Tuesday, May 31, 2005

countdown to destruction

finals week is next week. and this is the week when one realizes that FINALS is a perfect acronym for FUCK I'VE NEVER ACTUALLY LEARNED SHIT.

well, here's something to do in case you're in the same boat as me.

by the way, this also works if you're one of those smartass who usually finish a test in half the given time or less.

Monday, May 30, 2005

the path is set forth

it is my destiny to become a theorist.

i've tried, and i have given experiments a chance, but i never seem to develop the same kind of fondness that i have for theoretical work.

plus i never get what the difference between systematical and non-systematical errors is, and why you have to use different ways to propagate them. i hate statistics.

here's tuesday's comics.

Saturday, May 28, 2005


dealing with people takes a lot of time and effort. i guess that is why dogs are better than people. or any animals in general. as long as they're stupid enough to not be able to make up their own mind, life is good. but when they start to have a mind of their own and decide things by themselves, life gets complicated.

being a hermit is probably the best solution.


there is nothing better than sitting behind your desk with a cup of hot coffee in an empty apartment, staring out the window at the overcast sky. life does not get any better than this, so i will enjoy this solitary moment to the fullest until it is taken away from me.


may the schwartz be with you

on a quest to find a wireless router, i came across a spaceballs dvd. the schwartz was calling me, so i just had to buy it. my first ever dvd.

we got our wireless network set up, with password protection so no one can steal our internet. we used to steal neighbor's wireless, but that doesn't mean they can steal from us. sorry folks, but that's just how this world works.

kevin and i pitched in money to buy this badass mofo:

that's right. an air hockey table. next year is our senior year, and we will be suffering from senioritis, so might as well smoothen the process.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

the ok

it has been decided, my schedule for next quarter:

physics 130b, second quarter quantum. it is a goal of mine to get straight A+ in quantum, even though i've never gotten an A+ ever. but i love quantum, and i will achieve this goal. di ventra doesn't scare me. i will prove that he is nothing to be scared of. he should be scared of me, if any.

woah, that's a huge barrel of optimism. time to pause and take a deep breath.

physics 140a, thermodynamics and statmech. they switched the teacher from pathria to hwa. switching an indian for a chinese, i'm not sure how good of a trade-off that is. because the chinese want to take every single penny, and the indians want to keep every single penny. luckily, i'm not a business major. not so sure how that's gonna work with physics.

physics 120b, DROPPED. sorry driscoll.

physics 212a, advanced quantum mechanics. my first ever graduate class. paar gave the OK in undergrads taking the 212 series, so i'll see how this goes. i've never been an overachiever, but since i will be doing quantum for the rest of my life, might as well get a good preview of what my future life would be.

"do not worry about the future, it comes soon enough."

thank you, einstein.

o deep thought

i figured out the ultimate question:

what defines a "perfect" life? what makes a life perfect? is it the peace of mind that one obtains? or is it the ups and downs and all that other shit in between that is a part of life? if it is the peace of mind, then why do we get bored after we achieve it, and thus, seek for the ripples that bring back the ups and the downs? if it is the ups and downs and all that shit in between, then why do we seek a peace of mind?

does this not make life contradictive?

and don't say 42. the answer to this one is definitely not forty-two.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

dear women,

here's one for y'all


1. The nice men are ugly.
2. The handsome men are not nice.
3. The handsome and nice men are gay.
4. The handsome, nice and heterosexual men are married.
5. The men who are not so handsome, but are nice men, have no money.
6. The men who are not so handsome, but are nice men with money think we are only after their money.
7. The handsome men without money are after our money.
8. The handsome men, who are not so nice and somewhat heterosexual, don't think we are beautiful enough.
9. The men who think we are beautiful, that are heterosexual, somewhat nice and have money, are cowards.
10. The men who are somewhat handsome, somewhat nice and have some money and thank God are heterosexual, are shy and NEVER MAKE THE FIRST MOVE!!!!
11. The men who never make the first move, automatically lose interest in us when we take the initiative.


