Wednesday, November 30, 2005

first thing to do when you're in a deep shit



if i could get a dollar for every shit i put up with, i would be a quinggigillionaire by now.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

pessimistically optimistic

apparently the price for two free new tires was four stuck gas pump, three gas stations that rejected your card, one exit ramp that lead to home but was closed, one freeway that lead to home but was also closed, and the internet that died when you really need it.

and right when you thought you just had the worst night ever, a silent prayer was uttered and made everything better.

thank you.

Monday, November 28, 2005

optimistically pessimistic

just when you think life couldn't get any worse, it gives you 20% on a midterm that you thought you could at least break 50%

and just when you think life couldn't get any better, it gives you TWO FREE NEW TIRES for your car to replace the two old ones that you fucked up because you were an idiot.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

you know a genius when you read one

"yes, but as i have endeavored to explain to you, mrs. sausking, over the seven years of our acquaintance, i incline to the quantum mechanical view in this matter. my theory is that your cat is not lost, but that is waveform has temporarily collapsed and must be restored. schrodinger. planck. and so on."

"let me give you an example. if you go to an acupuncturist with toothache, he sticks a needle instead into your thigh. do you know why he does that, mrs. rawlinson?... no, neither do i, mrs. rawlinson, but we intend to find out. a pleasure talking to you mrs. rawlinson. goodbye."

"i think not. hark. i think i hear miss tiddles miaowing even now. she calls to you, mrs. bluthall. she says she is content. she is at peace. she says she'll be even more at peace when you've paid some bill or other. does that ring a bell with you at all, mrs. bluthall? come to think of it, i think i sent you one myself not three months ago. i wonder if it can be that which is disturbing her eternal rest."

and svlad cjelli is certainly one.

Saturday, November 26, 2005


dear lord, it took three entire years to notice its existence.

more enlightenment

at first i thought i had a brick fetish, but then i realized that it was merely lack of creativity.

Friday, November 25, 2005

george best, 1946-2005

you will always be the definition of that number seven red shirt

i guess the heavens were lacking footballers, and therefore just had to call up the greatest of all. he was seventeen when he broke into the first team. he was twenty-two when he lifted the european cup with manchester united in 1968. he was one of the greatest footballer of all time who had never played in the world cup. he defines dignity, loyalty, and the aesthetics of footballing world.

no wonder the sky outside looks super gloomy, even for la jolla. 'tis a sad day, and i think i will spend this entire day mourning the departure of one of the few manchester united players who are close to my heart.

rest in peace, lad.

photos stolen from soccernet, but at least not hotlinked.

o canada

apparently calls to canada, despite having the same country code as the US, is not counted as regular airtime. in fact, it's considered long distance, and it costs 20 cents per minute.

damn that 90-minute call to toronto.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

about a kitchen

"shithole? hell no. this isn't a shithole. this is a LANDFILL. see, the thing about shitholes is that you can still clean them up. they're nasty as shit but you can still clean them up. landfills, on the other hand, you don't even BOTHER trying to clean it up. you just let it stay there because it's just hopeless." ~sam

and so the quest continues to find an item in the kitchen that isn't half covered in mold.

hung like a moose

background story: SRTV is Student-Run TeleVision, a UCSD TV station, run by students. they air shows on campus for kids who live in the dorms. everything was fine until one day a man that we now call "the porn guy" thought it would be cool to have a live sex show of him and an unnamed girl on SRTV. then all hell broke loose.

associated students decided to impose a ban on nudity on SRTV, and ONE DAY after the ban was imposed, the porn guy showed up once more, banging some girl on SRTV. then not just hell, even the heavens broke loose. so the administrators considered shutting down SRTV. while the consideration was in the process, the porn guy ONCE AGAIN showed up banging a girl, and this time he printed out of the face of one of the member of the student council, taped it over the face of the girl that he was banging, and ejaculated all over the printout.

and then POOF, the admins pull the plug on SRTV. wonder why?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


it has been awhile since i last wrote random shit, so i shall do that again.

apparently every BMW comes with a warning that warns you against driving below 85mph, since every BMW driver on the freeway that i see everyday drive over eighty-five. it seems that the engine and the transmission and everything else that makes a BMW a BMW is designed to break down without fail if they don't get driven at at least 85mph.

