon design by shiroro
~ skull design by hehehaha
~ lal milchi design by tokiyoh

all characters are (c) amano akira.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


there is this guy whose name i need not mention with whom i had a short conversation with a while ago. he posted this question in a forum:

"but do cyberphysics exist?

"If it doesn't, I've just discovered/invented it."

being a physicist, or at least on my way to be one, i was honestly curious, so i replied with the following:

"care to tell us what cyberphysics is? you're the one who invented it, after all."

to which he replied:

"Physics in cyberpsace. I made it so a project of mine could work easier.
It's like astrophysics, what with there being zero gravity, but the thing about cyberphysics is it's malleable- it can be changed, for example, by a programmer.

"Also, there's no oxygen in cyberspace. I haven't made everything, like the laws and stuff, but I'll get round to it."

at this point started to wonder if this guy knows what physics actually is. i mean... come on now, "it's malleable?" what is it, aluminum foil? but i decided to play along and replied with:

"interesting. playing god, there, ey? making up your own laws of physics xD

"what project is this, if i may know? are you a physicist too? i'm always interested to know what other physicists are doing."

to which he replied with:

"I can't say what the project is, someone might steal my idea."

can't say if he's knows what physics is, but he certainly has the attitude of a theorist.

and today, i found out that he made this statement:

"It has been suggested I am powered by the Kraken virus, which is a cyber physician's version of a black hole. Note that since I created cyber physics, this could all be utter bull."

to which i am holding myself back from replying with:

this has to be up there with all the replies i get when people ask me what major i am and i reply with "physics":

* oh, are you gonna be a psychologist?
* oh, you're gonna teach highschool PE? that's cool!

ignorance isn't bliss. ignorance is amusing.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Friday, November 17, 2006

i sacrificed my sushi lunch for this

amano's art is so pretty. so pretty it's worth sacrificing one sushi lunch

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


nyang: so how's the coffee?
[e1n]: lovely
[e1n]: just like you
nyang: flattery will get you nowhere
nyang: well, i lie
nyang: it does work
nyang: but still
[e1n]: kekeke
[e1n]: see?
nyang: D: you jellyfish!
[e1n]: and you, milady, looks gorgeous
[e1n]: *wins*

i still got it.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

today i turn twenty-two

and here i am, still doing homework.

some things don't change in life.

but little things like this makes my little nerdy soul happy.

how romantic. now get the hell over here so we can have some action, will you?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

i are frankenstein

last midterm in less than 10 hours. i think i will be alive again after that. plenty of apologies for the previous angry post, but if you've been up until all night trying to do one problem, you will do the same thing too when you finally manage to finish it.

on a happier note, cosmic and i carved pumpkin last saturday. i carved a gear 2nd luffy:

which came out to be like this:

not too shabby, despite the fact that some parts of it are being held by toothpicks. but notice that the candle made it look like luffy has a glowing penis. THAT'S RIGHT. GOMU GOMU NO UNF IN THE DARK, BABY.

and here's a finalized version of that reborn spread, since kshi's so slow in coloring.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006




fuck. 4 more to go.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

the tiniest of melody

mou tsukareta...
mou dame ka mo shirenai...

rie-chan, what would i do without you? thank you.

lyrics/translation here: nostalgic lavender

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

little things

i'm such a nerd, i laughed so hard at this:

and this sign never fails to amuse me everytime i pass by it on my way home.

on happiness (or lack thereof)

finding happiness in graduate school is a lot like chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: you'll never succeed because it just does not exist.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Friday, October 20, 2006

work in progress, baby

hope i can finish this on the weekends. this is my media of procrastination because i have three homework assignments and two midterms next week.

i haven't said this since 3rd year of college:


Thursday, October 19, 2006

today will be good

ocean drew this really creepy eye, so i added hair and blood to make that. creepy, isn't it? i likey.

4th week is about to end, but somehow it still feels so far away, especially with two midterms next week, and two homework assignments due on the same day as one of the midterms. people who go to gradschool are really masochist. i guess, not knowingly, i am one too. it's unfortunate that i did not realize that beforehand.