"Men are like a fine wine.
They all start out like grapes, and
it's our job to stomp on them and keep
them in the dark until they mature into something
you'd like to have dinner with."

i'm sure you girls would agree with this. i mean, hell, even i agree with this. i guess i can categorize myself on #7.

thanks nedi for the list.

here's one to the REDS

liverpool is no officially my 2nd favorite team. sorry fellow manchester united fans, but i think the bitter rivalry is between us and the cockneys and the londoners, not with the merseysiders.

you have to give hella mad props to rafael benitez, who has brought a team who isn't doing well in the league, all the way to the final of the most anticipated game in the world of football, only to get utterly outclassed and annihilated three goals to none in the first half, and to come back with three successive goals within six second-half minutes, and brought the game into penalties, in which they kept the opposition from scoring THREE times and won the competition.

jerzy dudek used to be known for his dumb blunders. today he shall be known as the hero. his save in the 118th minute was insane: a reflex dive to parry a direct header from shevchenko to the left corner of the goal, followed by an instantaneous reflex jump to parry the rebound up and over the goal. if this were columbia, shevchenko would have gotten a shot in the head.

steven gerrard haven't had a good year. the fans kept complaining about how he has not been useful to the team, as the reds failed to make it into the top 4 of the league. but tonight he showed composure and loyalty that probably only veterans like franz beckenbauer and gary pallister had. a captain at the age of 25, he lead his side to win the champions' league tonight, and god knows how many more goals dudek would have had to concede tonight had it not been for his excellently clean slide tackles. i lost count of the number of tackles, but he did not commit a single foul throughout the game. liverpool would be one big idiot if they decide to sell gerrard somewhere this summer.

jamie carragher commited two fouls and a yellow card, but that is nothing compared to the numerous times he took the ball away from a through milan player. he took a good hit on the nuts, but he kept going. painkillers might have been what kept him going, but even the energizer bunny would have to bow to him.

liverpool displayed an awfully coordinated defense tonight, but all their players fought with their lives individually to win this game, and that's what counts.

class and talents are nothing compared to hardwork and willpower.

toast, for rafa and the entire crew. you guys deserve this one.

the path of a jedi

i have 2398 songs in my iPOD. one of them is the theme to starwars. this morning as i stepped off the shuttle, i set the iPOD on random, for a reason that was, and still is unknown to me. and guess which song it played? yes, the theme to starwars.

it's a sign. when a 1:2398 chance happening occurs on me, it has just got to be a sign. the probability of that happening is 2398 factorial. you do the math.

on a side note, you know your life took a wrong turn somewhere last year when you did not have a good sleep because you were dreaming about two completely random unitary matrices that commute with each other, and which determinants are the answer to all of the questions in the universe.

the answer is 42.

the spoiler for chapter 368 came out, thanks to ooshi78 from APForum. i'm not gonna be spoiling much, but i've just got to blog about how high oda was when he made this one. keep reading unless you don't like your chapter spoiled.

usopp made a new climatact, improved with dials and blessed with a song. a song called the SOGEKING SONG.

"sogeking song"

from the island of sniping
i was born
hundred shots, hundred bullseyes

lock on to a mouse's eye
lock on to your heart
from the island of sniping
this man comes

rururu-rurulala here, run away
sogege sogege

thanks to whoever translated this damn thing. sogeking song made my day.

if only i know what the bowl of petunia was thinking

note to self:

4 times 5 does NOT equal 40.
1 plus 4 does NOT equal 3.

i need to reassess my arithmatic ability.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

after the dream

new blog song, yume mita ato de by GARNET CROW. i'm still in a somewhat mellow mood, so no happy song until i get unmellowed.

i'm sharing three songs from GARNET CROW's new single, but the server is down until tomorrow when the 10gb/month transfer limit is renewed. so come again tomorrow and enjoy some garnet crow.

ETERNAL POST by ASIA ENGINEER is the 15th ending of one piece the anime. it has been cropped and placed in the meri.MVIDS[ending]. the 14th ending single mirai koukai by TACKEY AND TSUBASA is also available in the meri.SING[ending]. but then again, the transfer limit won't be renewed until tomorrow, so you can't download them until tomorrow.


Monday, May 23, 2005


i got my first LEGAL garnet crow CD today. the 18th single, kimi no omoikaita yume atsumeru HEAVEN that just came out may 18th.

and since i am uber nice, i shall share these songs after i finish uploading them.