our toilet was clogged yesterday, so sam and i spent about half-an-hour plunging it. sam was plunging it, i was just standing there watching, but it sounds a lot better when the word "we" is used. apparently plunging with a new plunger, combined with pouring an entire bottle of clog remover did not mean success. earlier we tried plunging it with david's plunger, but turned out it was shitty. shitty in terms of workability, and shitty as in literally shitty.

and then this morning we discovered that toilet worked perfectly fine. so last night's effort didn't go to complete waste.

ru and i concluded that my skin is very sensitive since apparently even the most moisturizing lotion could not keep my hands from getting completely dry within 20-seconds, so i decided to buy some baby lotions today. hope that'll do well. my skin isn't as smooth and cute as a baby's skin, but i think it is safe to conclude that it's about that sensitive. so far it's been working great, since i don't need to get off my chair every 20 seconds to get more lotion.

grad school applications and personal statements are to be done this break. i need to remind myself to email dan hennessy and peter litchfield at UMN to write me letters of recommendation.

the microwave is the greatest thing ever invented. i think you will most certainly agree with me if you're a college student and ramen and frozen food are the only thing in your daily diet.

i have not had coffee for awhile now. the headaches do not recur, which is rather surprising since usually everytime i don't get my daily fix of coffee i get headaches.

went down to mitsuwa to look for one piece 2nd long but apparently they don't carry it since the lady kept pointing to the shelf with OP manga and kept telling me to go look over there in broken english. so i ended up getting the first four volumes of houshin engi since the cover art is just too beautiful to not be owned.

my mac is currently lagging. i wonder if it's because i have not shut it off for a few months now. usually it lags when i have bittorrent on, but this time it's not even close to being on.

i had a theory that claimed that if i had turned on bittorrent, it would have lagged even worse, so i tested it. not only it got even more laggy, but it also failed to get better when i turned bittorrent off again. i guess i'll restart after this.

i think it is within human nature to condescend other people. lately everytime i talk to people all i have been hearing have been shit about other people that was not around at that moment. not that badmouthing is a bad thing, since it is obviously comforting to know that you are better than other people. it just seems like shit-talk is some sort of a trend these days, just like how tight shirt with huge collars were in the 80's, since everyone seems to be doing it simultaneously as of recent. kinda makes me wonder if badmouthing oneself will one day become a trend too. if badmouthing other people makes a person feel better about himself, then badmouthing his own self should make him feel better about himself too, since he's probably the only one around who has enough guts to do so.

with that in mind, i've been trying to start this new trend of badmouthing oneself by telling people how much of an idiot, brownnoser, arrogant, selfish, careless, and all other available negative adjective jerk i am, but it hasn't seemed to be working particularly well. apparently, dirk gently was right: everytime you try to tell people about something positive about yourself, people will naturally become suspicious and try to prove you wrong, or at the very least talk shit about you behind your back. reverse psychology, however, works extremely well to your advantage in this case: everytime you try to convince people about something negative about yourself, they will naturally think otherwise and before you know it you'll have "mother teresa" written all over you. the bible is not bullshitting; it says something about when you humble yourself you will be praised, but if you praise yourself you will be humbled. you don't even need to believe in god (or the bible in this case) to agree that it is true. it is just human nature. praise yourself and people will talk shit about you, humble yourself and people will talk shit about everyone else BUT you.

told you this was going to be random writings.

king david's sweet red wine is really good. it's a dessert wine with 12.5% of alcohol, which is great because you don't get too drunk if you drink too much, but you get enough alcohol to give you the intoxication effect you've always craved before you turn twenty-one.

i've been told that if i go around holding up a sign "I <3 YAOI" i will have many girls follow me around screaming that they want to have my babies. interesting. i never knew that being gay is a prerequisite to get girls.

my style of writing without proper capitalization has proven to give me trouble. i almost submitted my essays on the GRE i took on monday written without any proper capitalization. but i hate caps and i love this style, so that's just too bad.

finfish added me on facebook. that girls is uber-good at cosplaying. she actually made fullbody and lucci look hot, even for my entirely female-oriented man-brain.

