Friday, April 30, 2004

weird-ass mofos

i'm gonna be living with 2 weird mofos next year

one of them is called DAVID by default and apparently the only thing he has in mind is fire and smoke. anything burning, really.

the other one is called SAM by chance and like everyone knows, the only thing he has in mind is alcohol, alcohol, and alcohol.

i foresee a shitload of problems coming up next year. like regular visits from cops and firemen because someone is drinking in public or blue thick smoke coming out from our chimney.

i'll probably end up getting a call from sam asking me to pick him up from the detox again, and from david asking bail money.
it'll be great.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

more doodles

here's more one piece doodles that had been a motivation for me to not pay attention to lectures, this time with little comments on them since -- you know -- i like to talk a lot. or type a lot. like this, see. it never ends. just keeps going, going, and going. i believe i can keep this up until about 20 lines or so. =/ i guess this is what people call "RANTING." oh fine, i'll stop.

thanks to aimee for scanning =)

luffy in a hooded sweatshirt. the number 01 is adapted from the red shirt he was wearing in movie 3.

boredom in listening to 2DL lecture for 3 hours resulted in this. we all need some excitement, don't we? i wish i can turn my eyes into a heart like that whenever i see hot girls pass by.

pissed off luffy. look at the teeth. you don't wanna mess around with anyone when you see teeth like that.

ANTI-MANNER KICK COURSE! trying to copy sanji's kick to big pan in davy fightback round 2 while listening to sharma talking about debroglie wavelength.

sanji, in Mr. Prince pose without the orange glasses.

sanji again, holding on to nico robin's fleur. forgot to shade the rest of the legs. =/

unfinished drawing of sanji. you can tell from the eyebrow.

luffy again, a not so very pissed off picture.

luffy, ready to beat yo ass up.

zoro drawing yukibashiri. ugly drawing. should have been more muscular.

sanji fixing his favorite black tie and another one of him smoking. i got a black tie like his. =)

first time trying to draw usopp. not too shabby. i need to pay more attention to the details of his slingshot and goggles.

again, another one of sanji. too chubby in this one. =/

luffy, excited as usual.

that's either luffy smelling food or the scent of adventure.

luffy when he realized his straw hat is gone. it was supposed to be "aaaaa~~" but i dont have enough space. i need to work on bubble positioning.

luffy, realizing the obvious. he's always late. check out 319 and the translation if you don't believe.


forgot to put this one. sorry zoro. hope you don't go crazy and smack me on the head. =D

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

a little something in the back of my mind

i'm done with TA-ing physics 1CL this week, and this week i get to make more money by grading two sections.

there's a question in the pre-lab homework, however, that's been bugging me. it goes like this:
"if you were the inventor of the night vision scope, what applications would you exploit to make your first million?"

when i first saw that question, i smiled. no, seriously, i did. i was thinking that i'll be having a good time grading these prelabs because people are gonna put down some ridiculous answers that are just hilarious. something like: "i'm all against capitalism and i shall not exploit anything to make my first million. capitalism can die. long live the communist."
or something like that. come on, we TAs like to see funny answers too, once in a while. and CREATIVE answers.

apparently, out of about 50 people whose works i have to grade this week, all but one appear to lack creativity. and that one wasn't funny either. it said something like "i would invent TV that works in infrared scale so that you have to use night vision goggles to watch it. this way i can watch late night show without pissing off my sleeping roommate." everyone else, wrote something along the lines of "sell it to the military, they got hella money." oh psh. where did these guys leave their creativity? in the back seat of the car? at home, safe with parents? brush up your creativity, people. if there's an open ended question like this again, and people actually have the guts to write something funny for the answer. I WOULD GIVE THEM EXTRA CREDIT.

here's some examples of good answers, or at least the kinds of answers i would expect:
"i would sell night vision goggles to guys so they can see their penis when they're masturbating in the dark."
"i would sell night vision goggles to french people so they can actually see how those french hookers look like."
"i would distribute night vision goggles among raccoons so they can forage without ransacking the whole dumpster."
"i would implant some night vision goggles so those doves don't fly straight at my windshield when im going 85mph in the freeway."
what would YOU put down as an answer?

the french hookers one is courtesy of david phang. a person with the most twisted mind i've ever met. he's a natural born jerk.

aimee, just IMd me the best poem i've ever read:

There was a young lady named Bright,
Whose speed was far faster than light.
She went out one day,
In a relative way,
And returned the previous night!