01. kimi no omoikaita yume atsumeru HEAVEN
03. itsuka mada aimashou

thumbs up

here's another significant enlightenment: thumbs are essential.

imagine a life without your thumb.

hard, isn't it?

i myself have never realized how important that portion of my hand is, until yesterday. i mean, after all, it's just one-fifth of my fingers. if i lose one, i still have the other four.

yesterday, my left thumb got to experience the full force coming in from the torque that drove a bookshelf into a full ninety-degree rotation about it's end. gravity and stupidity did its job well, and now my left thumb is numb and swollen.

it's just a left thumb, and i'm not even left-handed. so that should be no big deal, right?


do you have any idea how hard it is to unbutton your pants without using your left thumb when your bladder tells your brain that it's got to go?

branson's phone just went off in class, and the ringtone is that of some classic rock song intro. just thought it's a good idea to keep this in the record.

think about it. what can you do without your thumb? you've lost the finger that allows you to use chopsticks, you've lost the finger that allows you to give an 'OK' sign to people, and most importantly, you've lost the finger that allows you to hitchhike when you're lost in the galaxy.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

stolen quote

i like this quote, so i'm stealing it.

"life is both bitter and sweet. that is why a cup of bitter coffee and a sweet chocolate cake goes along well together."

kristin, nice girls do leave in the morning, but they just leave; they don't wake the guy up to take them home. especially not by kicking him. that's NOT a nice girl.

the title says it all

trying a new plot style. it's not funny when you're the one getting screwed, but when that happens to someone you know, you've got to admit that it's pretty freakin hilarious.

i'm still somewhat in a depressed mood, so i apologize if this isn't funny.

Friday, May 20, 2005


i am officially an idiot.

the pandora box is now opened and there is no way to close it. all hell has broken loose, not even the devil himself can stop it.

running away would be the best thing to do, but where? i feel like i'm trapped in an infinite square well with almost negligible energy, which basically kills my hope of tunneling through.

people do not understand me. they think they do, but they do not. they think they do and they start talking shit about me, but they were wrong. none of what i've done is ever meant for something selfish.

or rather, not that i'm aware of.

i thought i've always had some sort of good intentions when i do something? or were these good intentions just something that i keep on telling myself to believe, while actually all that i have is selfish thoughts?

all things are done based on selfish motivation; THAT, i will not deny. even good deeds are done out of a selfish motivation: to make oneself feel good. so how do i become a good person? if all the good deeds that i have ever done can then be argued to have ensued from an entirely selfish motivation, how do i become a good person?

a man helps carry an old lady's grocery bags. is he a good person? no. there are more selfish reasons for him to be doing so than non-selfish ones. by doing so, he's indirectly proving his strength, he's showing off to the world that he can do something other people can't, he's trying to make himself feel good. what did he have in mind when he first saw the lady? "person in trouble, it'd be nice if i offer some help," or would it be, "aha! opportunity for me to show to the world how good of a person i am."

a student offers to help another struggling student. is the first student a good person? how does one know that he is a naturally good person, and he helps because he feels the need to help? there is probably a better chance for the opposite to be true. he might be helping the other student to show the world that he is superior to other. he might be helping the other student so that the other student would help him at something else. he might be helping the other student because the other student is a really girl and he is in love with her. then how do you have a non-selfish motivation?

then everything boils down to: how do you know that you DO have a non-selfish motivation? it is not against the law of nature for us to have an entirely selfish motivation and to be completely unaware of such. maybe we are all just bad people, with me being the worst. maybe every good deeds that i have done out of what i thought as a non-selfish motivation, are actually done out of an entirely selfish motivation that i just have never been aware of.

until tonight.

i am a truly horrible person, and so is the rest of humanity.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

how to survive the harsh world #0001

stupid people don't learn from their mistakes.

smart people learn from their mistakes.

smarter people learn from other people's mistakes.

i'll let you guys be the smarter people this time:

NEVER leave rice in an opened rice cooker with the heat still on overnight. they became crackers. and no, they're not crispy. they would get stuck in between your teeth, and it took about a good three minutes to take one out.

the force is strong with this one

hayden christensen won the award for best angst in a sci-fi movie. he might be a horrible actor, but epIII shows why lucas chose him to be anakin skywalker: he's got the angry, sad, depressed, confused, mixed-emotion look that you cannot find in any other hollywood actor, and christensen is perfect for the role of anakin skywalker. ambition and pride leads to utter destruction.