i have one drawing and one comic strip i need to finish. i guess i should get them done tonight so i can start on my graduate school stuff. i need to learn to not be lazy and be more creative when making background.

everytime i check my account balance, it decreased by $500. the funny thing is i usually check it after i deposit $300 worth of paycheck.

currently eating shrimp maruchan cup. whoever invented food must be super rich.

mina ningen dashi

there's this thing with crappy earphones.

then there's another thing with crappy earphones that fell off your ears every once in a short while.

then there's also another thing with crappy earphones that don't work particularly well you wonder why they were even made in the first place.

but then there's this thing with songs that no matter which speaker of what quality they come out from, they still sound good. and i like it.

hashiri taku naru muga muchuu de asa mo yo mo yay
sakebi taku naru hara no soko kara sora ni muke yay

nayami fuan wa moeru gomi no hi de
shinjiru kimochi dake wa sutenai de
nihon chikyuu uchuu saidai-kyuu
no egao ga kimi ni horeta riyuu
chiisaku naru koto wa nai
ookiku kamaeru koto mo nai
fuku o kinai ikimono ga
igai ni ichiban oshare nanokamo shire nai

mappadaka ni nattatte hazukashiku nai
nani mo kakusazu sarake dase ba iin ja nai
mawari no me ki ni shita tte purasu ni wa nara nai
me & you de rabu rabu shitoke ba sore de iin ja nai

hashiri taku naru muga muchuu de asa mo yo mo yay
sakebi taku naru hara no soko kara sora ni muke yay

kenka shita tte naita tte ki ni suru koto nai
jigu zagu na kankei mo tama ni wa iin ja nai
seken shirazu de haji kaita tte ki ni suru koto nai
tanin ni meiwaku kakenakere ba sore de iin ja nai

arino mama de iisa iijan mina ningen dashi
boro ga atta hou ga ningen rashii
hitori de tsuyogaru kurushimu son'nano nashi
omoi ukabu omae no kao "egao" dashi
te o tsunage ba happii nanda mina onaji
mou kizuita ne sou sore ga omae rashii!

much thanks to ruru for the romanization and translation. <3

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

okay, i said hello twice

what the hell am i supposed to do with this? i can't possibly take down my one piece posters just to make space for this thing.


nevermind, found perfect spot.

yeah, one piece is much more important that one silly little award from ACP. i didn't even know they existed.

Monday, November 21, 2005

nice girls leave in the morning

they still do.

but she got minus points for hogging the blanket all for herself.


i lack creativity on making background images. bah

Saturday, November 19, 2005

crack panda

i really should stop talking to ai. her brain is on crack 24/7.

wtf would be the right choice of words

apparently i won honorable mention for 2005 american collegiate press contest, cartoon panel/strip section. this came out rather surprising considering i did not recall submitting anything. i recalled NOT submitting anything, and in fact, i was not aware in the slightest that such a thing as ACP even existed.

thanks to charles, vlad, marianne, hanna, or whoever submitted my strip without telling me.

damn little bastard

quote from a match report between manchester united and charlton athletic this morning, one which united won 3-1.

A chip through from Wayne Rooney allowed Van Nistelrooy to spring the offside trap. The Dutchman drew Stephan Andersen and slotted the ball goalwards - only for Charlton defender Hermann Hreidarsson to produce a last-gasp block.

But United took the lead when
Rooney stole possession on the right and dashed into the penalty box. His cut-back was touched on by Darren Fletcher and Smith drilled home.

Rooney skipped his way through a barrage of bodies on the edge of the area,
before firing a low strike just wide of Andersen's right-hand post.

Five minutes later, though,
Rooney ran past four defenders and chipped into the box for Van Nistelrooy, who collected it expertly on his chest, spun marker Chris Powell and fired into the net.

what a crazy mothafucka. that little shit's everywhere. not that i'm complaining, but if he keeps doing this he will get shot in the head before he gets a chance to play in the world cup.

but regardless, i'm delighted that roo and ruud are forming such an incredible partnership. good job, lads.


i am going to get shot for this.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. i love my new tablet, and that was my FIRST OEKAKI EVER. oekaki is LOVE. it's like childhood dream came true.