BIG BIG THANKS to tsubasa from aku-tenshi, who fed my addiction to rie fu. i accidentally found DECAY and 2CM on youtube when i was procrastinating from doing homework, and immediately fell in love with rie fu's voice. so i spent the entire week browsing the net to find her songs but never succeeded. at the end of the week, i decided to go to kinokuniya to buy her cd because i was apparently completely addicted to her voice by this time. i was broke, and still am, but i needed her songs, so i scraped whatever money i had left and marched into kinokuniya to buy her cd.

turned out they don't have the cd. jerks.

tsuba ended up being the one who supplied me with an entire album's worth of rie fu, PLUS angela aki. i've never heard of angela aki until tsuba told me about her, so i googled her up and i could've sworn it was love at first sight. if she isn't the prettiest woman alive, i don't know who is.

and best of all, she sings one of my favorite songs of all time: KISS FROM A ROSE, originally by SEAL. one of her song "kiss me goodbye," is a soundtrack for final fantasy XII, if i recall correctly. check them out:

Angela Aki - This Love
Angela Aki - Kiss Me GoodBye (English)

and she speaks perfect english too. go to youtube and look up angela aki if you want to see videos of her performing life with a piano.

last but not least, some rie fu songs that have been keeping me sane the past week:

Rie Fu - 2cm
Rie Fu - Decay
Rie Fu - Shine
Rie Fu - Beautiful Words

if you don't like japanese songs, SHINE and BEAUTIFUL WORDS are entirely in english, while 2CM and DECAY are partly english. rie fu sings perfect english, which is not surprising considering that she went to a music school in london... or so i was told. her music is a combination between piano and acoustic guitar, and they blend really well with her voice.

god bless people with beautiful soothing voices. they keep me sane.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

time to get a new one?


very true.

2.11am and i'm on problem number four on my quantum homework that is due in a little less than eleven hours. three done, six more to go. my mind started to wonder where i am going with this kind of lifestyle, and then my finger started typing and my mouse started clicking and i ended up reading funny quotes at

money, life, a shave; a phd student needs not such thing, said mike slackenerney, but right now i sure as hell could use some life... and then maybe, just maybe, a shave.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

fucking kets.

|i> and |j> are eigenkets of hermitian operator A. under what condition can we conclude that |i>+|j> is also an eigenket of A? justify.


kaboom is the correct answer.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

dear dank

i miss my slacker buddy. =(

so, this whole joining a research group thing was a result of a misunderstanding. what happened was: i went to my advisor just to talk about whether or not i can check out what's going on with his project, etc, etc. (emphasis: JUST TO CHECK OUT). i asked him if i should start attending group meetings. not getting involved in a project, but just attending the meetings to see what's going on, what's being discussed, what's the project status, what's the problem with it, etc., because you know, sitting in a meeting just listening couldn't hurt. my advisor thought that i'm such a motivated person that even in my first year that's packed with classes, homework, teaching, grading, and other stuff, i'm already looking to join a group.

so he introduced me to this research faculty, saying "hey, this dude want work," which was replied with "oooh, that's good. we need help."

and deep, deep down inside, i hated myself for not being able to scream out "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" at that time. all i did was smile.

that's how i got myself into this mess. super-motivated? no. i just happened to get stuck because of my own stupidity.

the plus-side, though, is that i get to go to japan. and depending on how things go, i might be able to go as early as this november.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

the 9th life of a cat

i think i've used up all eight of them. this is my last one.

surprisingly, some people complain about the lack of update on this blog, including my own dad. it's rather disturbing when you get an email from your dad with a short message saying "you haven't been blogging, what happened?"; it gives you the same vibe as "are you still alive?"

well, to my own surprise, i am still alive and kicking (or being kicked, either way works). my teacher used to say that no matter how busy you are, you have to stop and smell the roses. i still smell the roses, even though everytime i do i have to snatch a bunch from the garden and smell it while i walk from one place to the other.

before gradschool started, i thought of making a short comic everyday to give everyone an update on how things are. well, now that it has started for two whole weeks, i guess it should give you a hint on how things are, considering that not a single comic has been produced in the past two weeks. school is so busy i barely have time to doodle in class. one time i even had to FORCE myself to stop taking notes and doodle something on a notebook page, next to a derivation of the lagrangian, just to re-assure myself that i still know how to doodle.

i think the x-gloves are the coolest thing ever.

i took the initiative to talk to one of my professor and joined a research group. bad move. when they told the incoming grads that first year should be used to focus on classes, they weren't lying. i ended up joining the superkamiokande calibration group at UCI and almost instantaneously got assigned to live in the basement, in the middle of electronic equipments and a gazillion rolls of cables. there is also set-up with a photomultiplier tube that has a potential of 1800 volts that i have to avoid to make sure i don't end up dead. i call this set-up "ENERU" just because everytime i look at it, i am reminded of the time when eneru shocked the bejeezus out of skypiea.

i'm still functional, too, just so you know. i can still draw an eEC+a:

and i can still draw some gay.

Monday, September 18, 2006

here, there, and everywhere

i somehow feel that there was an entry in the past with the exact same title, but maybe it's just me.

finally moved in to my new apartment in irvine. the apartment itself was not hard to find since i've taken an effort to go down and look for it last week, but finding the place where i was supposed to check-in and get my keys and other shit took a lot more effort than it took a frog to jump over the moon.

the frog had it easy. i had to go through a detour.

refer to here for explanations on undergrad cooties.