Monday, October 31, 2005

the cat is both dead and alive

hey mr. curiosity,
is it true what they've been saying about you
are you killing me?
you took care of the cat already
and for those who think it's heavy
is it the truth, or is it only gossip?

call it mystery or anything
just as long as you'd call me
i sent the message on, did you get it when i left it
see, this catastrophic event
it wasn't meant to mean no harm
but to think there's nothing wrong is a problem

i'm looking for love this time
sounding hopeful but it's making me cry
love is a mystery, mr. curious...

come back to me
mr. waiting, ever patient can't you see
that i'm the same the way you left me
in a hurry to spell check me
and i'm underlined already in envy green
and pencil red
and i've forgotten what you've said
will you stop working for the dead and return,

mr. curious, well i need some inspiration
it's my birthday and i cannot find no cause for celebration
the scenario is grave but i'll be braver when you save me
from this situation laden with hearsay

i'm looking for love this time
sounding hopeful but it's making me cry
and love is a mystery, mr. curiosity
be mr. please
do come and find me, oh
find, find me, find me

i'm looking for love this time
sounding hopeful but it's making me cry
trying not to ask why
cause love is a mystery
mr. curiosity, be mr. please
so come and find me

love is blinding when the timing's never right
oh who am i to beg for difference
finding love in just an instant
well i don't mind, at least i've tried
well i tried, i tried...

jason mraz concert on nov 26th. come.

Sunday, October 30, 2005


whenever i read a manga, some panels always remind me of myself. this is one of them.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

two beds and a coffee machine

e: are we gonna just wait here?
s: yes, of course
e: true, i wanna see the first drop
s: exactly, you don't want to miss the virgin drop


e: yes! it's de-virginized!
s: woohoo! we popped the cherry!
e: ........
s: black cherry, too!
e: ...................


looking at soccernet's frontpage this morning made me burst into tears.

i got my spreads laminated and now they look godly on my wall

Friday, October 28, 2005

two spreads

went down to sanseido today and got the latest jump. now i have these.

must laminate tomorrow.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

grading is a bitch

partly because it takes such a long time, but mostly because these people actually write something in their lab book. if they had just given up and not written anything, things would have been so much easier for me. stick a piece of paper in with a big question mark, and enter their grade as zero.

like the one just now.

kalei <3 frankeh

T: God... I wonder if one day I could get an autographed pic of Franky
T: like... not a stock photo
e: XD
T: like ask him personally
e: hand-drawn
e: autographed
T: Yesss
e: i would want one of robin
T: I'd have it sewn into my skin
e: <3333
T: like tattoo'd right on my ass
T: Srsly XDDDD
e: i would...... frame it
e: must have it with you all the time?
e: XD
T: this way they'd get it over m dead body
T: my dead assless body

and one more got eliminated

the signpost on the side of the road had a right turn arrow on it, and below it the number 3 and 5. the driver of the corolla blinked.

he was certain that the right turn ahead of him was quite sharp, as he had gone on this road many times in the last two years, but he always wondered how fast he could actually take the turn. he didn't bother breaking during the downhill, and now his speedometer needle was pointing at 70. should he brake? he was certain that the signpost said 35, but thanks to his education in physics, he convinced himself that 70 is close enough to 35 since they're of the same order of magnitude, and he decided not to slow down.

he steered the corolla to the right, slowly. it was all good; he could feel the centripetal force acting, but the corolla's tire grip could still handle it.

then he realized his car is slowly moving towards the opposite lane. there was no oncoming car, but he thought it would be a good idea to not invade other people's lanes, so he steered more to the right, which turned out to be quite a bad idea.

the rear part of the car lost its grip and started hovering to the left. he realized the car is going straight downhill at a forty-five degree angle to the direction, which was not in any way the proper way of going downhill, so he countersteered. he turned the wheel to the left to recover, but too much.

the car flipped position almost instantaneously. the front part spun towards the left and the rear part to the right. the car was now perpendicular to the direction it was going, which was worse than it already was. without further thinking, he slammed on the brakes. not that this was reflex either. he was trying to think about whether he should brake and stop the car or whether he should just let it flow, but for some reason his mind did not want to think so he had to give up and resort to braking.

the car stopped, facing uphill. he looked throught the windshield, smokes were everywhere. he could smell the rubber he just burned. his heart stopped beating. his mind stopped working. he looked around.

no cops. good. he just got a speeding ticket two months ago, so it would be preferred that he did not get another one. then he realized that his car could have flipped and he could have died. his mind started working again, and his heart started beating again.

he took his foot off the brake pedal and drove away, laughing at himself for being so stupid.

never again, would he do anything so stupid, but deep inside, lurking, was the feeling that he craved more of thrilling experiences like that. maybe in the future. but not anytime soon.

he laughed again.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

take a deep breath

using the voice recorder software preinstalled in his laptop, he made a voice recording of his own voice:

this is your problem. when you decided to stick with the decision, you knew that this is imminent and inevitable. deal with it.

he converted this voice recording into mp3 format, put it on an empty playlist, and set it on an infinite loop.

he stood up, let go a heavy sigh, looked out the window at the lonely moon, alone in the dark night sky, hit the play button, laid himself down on his bed, closed his eyes, and hoped the next day everything would be better.

can we?

ending 16: DEAR FRIENDS by TRIPLANE is now available for download in the meri.MVIDS[ending] section. thanks to AA for the crop.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


happy birthday, mom. i called home but you weren't home, i called your cellphone but you didn't pick up, i textmessaged you but you didn't reply, so this time it's not my fault that you don't get a direct happy birthday shoutout from your beloved son.