Friday, November 18, 2005

what now, bitches?

oh yeah. wacom graphire 4, baby.

a sad day, indeed

i went to this morning and guess what's on the splash page.

farewell, skipper. 12 years of service will never be forgotten. you are definitely up there with the king devil.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

what made the day

chapter 390 is out, and THE LAST PAGE SPREAD made me wet my pants.

haven't seen the close up of nami for awhile, and hell, she looks so hot now.

oh, and by the way, emma watson defines a whole new meaning to the word "pedophilia." she might be fifteen, but she's hot as hell. can't wait until she's legal.

he's so black his shadow got confused

oh dear lord, he's back.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

cute i like

cute is better than pretty.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sunday, November 13, 2005

damn that cute face

whenever i'm sad and depressed, one thing never fails to cheer me up, and that is ayumi hamasaki. she is the goddess of all that is cute.

STEP you is such an amazing MV. in four minutes and fifty two seconds, she amazingly represented the elegant, sad, innocent, and wild side of a woman. her FLY HIGH video still left me smiling by myself for about half an hour, and her love~destiny video still brought tears to my eyes.

no wonder i've been in love with this woman for about four years now.

oh wait, nevermind

i believe in divine intervention. i believe that when you're about to do something stupid, the divine being will smack you upside the head and remind you to not do anything stupid. like last night when i was driving and suddenly felt the urges to floor the gas pedal but almost immediately lost the urges to do so. then i found out about three seconds later that there was a cop behind me. had it not been for divine intervention, i would have gotten another ticket.

so all was good.

but here's what sucks. you are tired and burnt out from everything and you just feel like quitting. you want a life that is peaceful, a life that does not require you to deal with too many problems, a life that is lazy. just when you have successfully built up the courage to resort to such a life, the divine being once again intervenes and surrounds you with signs that basically tells you to stop whining, get off your lazy ass, don't give up, get used to it, and suck it up.


kung fu love

the reason why i love old kungfu movies such as legend of the condor heroes and heaven sword dragon sabre is because they always have at the very least five different pretty girls falling for the main character.

the reason why i hate old kungfu movies such as legend of the condor heroes and heaven sword dragon sabre is because things like that never happen in real life.

but then again, it's probably better if that sort of thing never happens in real life.

imagine having five pretty and hot girls who are all begging to be yours. having to choose one is definitely the very last thing you want to do. in fact, the very first thing that will come across a normal male brain is one big orgy. if that is possible, why choose?

Saturday, November 12, 2005


owen scored two to beat argentina today. lovely job, lads.

so GRE is done and over with, and i figured one piece will bring me more happiness than any alcohol in this world, so instead of drinking my sorrows away, i acquired the following:


this one cost as much as five tanko combined, but it is well worth it. especially that second to last spread, that i have never seen in my life before. oda i love.

and two boxes of candy gave me these:

tyrannosaurus and hattori plushie are coming in february. MUST BUY.

Friday, November 11, 2005

freckles of bitterness

the bed shook, the blanket moved violently for awhile before it stopped a few seconds later. a head emerged from one end of the blanket. his eyes were wide open, staring blankly into the ceiling, which did not move even the slightest.

he turned his head and looked at his cellphone. 1.25pm. that margarita last night certainly had done him justice in giving him a good 10-hour night sleep. that, and the smirnoffs. thank you alcohol.

he hopped out of his bed and failed miserably. he tried again and failed again even more miserably. he told himself that third time had got to be a charm and tried again and this time he was successful. his eyes wandered around the room and ended up on a calendar across the room. today is the eleventh. he moved his eyes up a little bit. eleventh of novemeber. eleventh of eleventh. interesting.

the black mesh chair was facing him, as if inviting him to sit on it, so he did, since he never refused any good invitation, except for the times when he thought the events were pointless, such as party invitations. he bent down and grab a giant chocolate chip cookie from the box he put on the floor. he had bought this for times like these, times when he woke up in the morning feeling hungry and not knowing if there was anything better to do than to go back to bed.

he took a bite.

it was sweet. sweeter than he had expected. but the sweetness evaporated and all that's left was the bitterness. he leaned back on his chair and enjoyed the bitterness. it will all be over tomorrow afternoon, he thought.