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

sun shines and flowers bloom

do you know that only things that go faster than the speed of light can escape the gravity pull of a black hole?
those things are called TACHEONS. they're imaginary particles. and the reason why they're imaginary is because they simply DO NOT exist.

well, i've found my tacheons.

all these times i've always thought i could be rational at all times, at all sorts of situation. but apparently rationality itself leaves me stranded when the going gets rough. i recall a line from the good ol' tv show pokemon -- one where meowth said, "when the going gets rough, team rocket gets going." i wish i can always run away like that. some things i can run away from, but some other things are simply inescapable. and ironically, my rationality betrayed me when i confront these inescapable things.

but then you came along, and with loving hands,
you picked up these shattered pieces of me;
put them back altogether, and with tender words,
you brought me back to my senses,
and took me out of the blue.

those words of yours dwell forever in my mind:

'if it's not meant for us to see each other this time,
remember, there is always next time.
if my place is not meant to be a place to meet,
then maybe your place will.
if you cannot come over to see me,
then i'll try to come over and see you.

'life is like a deck of card.
you have no control over what you've been dealt with.
you've just got to live with it,
and do what you can do best with what's in your hands.

'be mindful, that
you have given me something that others could not.
you're special to me,
so keep me also, forever in your mind.'

thank you.
no words could express how grateful i am.
i spent the whole day today, thinking:
what would i be without you?

this entry is entirely dedicated to you,
who has illuminated the darkness within me and let the flowers bloom once more.
so i hope you're reading this.

i love you.

Monday, April 26, 2004

the black hole of the heart

today the sun shines so bright, brighter than usual, but even such intense brightness cannot penetrate the dark cloud that's clogging my mind.

i'm stuck between two choices, and they both have consequences. bad ones too. i used to always think that choosing between two things that both have good outcomes is much harder than that which have bad ones. i was wrong. the latter is much much harder.

i don't wanna be selfish, but this might be my only chance to get what i want. the odds of getting it if i dont take this one chance is extremely slim. the potential well has barriers of U(x) that almost approaches infinity. normalize the probability function and calculate for yourself the probability of finding me outside the barriers. those of you who don't have a single clue of what i'm saying, here's an answer: it approaches ZERO. right now you might think this is just another stupid thing that i want, since i always want stupid things. but no. this one is worth more than anything. i would sacrifice my whole one piece collection, my guitar, even my computer if necessary for this one thing: my sole motivation of living.

on the other hand, i might have to sacrifice not only these tangible things, but also my family. and i'm not sure whether i'm ready to do that. looking at the bright side, i'm pretty sure everything will be fine, just like how things have always been all throughout my life. but again, looking at the bright side doesn't work everytime in reality. God has always preserved me since the planck's second i was born, no matter how bad of things i've done, no matter how many false promises i have made, no matter how horrible a sin i have commited, and i'm grateful. more than that, but i can't think of a word for it. if i choose to get what i want, will i be crossing the line? will God still preserve me? will that be too much of a sin, to God, and to my family? i can't count on anyone anymore, not even myself. this is the time when it all comes down to the most essential: faith.

please preserve me,
preserve us.

someone told me once that i'm gonna die and rot in hell because i don't glorify God as much as they do and that i only go to God whenever i need help. well, thanks. thinking about it, maybe i do. maybe thanking God for every good or bad thing that happens today, for all the blessings that God showered upon me as every second pass by, for all the A's and B's i earned in college, for happiness, for great friends, for loving parents, for care, for strength given whenever i face obstacles, for the food i get to enjoy today, for love, every night before i go to bed isn't enough. maybe i only go to God whenever i need help. but is it that grave of a sin that i'll die and rot in hell if i think i should try to overcome things with my own strength before asking for a divine help? besides, i'm pretty sure God watches over me in everything i do, and that He'll lend strength, or anything, whenever He thinks i would need it.