"train yourself to let go of the fear of losing everything you have."

yes, master yoda.

people say starwars is just bullshit, and it's there just for the action, but does anyone ever pay attention to the jedi vs sith ideologies and how they are actually applicable to life?

now i will continue my training to let go. i will walk the path of the light, and i will not fall to the darkside.

the revenge

oh come on, don't lie. you know you do that in elevators or bathrooms. or at least THOUGHT about it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


thanks ai-chan for the uber-crazy-post-LSD character design.

Monday, May 16, 2005

so long and thanks for all the fish

hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy was hilarious. up there on my list of favorite movies now. and marvin, marvin was marvelous.

i didn't quite find the improbability drive amusing, although some people thought it was the highlight of the movie.

so long,

and thanks for all the fish.

Sunday, May 15, 2005


here's a list of things that when you flush down the toilet, will definitely clog it.

1. bar soaps.
2. razor.
3. rags.
4. plastic knives, forks, and spoons.
5. toilet paper rolls

the list above has been experimentally proven by me and my very curious music/philosophy major friend, kevin phang.

a good friend will bail you out of jail, but a true friend will be standing on the bathtub next to you, saying, "damn, we fucked up," while watching the toilet overflow and flood the entire bathroom.

after careful comparison, jen claimed that mine is bigger than david's. damn right.

david has my soul, but the one who feeds me has everything else. here's a list of everything else: time, money, car, laptop, life, life, life. she has not owned my ipod yet, and i don't intend on giving that one up. not now. at least not until i get some punani.

i hope one of those guardians people read this. you owe me two. yes, you. you know who you are. it's not very nice to put guilt trip on the new guy and ask him to do some favors while never giving him any favor. you say "illustrators can't do cartoons or comics," yet you ask a cartoonist to draw an illustration. and no, no matter how talented a person is, it's always a hard task to do something that is not his job. i wanna see you literature majors do some quantum and lepton-nucleon scattering shit. i wanna see the looks on your face when you realize how far down in the dipshit you are.

i am pulling an allnighter on a saturday night, and this is all your fault. if i don't get a better pay for this shit, i'd better get some respect.

wednesday is four more days. looking forward to wednesday, because wednesday means paycheck. it's about time i cover up the deficit. david was right: income before tax, unknown. income after girlfriend, zero. only in my case, it's not even a girlfriend.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

a smile

twenty-five minutes was how long it took.

i know it's really busy up there, so thank you. really, i mean it.

a frown

i feel useless. utterly useless.

with all the brain i have, all the knowledge i've gained, all the lessons i've learned, i'm still a total idiot who has no idea about anything.

i wish i can be more of use. it hurts to know that you cannot swim when you see the person you care about the most drowning.

the past 20 minutes was the longest 20 minutes in my life. feels longer than eternity.

no comment on this, please. i just need to vent.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

on marriage

i have a wife now. not a girlfriend, but a wife.

a wife, because:

1. she cooks super delicious food for me when i study.
2. chances of me winning an argument has completely died down to zero percent.
3. i'm whipped beyond all imagination.

too bad i ain't getting any punani.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

currently stealing wireless

expect little update. my being online depends on other people's wireless router and many other uncontrollable factors. same thing for the wallpaper section, which i haven't updated for about a month and a half now. but the latter also has laziness factored in, so bear with me, for i'm a lazy bastard.

note to self: never close laptop while ipod is still plugged in and playing music. failure to do so will result in many hours of transferring and editing playlists and songs. like what happened twice in a week.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


ninety percent of stuff is now moved in. david and i started around 12.30, and set a goal to be done by 4.30. it is now 4.02 and we are ninety percent done. exhaustion took over so we're calling it quit for now. after all, there's only small stuff left.

here's some highlight of the night:

1. wtf hand motion.
2. "you, pick the cotton."
3. bear hump! bear hump!
4. static friction between two mattresses are quite small. don't test it to the limit with centripetal acceleration without some tension.
5. whoever invented wheel and ramp, was a genius. i bow.
6. when a shopping cart is lying around in the parking lot, that means it is legal to grab it, load it on to a truck, and drive away with it. so long as no one finds out.
7. chinese people don't make good slaves. come on now, do they even look ready to do hard physical labor?
8. unprotected wireless internet is meant to be stolen. one man's loss is another man's gain. guys: do not dump your girlfriend, or i will gladly take them in.

i forgot my toothbrush. dammit.