he took another bite.

this time it was bitter. very bitter. so bitter he contemplated on whether or not he should swallow the damn thing. the trashcan was quite far from him and he was too lazy to walk over, but he wasn't sure either whether or not he could make a perfect spitting trajectory from his mouth into the trashcan, so he decided to give in to his laziness and swallow it. the bitterness faded away and all that's left was sweetness. he leaned back on his chair again, smiling.

he took one more bite.

now there's only a small piece left, so he put it down on the desk, on top of a black book on which was printed "INTRODUCTION TO ELECTRODYNAMICS" in large, menacing letters. it was just arial black, which was as friendly as a font could get, but even friendly letters could look ultra-menacing when they form a sentence like that. he sighed. tomorrow is the big day. it's either success or failure, there is no inbetween. he sighed again. he wondered why he's torturing himself like this.

he looked out the window. sky was gloomy. bright, yet gloomy. just the way he loved it. his mind wandered off; maybe life would be better if he had just quit everything, and spend the rest of the money he had been saving up on a trip around europe. london would be a nice place to go to. then paris. then madrid. then brussels. then amsterdam, where for dinner he could have a steak with weed on the side. or maybe a trip to japan instead. of course he would have nowhere to live and would be unable to communicate with anyone, but at least his inner pedophile and otaku would be satisfied. actually, maybe he could sleep in the crew deck of the going merii they have anchored in odaiba. everything should be fine until you got caught, right?

getting a job as an assistant mangaka in japan looked like a better option than what he was doing at the moment. of course his drawing was shit, but he could always improve. and maybe he would be happier living that kind of a life, even if he had to live in a twenty-five square-feet room. he sighed again.

he extended his left hand and grabbed the last piece of the chocolate chip cookie. as he was munching it, he hoped tomorrow things would be like the second bite instead of the first one.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

fucking birds

just when you think they're cute and all that for eating your leftover chips, they shit on your pants.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

doubting intentions

guilt in my head have been parts of my twist
by the voice of an angel revealing our fates
and our words don't make sense but i do understand
falling in love isn't part of our plan
voices within me makes reason with lust
but i try to accept it and not make it worst
cause i know i might lose you by taking a chance
love without pain isn't really romance

those two verses have been going through my head for the past couple of days. i think i'm starting to get addicted to electronica.

i'm losing motivation. GRE is coming up this saturday and i cannot find anything to motivate me to study. when the major thing approaches, i suddenly lose momentum. i do not know enough psychology or cogsci to be able to analyze from cognitive or psychological aspect why i tend to do what i do right now, but i know one thing and that is the fact that i do not like this. it's more annoying than the whines from people that i have to put up with every day.

usually i despise my subconsciousness for being ambitious and impatient, but now i despise myself, my own conscience, for being lazy and unmotivated.

i used to seek motivation from people, until i realized that there is not a single person in this free world that i, or anyone else, can count on to provide motivation. motivation must come from within, and within only. if you think you have found a motivation outside your subconsciousness, then be warned, because it will fade away and leave you alone before you even know it. i still firmly believe that a man's motivation must come from within, but when the motivation from within also fades away, where does he seek another one?

the answer is obvious, that he must cultivate another one, that he must create one more from within, but at this moment i am not strong enough to be able to do that.

i think i am approaching a minima. let's hope it oscillates back up and does not plateau down here.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

let tomorrow worry about itself

unpleasantness might happen all the time, but in the end, all is good.

and the end DOES justify the means.

thank you.

Monday, November 07, 2005

pop that bottle open

he leaned back on his chair, looked out the window at the crescent moon. in his hand is an opened bottle of smirnoff, one of his favorite drink that does not give him headaches after a few bottles.

so this is it. the big two one. same music is playing, same cold air is blowing, same dark sky is up above, same moon as it was yesterday. why make it such a big deal? the quantum homework is still due tuesday, the quantum class still starts at ten today, the two lab sections' lab notebooks still have to be graded, and this room is still as inanimate as it was yesterday.

he took another sip. drinking something legally really did taste better.