"Look at the birds of the air; they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?" (Matthew 6.26)

i tend to avoid religious conversation, or any conversation that involves religion in it, because i personally hate discussing religion. i don't consider myself a religious person, because what i define as a "religious person" would be those hardcore ones. i am a catholic, and i do what i should do as a catholic. period. i don't discuss why i do what i do, and i don't discuss whether what i do is justified by general consent. people say discussions promote more understanding, another point of view which you probably have never thought about, and these might change your current perception. i concur, but only in an idealized world. this wretched world is, however, filled with a bunch of selfish people who wouldn't even consider other people's opinions. i'm not saying one should be so gullible to accept everything one hears. after all, that is what "belief" is. what is the point of "believing" in something if one easily believes in what other people say? BUT if you pick two random people from earth with two different beliefs and put them in a room so that they can discuss their beliefs, odds are they're gonna get into a heated argument and start fragging each other with AK-47 (or fists, if such weapon isn't supplied), just like what has always been happening in ireland.

and now you're thinking, this asshole is an ignorant person who don't want to understand more even about his own religion. well, think again. i'm not ignorant. i THINK about these things everyday. i even have conflicts with myself about these things. but discussion is NOT my way to settle these conflicts. i don't DISCUSS because discussing means talking to someone of the same intellect. what's the point? if we're both smart, then we both might be right, there will be no conclusions. if we're both idiots, then.... well, then the discussion will just be meaningless. i dont DISCUSS. i LISTEN. i LEARN. listen to someone i regard as having a MUCH higher intellect and wisdom than i do, and learn to follow the ones that i think is right. if you want to understand more about religion, go talk to your reverend, or priest, or rabbi, or whatever. someone you TRUST. discussion with some random person taking a walk on the beach, or whom you met at a conference won't help you answer your questions. and yes, even someone of a higher intellect and wisdom can say things that aren't right, and your own wisdom is the last filter. that's how the process works for me.

go ahead, berate this post

Sunday, April 25, 2004

rain down

i'm not in a good mood tonight.

i've spent about an hour writing a really long entry about what kind of crap i have been going through,

but i just deleted it. about 30 seconds ago.

i figured there's no point making this part of my life public.

i couldn't find the complete version but this song pretty much describes the rain that's flooding my heart.


this is the best GIF animation EVER.

this image does not belong to me. i found it while browsing through a thread in K-F forum.
props to the person who made it.
no, triple that.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

nerds of the weekend

check out what these two nerds were doing over the weekend:

one of them is a lab TA who didn't feel like doing any of his work or going out on friday night so he created a 4-page solution of a PHYSICS 1CL pre-lab homework problem in PDF and attach it in the discussion forum of the class website so everyone can check out the correct answer. this one is undoubtedly ME.

the other one, who has always been a nerd without doubt, provided an alternative form of solution i made over the weekend. this one is the lab instructor himself, jason young.

ha ha ha ha ha
it feels good being a nerd Xþ
i guess i have levelled up all the way to jason's level.

just a painting in my mind

i remember this song from a long time ago, back when i was still sucking my thumb and had my classmates laugh at me for doing so.
props to you tommy page, whatever you have become now. memories of your songs have never faded away.

paintings in my mind

picture this, you and me
walking down a white sand beach
we're holding hands, the warm winds blow
we're all alone

all these dreams are fantasies
they're not real, not reality
and now I cry over you, nearly die over you
and all the bits and pieces of us that I try to find

are only paintings in my mind
faded memories of another place and time
we were happy as can be
you were loving me
and now it's just an image that I find
like the paintings in my mind

when you left, I fell apart
I was torn, you broke my heart
and now I cry over you, nearly die over you
and all the bits and pieces of us that I try to find

exist as paintings in my mind
faded memories of another place and time
we were happy as can be
you were loving me
and now it's just an image that I find
like the paintings in my mind

impressions of the way it was
long ago, somewhere back in time

i'm reliving my childhood. it's true that life is so much better when you're a little kid, nothing to worry about.
now you have to worry about so many things:
your grades,
your future,
your romance relationship,
your friends,
your overclocked cpu,
your hermit crabs,
your seamonkies,
your exponentially declining money supply,
your school assignments,
your family,
your today,
your tomorrow.


breathe, then release.

it's alright if you want to spend your lifetime trying to keep up with time because you don't want to be left behind and have the langoliers come and eat you. but no matter how fast you are, you can't defeat time. it's a race with a certain winner: NOT YOU. so why not take it easy and enjoy things a little? don't get too behind because those langoliers crunch might be extra painful, but don't go too fast either.

live life one step at a time.

like dat phan said, one step at a time, from the toe up.