Friday, May 06, 2005

three cheers for eindhoven

come on now, you've got to give the good ol' guus hiddink some mad props.

ac milan lead 2-0 in aggregate after the first leg win in san siro, even though psv was the better side in that game. luck? lack of it, rather. no away goal for PSV, so they're at a disadvantage.

then second leg comes around at the philips stadion, where one of the best game, and one of the biggest upset in the football world came about.

here's some of the highlight of the game:

5th minute: PSV attack - jefferson farfan nodded a header to jan vennegoor of hesselink, who then scissor kicked it goalbound. dida was nowhere to be found, but maldini was quick on his feet to jump and throw a head to block the ball. maldini's head was bleeding and he had to receive some treatment off the pitch.

9th minute: PSV attack - a one-two pass from ji-sung park to vennegoor of hesselink allowed the korean striker to cut through and, upon receiving a through ball from vennegoor of hesselink, hit it first time into the roof of the net. 1-0 PSV.

26th minute: PSV attack - freekick for PSV on the left wing. mark van bommel curled it in and vennegoor of hesselink escaped his marker to send a direct header goalbound, from eight yards out, only for the crossbar to deny him. lack of luck.

38th minute: PSV attack - mark van bommel again set up a swinging ball into the area and wilfred bouma sent the ball goalbound with a header, but the ball bounced off the ground and over the bar. close, but not quite.

40th minute: MILAN attack - marcos cafu sent a low cross back to ricardo kaka, who then hit the brazilian winger's cross first time goalbound. wilfred bouma pulled a maldini this time by throwing his body in front of the ball to block it. probably a lot better idea than to throw a head.

HALFTIME: PSV lead 1-0. milan shouldn't be too disappointed at this time since they hadn't really played well, and PSV shouldn't be too disappointed either since they managed to keep up an attacking form. captain paolo maldini is taken off for kakha kaladze. the blow from heading the ball clear in the 5th minute must have been more severe than it was thought. carlo ancelotti wouldn't have done so otherwise; his faith in cesare maldini's son is never ending. maldini has been playing for milan since he was 16, and is now 36. that, is loyalty at its best. no wonder ancelotti has so much faith in him.

52nd minute: PSV attack - freekick after cafu brought a man down. van bommel curled in a cross and the milan defenders headed the ball away. the half-clearance fell to bouma who volleyed it goalbound, only for the ball to get blocked by milan players who were crowding the six-yard box.

64th minute: PSV attack - young-pyo lee beat cafu down the left and sent a sensational cross to phillip cocu, who buried the ball in the back of the net with a low header. 2-0 PSV. they got the two goals they needed to push milan back to extra time, provided they don't let milan score an away goal.

76th minute: PSV attack - jefferson farfan surprised milan with a shot from a tight angle. dida had to stretch to his left to palm the ball away.

79th minute: MILAN attack - massimo ambrosini got away from his marker, and sent a header straight towards gomes who palmed it away. milan realized they need a goal if they want to make it to the final.

80th minute: HERE'S WHY THE GAME IS GREAT - cafu committed a foul on the right. three PSV players collapsed due to exhaustion. it was obvious that they'd sacrifice their life on this game. milan players looked tired too, but the game must go on.

89th minute: TRAGEDY BEGAN - ricardo kaka stormed down the left and sent a lovely cross to ambrosini, who headed the ball past huerelho gomes. 2-1 milan, they are leading with an away goal. PSV now needs two to make it to the final.

90th minute: PSV attack - they need a goal. no, they need TWO goals to make it through due to away goal rule. two minutes of stoppage time, and they got their first. vennegoor of hesselink flicked a long ball to cocu and he blasted it first time past dida. 3-1 PSV. pretty impressive streak for PSV, considering the milan's clean sheet record throughout the competition.