according to his subconsciousness, 21 was the age you would want to celebrate because everything went downhill from there. you stoppd growing and started dying when you hit the big two one. or at least that was what his subconsciousness had been trying to convince his consciousness for the past three seconds or so. it did not take long; he was convinced. but why should it matter? he saw no reason to care about whether he's growing or dying. he had never cared about it so far, and he did not see any reason why he should start caring so he told his subconsciousness to just shut the fuck up.

i guess now he wouldn't have to ask his friend to get him some alcohol. he now had the freedom to visit the nearest convenience store and buy a six-pack of smirnoff, or even the green apple bacardi that he loved so much. and not only that, now he could order the likes of margarita or kahlua or whatever the hell kind of alcoholic drink they served at restaurants. wine would probably be a great choice. a seventy-five-dollar bottle of wine would be awesome.

so, twenty one years had passed by for him, and he wondered what he had learned from this past twenty one years of his life.

he learned to love his family more because no matter how annoying they usually get, they are one family, and the only people in this entire world that have lived with him for the past twenty one years of his life. besides, a family that does not give a twenty one year old constant headaches is not called a family. he was thankful for all that his parents had given him, for all that his parents had taught him, had yelled at him, for all of the moral and mental support that was good intentionally, but had come at the wrong time, for his father, for his mother, and for his sister.

he learned that nature only goes one direction: anything but yours. one prime example would be the simple fact that whenever he scavenged the kitchen for a spoon to eat his rice with, all he found was thirty three different forks, and that whenever he scavenged the kitchen for a fork to eat his egg with, all he found was thirty three different spoons.

he learned that nature has loopholes, and finding ways around these loophols is the only way to survive and prevent being screwed over by nature.

he learned that obliviousness is the best attitude to adopt, simply because whenever you are oblivious or at least pretend to be oblivious, you cannot be blamed for anything.

he learned that boobs do not feel like ass. boobs feel like ass without the muscle. and definitely not like a bag of sand.

he learned to appreciate the small things and to not worry over the big things, because in this life, it is the small things that count, not the big thing. the reason for this is that the big things are usually the unhappy things, while the small things are usually the happy things, so it is best to focus and count the happy things, even if they're small, for there are many of them.

he learned that going grocery shopping without making a list of things to buy is not what he should do, because once he set his foot on the store floor, his mental note would vanish into thin air.

he learned that subconsciousness and consciousness are two different things, and that they never get along. along with this also comes the realization that while his consciousness is smart, his subconsciousness has been unbearably stupid. but this fact is then compensated with the realization that while his subconsciousness is ambitious, his consciousness is as lazy as lazy can get, which somewhat explains why his subconsciousness is stupid and why his consciousness is smart.

he learned that when a signpost shows the numbers 3 and 5, and an arrow pointing to the right, that means he should not be going seventy-five. and foot on the brake pedal instead of gas would probably also be a good idea.

he learned that loving is not foolish, and loving without reciprocation is not something divine.

he learned not to take life for granted, because when you do that, you lose someone important to you, like his close cousin who died in an accident two years ago exactly on this day. he missed her and hoped she's having a fantabulous time up there.

i’m looking at the people
walking up and down
going left and right
and then turn around
she’s reaching out to touch me
struggling to breathe
as i feel her she falls into her dreams
i like the way the day has begun

thank you for all who text messaged, called, visited this lonely apartment tonight. your thoughts are well appreciated. thank you for the presents, the kiwi, orange, banana, pear, ramen, baby carrot, birthday wishes, hugs, kisses, laughter, blushes, happy birthday song, and smirnoff. life is good when i have people like you around me.

and yes, i really like the way the day has begun.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

shift to seventh gear

and i’m not sure what this is all about,
as we watch the waves crashing in and out,
and only they know what we’ve found
and it almost feels like day time now

somehow we gonna make it through
i’ll break every single rule for you
well i’ll try to least anyway

we decided to turn our world around,
we can drive away from this loser town
have to escape or go insane,
a thousand miles an hour through the rain.

and we’re not sure if we even know
just where we are or where we’re gonna go
but we’re not afraid, not tonight
gonna try all we can to get it right

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Friday, November 04, 2005

seven minus three

he came home from a long day at school that consisted of one shitty midterm, one exhausting lab, one clueless TA partner, twenty clueless students, one hour of being stuck on traffic, and three fish tacos.