stop for a moment, close your eyes, and think about these things,
things you like when you were little.

that old wooden sling that you once used to make the kindergarten bully ran away from you crying,
the little teapot set that you used to play all the time with your grandma,
that rusty bike in the garage that you could have sworn you saw a blueshift when going down a hill with it,
old songs that bring back these memories,
the power rangers water bottle that was once your favorite,
your first wallet,
your first non-squeaky shoes with no running led installed,
your first time using chopsticks,
your first time scraping your knees,

stop for a moment and think about these. for me, it was when i first grabbed a pencil and decided that it would be my writing utensil for the rest of my life. and when i first drew the ugliest comic character ever. it puts a smile on my face, thinking how hideous it was.

life was so good back then, there's no worries.

but life is just as beautiful now. no worries. =)

Friday, April 23, 2004


i have now, a nico robin poster, on the wall right next to my bed. ah, my sleeps will be much more beautiful with robin watching over me.
this is how i reacted when i first open the poster:

without the cigarette of course, but pretty much like that.
it also has a picture of nami behind robin, in the blue bikini from the skypiea arc.
she is oh so sexy. XD

live is beautiful.

this quick drawing of sanji is better than the luffy one. i think i'm getting used to using the mouse much better now. but still with simple coloring, and i think the lines would look much better if i draw it with real pencil.

doodles are scanned, thanks aimee =)
they'll be posted after i filter them out.


i am such a genius. d/dx (sinx) = x · sinx

correction: the akuma no mi that aokiji possess is logia type hie hie no mi (chill).

i have a feeling this new arc will reveal more about the things people have been debating about in K-O! forum.

still contemplating on what i should be doing tonight. let's make a list:
0. call irene
1. programming homework
2. matthews, john, acts, corinthians to read for humanities
3. help kathy and amy with math
4. math homework
5. marshall dance saturday night
6. off-campus housing survey
7. need a black tie and iron
8. washington mutual to deposit paycheck
9. physics lab write-up
10. read some more "tales of the impossible"
11. start my own comic strip
12. visit the ERC girls, i know they miss me =þ

let's see if i can get all these done in two days.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

aokiji, revisited

w00t! chapter 319 is OUT, HOOOOOOOYAAAAH!

damn. aokiji is so tite. what is that? ice ice fruit? that crazy bastard just turned the whole ocean into ICE. or, well, maybe not ice, but he crystallized the water. damn. iceman! woo-hoo! good thing he's a nice guy too; he helped shelly and tonjitt cross the ocean to the next island. this is going to be hella tite if luffy gets a marine as a crewmember. i mean, aokiji seems like an easy-going idiot like luffy too.

ha ha ha

bring it on, 320. i can't wait!

2 minutes doodle

i did a 2 minutes freehand drawing of luffy with photoshop. i love this mouse, feels just like holding a pencil, a BIG pencil.

doesn't look like luffy =/, but not too shabby. i could do better with real pencil.
maybe i'll color this over the weekend, but i definitely will scan my new doodles in.


i chalked down the derivation of the 1-dimensional schrödinger equation on the sidewalk pavement right in front of my apartment last night.

basically i got up to the separation of the initial differential equation to the time independent schrödinger equation and schrödinger equation of time, but i stopped there. the breeze was too cold, i wasn't wearing a jacket, it was already 3am and i have to wake up early today, more vicious rabbits showed up and it seemed like they're gonna eat me, plus raccoons started hissing and put up a fighting (or biting) stance. so i left. nature hates me, i guess.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004


my dad finally booked the tickets to indonesia =)
i'm excited.

looking forward to:
_ seeing the love of my life
_ hanging out with old friends
_ meeting up with teachers from highschool
_ paying a visit to miss yatni's and desi's resting place
_ ketoprak, gado-gado, nasi opor, rawon, grenvil's seafood, swike, otak-otak, pempek.... *drool*
_ cold water shower
_ taman anggrek mall
_ one piece, meitantei conan, kindaichi manga
_ timezone
_ cheap pirated CDs
_ cheap clothes
_ mosquito killing spree

i miss the good old life in indonesia i've never thought i'd miss. i guess i have never really missed it for the past 3.5 going to 4 years, until now. i remember that one time i thought to myself: i'm starting fresh, i'll forget the past and move on. that was stupid. i can't live without the past for the past made me who i am right now. call it atonement or anything you want, i'm thankful for the past now.