91st minute: PSV attack - park tried to break through milan's defense, but stam took the ball away from him at the most crucial time.

92nd minute: final whistle. a tragic final whistle. after 89 minutes of playing with all their heart and soul, ambrosini had to come in and ruin their night. most ironically, PSV had been the better side during both legs of the semifinal. tragic, tragic, tragic.

ancelotti was right when he said during post-match interview that his team "was really, really lucky." even manchester united vs bayern munich in 1999 was not even this upsetting, because the two were playing at the same level. milan was totally outclassed that night.

look at that: 17-9 shot ratio, 5-2 shot on goal ratio, 57-43 possession.

the upset in chelsea-liverpool, however, was NOT an upset. liverpool has obviously been the better side throughout the two games. this is verified by a poll in soccernet.com, which have never been so one sided.

and check out their match stats

12 shot attempts, but only 1 on goal. how the hell could mourinho claim that they're the better team? they were just lousy bastards who don't know how to aim shots that night. and liverpool, considering how they're the underdogs, made a more impressive performance by producing a flawless defense that contained chelsea's attacks.

i think i might ditch a class to go watch the champions' league final. PSV vs liverpool would have been a better match, but milan vs liverpool can't be a bad game.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

so we call it paradise

hitobanjuu kangaete mo
tokenakatta mondai ga
kyou mezametara hirameku

yume mite, naite, okita
okitara wasurete ita
doko ka tooku de naru BERU ni
me wo samasu kimi no iru ichinichi ga hajimaru

itsuka wa futari
nan no mayoi mo naku natte
kuraseru no ka na

oki ni iri no BIDEO ga nai
kimi ga dareka ni kashitanda
sasai na koto de bokura
kojirete se wo mukete nemuru

nozoki konda negao ni
omoidashita fuyu no hi
kenka wakare no ato no denwa no oto tameraigachi ni

itsuka wa chikazuki sugite
kimi no koto sae mienai hi ga
kuru no kamo shirenai kedo...

hora kemuri wo agete, tobi dashita
futari no ROKETTO chuu wo mau yo
kidou ni noru made ga kanjin
daikiken de yurete iru yo, FOR WE


hon no sukoshi no kandou mo
kimi to futari de kanjitara
taisetsu na mono ga, hora, mata hitotsu fuete yuku mitai de

surechigau koto mo aru shi,
nareau koto mo aru kedo
kimi no inai hibi nante mou souzou suru koto mo dekinai

itsuka wa subete wasurete
kiesaru shunkan ga kuru no nara
naosara itoshii yo

nee, kidou ni notta sono tsuzuki wa
ai no BAJETTO fuyasanakucha
itsumo tsuiraku no kiken ga
tonariawase no mainichi da yo

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


what is it with guys and domination? everywhere i look i always see the typical male species whose lifetime goal is complete domination of women and the world. way to break the trend, idiots. and yes, such a trait IS typical, and it amuses me how much people just want to be like each other. holy mother monkey, strive for something greater; what kind of a person with a sane mind would think, "wow, that seems cool, i want to be like that?" be something different. be different. be your own self. set the trend. it's better off being a leader than a follower.

fucking shit. what the hell is it with smoking in public? here i am sitting comfortably on a lawnchair in front of art of espresso drinking my coffee and blogging under the nice morning weather, and this woman just has to ruin everything by sitting on the table next to mine and inhaling nicotine. let me move my shit.

one thing i came to realize last night, is how much people (namely of the male species) want to be a part of some sort of an elite group. i mean, hell, i admit that it is for such a reason that i stick with the society of physics student. i guess that's why things like clubs and fraternities and sororities are established; not because a bunch of people with the same interest want to meet each other and do something together, but because they want to be a part of an elite group, so they can be something different, something that is not like other people, something that (they think subconsciously) is better.

but the thing with these is that they end up being contradictive. they start out wanting to be somethin?g different from the common people, so they can stand out and be recognized, but as they grow in number, more interaction happens, and what ensues is not a group that is different, but a group that imitates other groups because they want to be as "cool." originality and creativity are lost in the process.

don't buy this? tell me what is the ratio of original to unoriginal performance whenever you see some sort of on campus event? tell me why people think of selling candies and doing carwash whenever the word fundraising is mentioned? tell me why people listen to horrible, meaningless mainstream music and remixes? tell me why a party has to have beer and alcohol?

be different. be creative. start a new trend.

that is what this world needs right now.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

jose mourinho said a week ago:

I'm happy with the result.