and then on the desk, he found a box, wrapped in sello-tape and two large white labels stuck on it. the bottom one has my name and address on it, while the top one has a girl's name and address. he smiled. he put down his backpack and took off his jacket, then frantically ransacked his desk for a cutter. he must open this immediately.

he found one.

he sliced open the part that was sello-taped with such delicate execution; one slice down, one slice to the right, one slice to the left, and the box popped open. without hesitation he prowled through the inside of the box, and he found the following:

~ two happy birthday cards
~ two one piece the first log
~ one weekly shonen jump, issue 05-06
~ one tube made from two bottom parts of crystal geiser water bottles stuck together

his smile got bigger. suddenly all of the troubles he had gone through just vanished into thin air. it had been almost ten years since he last got to open a birthday present wrapped up in a box, and now all his childhood memories came rushing back. he had never felt so happy in his life.

he grabbed the empty box that he put on the ground. he stared at the sender's name for a while and wished she was here, because he would give her one big hug and lots of kisses for turning such a horrible day into a bright one.


more things to laminate. look! color! color! all color! COLOR!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

classy boredom

well, not really, but this is what happened when a bored person wanted to have something to do while waiting for her laptop's battery to run out.

1384: 2% left
1384: im countin down
e: you're bored, arent you
1384: haha
1384: yeah
1384: come ooooooooon computer
1384: this last 2% is taking forever
1384: oooh, 1%
1384: here it comes
1384: i can feel it
1384: ....anytime now


e: is it dead yet?
1384: haha
1384: obviously not
1384: anytime now
1384: um
1384: um um um
1384: taking up energy
1384: la la la
1384: hurry
1384: hurryyyyyyyyyyyyy
1384: come on
1384: this comp is fightin it
1384: blah
1384: blah blah
1384: blah blah blah
1384: blaahhdy boop
1384: ndioawdwqoihfefnoie
1384: hahahaha
1384: nojoljcsoid diodjna:Ojdisn
1384: rrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
e: that actually sounds nordic
1384: hahaha
1384: here it comes
e: uh huh
1384: wwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
e: riiiight
1384: dead
1384: right now
1384: how about now?
e: say it with anger!
1384: riiiiiiight....NOW
1384: NOW!!!!!
1384: .....please?
1384: it says 0%
1384: hahahahahah
1384: it wont die!!
e: it's not dead yet
e: persistent little thang, aint he
1384: no kidding
1384: come ON
1384: die die die
1384: waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
1384: ee feo jafmiejfmcjifgerf jifniojniore'aj DIE

1384 has gone offline.

that spanned a period of about 7 minutes.

children storybook

Little star got bigger and bigger and bigger.
and the necklace kept sucking and sucking and sucking
until little star was the only one left.

Because there was nothing else to suck,
The magic pink necklace started to suck little star's shiny light.

i'm all for giving sex education to kids since early age, but implementing that in a children storybook? gotta draw the line there, fella.

this would actually work better as an adult book. spare the children.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

i wish people would do this more often

e: hello?
t: hi.
e: what's up?
t: nothing, just wanna say hi. bye.
e: oh, ok. bye.

but then again, i don't do that, so i guess i can't complain.

woe to u

sir alex should reallly scrap his team. rossi and park should play more since they, at least, don't just give up after being down by one goal.

and what the hell was rooney doing?

keano was right; they all need a good smack upside the head.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


note to self:
for 4 cups of water:
~ 2 tablespoons is too weak
~ 3.5 tablespoons is too strong

next time i'll try 3 tablespoons and hope i don't get too dehydrated.

i corrected mathworld

> Source URL :
> E-mail : *********
> Name : *********
> Comment type : TYPO
> Country : United States
> Comments : the numerator of the rodrigues representation of
> the laguerre polynomial (eq.16) should have been [(n+k)!]^2.

Thanks; fixed for the next update.

oh yeah, baby.


i was enjoying my fish tacos and fries when an old lady just silently jacked my drink. what has this world come to?

two idiots

s: old punani?
e: not old, RIPE.


s: my hand's numb...
e: mine too... ouch.