thank you.

animal cruelty

speaking of animal cruelty, watch this
bird, and

personally i like the bird better. there's more action to it.


currently sitting in front of a retarded MAC in the sps room, transferring bump of chicken, one piece, and do as infinity songs into the harddrive. ha ha ha.

the concept of itunes isn't bad, i mean i would pay 99cents (stupid mac dont have keystroke code for cents) for a song. that's much better than $15-20 for an album with some other crappy songs that i might not listen for the rest of my life. but what i don't get is this: RIGHT AFTER i put my cd full of mp3 into the cd drive, itunes immediately jacked all my songs into the harddrive. well, ok. not JACKED but COPIED. if it were an audio cd instead, wouldn't that be considered ripping the audiotracks? damn. what if i carry around a copyrighted audio cd and put it in every single mac with itunes that i see around because i want to listen to it (and i dont see any way to play the cd other than using itunes)? will the RIAA sue me for illegally distributing copyrighted material? or will they slap me in the face instead for stupidity?

cut the crap, riaa. sharing is caring.


those of you who are addicted to aim should definitely check this out

then check THIS out.

i don't know about you, but i really really really feel the urge to mess around with theaimofficer095.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004


woke up late again today. which was bizzare because i slept at 3, not THAT late. and so i missed humanities discussion again, second consecutive time.

math midterm tomorrow. so lazy, i don't wanna study. but on the other hand i don't wanna get molested either. sum that up and you'll find me relying on my cheat sheet. the problem is now whether i'm able to wake up before 10 tomorrow to actually go take the midterm.

programming homework is finally finished. apparently i was not that stupid. all of my program was correct, it just won't compile because i didn't know that i have to use -lm when compiling. yah, that's pretty much what i got for never going to class. but what can i say? physics is much more important than programming.

the quality of my entries have been degrading. i have nothing interesting to write about, and thusfar there has not been anything funny or stupid that i have observed. i guess it's due to the fact that this week is my turn to go through hellweek and haven't had a chance to actually roam the internet, or reality, to find something worth blogging for.

aimee said that all men start out as whores, then a fraction of them manage to climb up the ladder and make their way to bachelors and the rest manage to find a big fat hole and fall all the way down to being gigolos. what aimee defined as a "whore" is someone who is easy to get in bed with, either male or female. but i guess the term is associated more with females because females actually have dignity and they tend to say no with a slap on a guy's face when the guys asks them if they would sleep with him. true, some do say yes most of the time, but that's what you would call "whore," wouldn't it? in the case with men, unless they're gay, conservative asians, or catholics, there's over 98% probability they would say YES when a girl asks them to go to bed with her. all you need to do is ask. well, ok. maybe not if she's.... like the way sam put it: butt-ugly. but either way, no one would call a man "whore" because all of them are whores anyway. it would be like calling einstein "albert." for girls, only a fraction of them actually possess such whorishness, and therefore it's right to entitle some of them with the word "whore."

either way, the point is: i'm a whore.
and like i've said before:
all you need to do is ASK.

Monday, April 19, 2004

ranT mcnally

warning: the following will be a bunch of RANTING

so i didnt get to finish physics lab hw because i fell asleep. big deal.

missed math class again. this was the 3rd consecutive time. and midterm is on wednesday. bad.

kaizoku-ou forum finally gets going again. sweet. now i can rant on one piece as much as i want.

drawing has really been a distraction for me. every piece of paper that has some blank white space on it provokes me to grab a pencil and start filling it up with doodles.

first paycheck from TA-ship comes on wednesday. yipee.

finally got into schr?dinger's equation. seems bad. especially after getting only 2 hours of sleep the night before.

poor kristin, apparently her math midterm didn't go so well.

a math TA named tai melcher is so anal it pisses me off. what makes me mad is not the fact that i got points taken off for the right answer, but that she did not appreciate another way of proving things but her own.

currently listening to DO as INFINITY - field of dreams. lovely.

one essay done, two more to go. i need scholarship money. =(

i should really stop this ranting. it's pointless and it's not like anyone's gonna read it anyway.

butterfly effect with sam after done with essays. then sleep. i need to fix my sleeping pattern.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

la la la la la

jim mrazmerized me by sending 3 newest mraz live acoustics. 'it takes' immediately became my personal favorite.