0-0 is not the result we fought for, we tried to win the game and created enough chances to win it.

We had chances - more than I thought we would get before the game. Before I was thinking it would be more difficult to create chances.

But in a Champions League tie 0-0 at home is a good result. The result leaves me very, very, very confident we will get to the final.

We will score goals in Liverpool and they will have to play a different way.

99.9% of Liverpool fans will be thinking at the moment they have one foot in the final - but they aren't. It is very difficult for them.

Rafael Benitez is a great manager but I think we are in a very good position.

It was not an outstanding game, it was a good game with fair play and the teams fighting for their objectives, trying to win.

It's a game everyone participating in it can be quite proud of - but I go home very confident.

I expect us to win and I'm confident we can score goals if we don't lose more players because our situation isn't good with injuries - but I think we will go to the final.

and about five minutes ago liverpool made him eat his own words, along with his pride.

liverpool 1, chelsea 0, luis garcia scored on the 4th minute.

money can't buy success, mr. abrahamovic. sorry, but i think this one deserves an 'i told you so.'

i love it when arrogant bastards are proven wrong. just like when franz beckenbauer was bragging about how it's just manchester united and not any italian or spanish team that they have to beat in 99's champions' league final, only to find out about three hours later that it is possible to score an equalizer AND a winning goal within 2 minutes of stoppage time. that must've hurt a lot more, but hey, you started it mr. beckenbauer. thank you teddy sheringham, you have rightfully earned your place as a legend, and thank you ole gunnar solskjaer, may you be running and scoring again next season.

liverpool vs milan should be interesting. i should ditch class and watch this one.

chicken for dinner?

my powerbook AND my scanner fit in my backpack. and it's not even heavy. this is awesome. now i can do my shit anywhere, anytime, and i can scan it anywhere, anytime.

i'll try scanning while taking a dump next time. that ought to be fun.

Monday, May 02, 2005

koi suru kotoshika dekinai mitai

i think i just fucked myself (and the entire class) over.

quantum midterm today went great. perfect, if i may show some overconfidence. finished the entire 4-problem test in 15 minutes and walked out. branson looked at me, gave a nasty smile and said "it was too easy, huh?"

i smiled back, trying not to look like a jackass, and replied "well, it just happens to be the right material that i studied for."

branson smiled again. he didn't even budge a bit and asked again, "it was too easy, huh?"

"it was fair," was my last reply.

then i walked out.

2nd midterm is so going to rape everyone in the shithole, but let's not worry about it for now.


Sunday, May 01, 2005

i love punani

men's dream to screw twins:

e1n: read my away msg
ck: ......
ck: can i do both at the same time?
ck: i mean...dual flora chan
e1n: oooo
e1n: dual natalie portman
ck: shit!
e1n: two kim smith
ck: man!!
ck: i need to learn clonning!
e1n: shit yo
e1n: you learn that shit
e1n: then i'll just suck up
e1n: im leaving it to you man
ck: screw 1 successful case out of 10000 tries
e1n: i have faith in you
e1n: oh yeah, totally
e1n: well, if 10000 tries all have punani
e1n: we can still screw them
ck: amy's asking what's punani
e1n: it's a tropical fruit
ck: good??
e1n: oh yeah
e1n: tasty
e1n: and juicy
ck: where can u get it?
e1n: you should try it
ck: i want it
ck: do u have it?'
e1n: um
e1n: find a jamaican store
e1n: no i dont have it
e1n: i wish


i love my T610 ericsson. depending on how you set it on a flat surface, it gives different amplitudes of vibration.

and tonight i discovered one that minimizes the vibration. that way i wouldn't hear the vibration and don't actually have to feel bad about not picking up phonecalls.


just for fun, i will change the blog subtitle occasionally.

by occasionally i mean whenever i can find a good, funny quote i'd like to share.