it takes a crane to build a crane
it takes two floors to make a story
it takes an egg to make a hen
it takes a hen to make an egg
there is no end to what i'm saying

it takes a thought to make a word
and it takes a word to make an action
it takes some work to make it work
it takes some good to make it hurt
it takes some bad for satisfaction

la la la la la la la life is wonderful
ah la la la la la la life is full circle
ah la la la la la la life is wonderful
al la la la la

it takes a night to make it dawn
and it takes a day to you yawn brother
it takes a mood to make you young
it takes some cold to know the sun
it takes the one to have the other

it takes no time to fall in love
but it takes you years to know what love is
it takes some tears to make you trust
it takes some years to make it rust
it takes some dust to make it polished

ha la la la la la la life is wonderful
ah la la la la la la life is full circle
ah la la la la la la life is so full of
ah la la la la la la life is so rough
ah la la la la la la life is wonderful
ah la la la la la la life is full circle
ah la la la la la la life is our love
ah la la la la la

it takes some silence to make sound
it takes a loss before you found it
it takes a road to go nowhere
it takes a toll to know you care
it takes a hole to make a mountain

ah la la la la la la life is wonderful
ah la la la la la la life is full circle
ah la la la la la la life is oh love
ah la la la la la la love is all sorts of
ah la la la la la la life is wonderful
ah la la la la la la life is full circle
ah la la la la la la life is holla holla
ah la la la la la la next up bushwalla-walla
ah la la la la la la life is wonderful
ah la la la la la


la la la la la la life is wonderful.
really, it is.

---[ E D I T ]---

K-F has just released episode 092! watch sanji beat the crap out of luffy usopp chopper and carue for stealing food Xþ


i personally like this better than pennyarcade

i think piro and largo resembles me and sam. piro and i both are into hentai and 2D girls, and heck, i read shoujo sometimes. and we both have the same notion that all japanese girls are as cute as they are in the manga. while sam and largo are both into violence, blood, gore. well, sam doesn't really play first person shooter that much, but they both are crazy for blood and violence.

i should read more shoujo, but not be as pathetic as piro.

this one's for you

after a couple of weeks without smooth conversation
i'm glad we had a good one today, although short

i might have already told you this, but
nothing cheers me up more than a pleasant conversation with you
your voice, that help me go through hard times
your laugh, that alleviate all my anxieties
and your smile, that lifts me up to heaven
i'm thankful for all these
i'm thankful for you

thank you

Saturday, April 17, 2004

stupid sick and twisted people

this is what happens if you give a bunch of sick and twisted people a chatroom

[BING]dunnowhat2type> wtf u guys are really weird
[CWRU]Plato2876> KHY'sRoommate, that's disgusting. Quit it.
[CTON]KHY'sRoommate> who out there is willing to let a 18 year old male, proficient in the art of filatio, suck their dick?
[CWRU]Penguin> man i wish my roommate was that sexualy active
[CWRU]Plato2876> *grumbles*
[BING]dunnowhat2type> no thanks
[CWRU]Penguin> sure!
[CTON]KHY'sRoommate> cmon you know you want it
[BING]dunnowhat2type> penguin would enjoy it tho
* [CWRU]Penguin takes out his wang
[CTON]KHY'sRoommate> roommate sucks the shit out of penguins small dick
[BING]dunnowhat2type> dammit pingu put that away
* [CWRU]Penguin starts casting his 18th level sexual goat spell
* [CWRU]Penguin takes out his robe and wizard hat
* [NU]m3tr0id takes note that this conversation has degraded to sub-stupidity and goes elsewhere
* [CWRU]Penguin conjures a lvl 4 sex elemental that does dc24 damage
[CWRU]Plato2876> Later, m3tr0id.
[NU]m3tr0id> peace
[CTON]KHY'sRoommate> casts level 1000 eroticism
[BING]dunnowhat2type> substupidity is pretty damn low
[CWRU]Plato2876> Yeah, and seen here far too often.
[BING]dunnowhat2type> damn pingu being so stupid
[CTON]KHY'sRoommate> ya i know what you mean, stupid pingu
* [CWRU]Penguin is stunned by the eroticism for 3 consecutive rounds
[CWRU]Penguin> stfu khy
* [CWRU]Penguin returns khy's spell with a lvl 10000 genital herpies
[CWRU]Penguin> take that bitch
[BING]dunnowhat2type> and khy and his disgusting roommate
[CTON]KHY'sRoommate> replies with level 100000000000000000000000000 penicilin, and in retaliaition casts level 99999E123456 shut the fuck up or i will beat your ass
[CWRU]Penguin> god damn you cant remove genital herpies bitch
[CWRU]Penguin> its there forever
[NU]Albums> hey, relax
[CTON]KHY'sRoommate> genital herpes isnt an STD, it is a state of mind
* [CWRU]Penguin casts lvl 100000 rubber condom to protect himself from future spells
[BING]dunnowhat2type> wahhhhhh
[CWRU]Penguin> bitch you cant do shit
[CWRU]Penguin> alright enough stupidity
[CWRU]Penguin> later folks

to those of you chem majors

here's a protein: C_1289·H_2051·N_343·O_375·S

have fun pronouncing it:

listen to the rhythm of the falling rain

i miss that song: the old "rhythm of the rain" by jason donovan.

i listen to the rhythm of the falling rain,
telling me just what a fool i've been.
i wish that it would go and let me cry in vain,
and let me be alone again.

the only girl i care about is gone away,
looking for a brand new start.
but little does she know that when she left that day,
along with her she took my heart.

rain, please tell me now does that seem fair,
for her to steal my heart away when she don't care.
i can't love another when my heart's somewhere,
far away.

rain, wont you tell her that i love her so,
please ask the sun to set her heart aglow;
rain in her heart and let the love we knew
start to grow.

i recalled listening to this song for the first time when i was 7.

my grandma picked me up after school and took me to a store to buy some groceries. after paying, like always she took me to a small kiosk in the corner of the store that sells american music. she knew how i loved to listen stuff i don't understand, and i still do until now, so she always took me there at least once every two weeks. she looked at the small number of collection the seller had and asked me if there's anything i would like to buy.

i was 7, and was still biting my fingernails, the other hand holding tight to my grandma's hand, when the seller -- a dark-skinned guy with long curly hair, blue cap, his beard giving him a filthy look on his face -- stopped a small tape on the other side that was playing an indonesian song, took out the cassette, and replaced it with another cassette that started playing a song, no, it started out with the sound of rain pouring down on sidewalk pavement in front of a store; no one was walking except for a little kid with a yellow raincoat, and on the ground not far from the little kid, a rusty old bike lying flat on the ground. the kid was smiling, running around, trying to catch drops of rain with his mouth. then my grandma kneeled down, rubbed my head and asked again with a smile on her face, "did you see anything you like?"

i stopped daydreaming, and started listening to the voice of the male singer coming out from that small tape. having been exposed to no foreign singers except the likes of tommy page, jason donovan, and new kids on the block, i knew immediately that the voice coming out from that tape is jason donovan's. i asked the seller if that's a new single and he clarified it. so i told my grandma that i wanted that one, and she bought it for me.

that same night, i was sitting in my room, listening to this same song over and over. i looked outside the window and it was raining, hard. i looked at the dark night sky, smiled, and thought to myself:
will this ever happened again?
listening to this song, and staring at the rain?
would i recall this moment if it did?
this moment, sitting on my bed, staring at the rain
feeling empty, sad, but happy at the same time?

it just happened.
the same feeling.
the same facial expression.
and i did recall that moment.

sing lam

i hate people who don't have any class on friday and then rubbing it in on friday night to his roommate who's trying to write a 5-page humanities paper.

Friday, April 16, 2004


arlongpark has just released 318.

shiet. aokiji better not do anything to robin or i'll be so pissed.
i'm afraid of what might happen in 319. what if aokiji did something to robin? i've never seen such a frightened expression in robin's face until this chapter. but on the other hand, this might be the beginning of an arc about nico robin's past, so i guess i'm also psyched at the same time.

here's a note: if aokiji did something to robin. i SWEAR i'll draw something with him being tortured to death in it.


this is what comes up in your mind when a book gets on your nerves, but you still have to read it because it's assigned.

"I just cant read anymore! This book is so extremely pointless and stupid and boring and...everything in between! What a waste of a life for the poor soul who wrote this wretched piece of trash!" ~tara

wow, sounds hideous.

Thursday, April 15, 2004


life is precious, cherish every second of it.

here's a look back to freshman year at ucsd.

and here's some of my jasonXtin series =þ