i feel obliged to blog, partly because i would like to go on blogging streaks again, but mainly because i am currently doing thermodynamics homework. seven problems were posed, three were answered, and four are waiting to be dealt with. i wish doing homework is as easy as beating up a paralyzed old man with an umbrella. the analogy sound horrible and morally incorrect, but it's suitable since doing homework is just about as horrible and morally incorrect as what the analogy makes you think.

ending 16 for one piece premiered in episode 246. download from saiyaman and listen. all thanks go to ru for making a quick romanization and translation:

ano hi yume mita bokura wa
machigai ja nai to shinji te
araku uneru unabara o watatte yukeru
dare yori mo yuukan de omoiyari mo arukeredo
moshimo kimi ga kono fune o oite
chigau sekai ni ita to shite mo
saigo ni wa kitto waraeru yo

we, who had dreams on that day,
believed they weren't just delusions,
so we set sail through the harsh, stormy ocean.
you are more courageous and compassionate than anybody else
so even after you leave this ship
and stay in a different world,
i'm sure we can still smile in the end.

and no matter how you look at it, this is one song dedicated to meri's klabautermann. a shot of the back part of merii sailing with the silhouettes of the crewmembers dancing, eating together, fishing using carue as bait, making friendship pose to vivi before leaving alabasta, then the part skimming through the main deck with the crewmembers in 50% opacity doing whatever they're usually doing, plus the part where the klabautermann's shadow appears on the door, basically tell you all about the death of merii and the memories it shares with the crew, and that this ending is definitely a tribute to going merii.

my favorite part is at the very end when "saigo ni wa kitto waraeru yo~" is playing on the speaker while winamp video shows the smiling headfigure of merii.

i still can't believe merii is gone. i missed her already.

Monday, October 24, 2005

a logical illogic, part one

this entry will talk a little bit about human nature, and please consult with your subconsciousness before you deny this, because if your consciousness doesn't agree with what i say here, chances are your subconsciousness does.

if you were sitting on a shuttle that was more packed than a can of tuna fish, after one heck of a long day at school ---combined with the gloomy outside weather and the misty rain that was pouring down lightly--- and you noticed that the person standing in front of you had his pants zipper unzipped and button unbuttoned, while the person was completely oblivious of it, you were suddenly faced with an unnecessary dilemma.

should you tell this person that about it in an extremely loud but polite manner, such that the entire inhabitant of the shuttle could hear you and hence, humiliating this person in every way possible,

or should you be quiet and not tell him about it so he wouldn't realize that everyone was mentally making fun of him? the unzipped zipper was pretty noticable, and this person was clearly entirely oblivious of it since he made no visible attempt to do anything about it.

the dilemma had nothing to do with being nice. the dilemma had everything to do with which one of the two action (or rather, one inaction) caused more devastation to the subject, and consequently, more amusement to yourself. and don't deny this, even if you think the thought never crossed your mind, you know it crossed your subconsciousness' mind.

human beings have a tendency to be a total jerk. you and i and everyone else, living, dead, or even the ones wandering the night in a ghostly manner. if you think you are a nice person, that is just your subconsciousness trying to cover for its own jerkiness. look deep inside into your subconscience and you will notice that if your conscience is nice, then chances are your subconsciousness is a jerk. but if you are already perfectly aware that your consciousness is a jerk, then problem is solved and you can save yourself some trouble from having to interrogate your subconscience.

so the next time you meet someone who is a complete jerk (me, for example), try to stop and think how much of a jerk you yourself are before you step up, slap me on the face, and yell out the overused phrase, "you are such a jerk."

stop, think, reflect, ask, get an answer, and then proceed to slap. that's the only right way to do it.

another one with the flickering light

sdlhflsdh fs adjkhf l;asufio wyueq pr asfido u a spoi;dfu @ # $%@#$%@#$ ^$ @ % & %^$#^% $ & $ %^&%$^ #

they claim this school to be the hottest in nation for science, ranked within top 10 overall in nation, first in bioengineering, within top 10 for medical school, and number 16 in physics.

yet it takes MORE THAN FIVE FUCKING WEEKS TO FUCKING FIX A FUCKING FLICKERING FLOURESCENT FUCKING LIGHT. five weeks and counting. request was filed in five weeks ago and it's still fucking flickering at this very fucking moment.

fuck. now i will need to kill someone.

i wished the vogons were running this school instead of human beings. there's an advantage to running things without thinking at all.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

props to the merseysiders, and the latics

everton held chelsea as chelsea dropped first points this season. all props go to the spirited men of david moyes, especially phil neville, the former manchester united man who earned much of my respect when he decided to leave united to help out everton in their quest to succeed in the premiership like the previous year.

congratulations mr. mourinho, your arrogance has successfully drawn nature's attention. just like paying electricity bills means drawing the attention of the electric company such that they will cut you off without fail every time, your claim that with eighteen consecutive wins chelsea could wrap up the title by boxing day will put you on top of nature's to-be-screwed-around-with list, and we can see that list being executed today at goodison park.

if only you are smart enough to know how nature works, mr. mourinho. if only you know.

everton did the impossible by claiming fourth place last season. according to douglas adams, anything that could not have possibly been done, would have of course been done impossibly. the question is how? that might be one answer that david moyes is currently seeking as he struggled to get everton off the bottom of the league, but regardless, they have earned much of my respect, and are now currently one of the teams that i am rooting for.

manchester united is still, of course by far, my favorite, although they don't seem to be doing quite well this season. but they and i have shared so much history since 1996, it would be hard to not be a fan.

and wigan athletic, a team that i have randomly put in my list as a strong contender, went up to fourth place after claiming another victory, this time at villa park. much props to paul jewell.

if i were to bet on three teams that would be at the top of the league in june, it would be manchester united, wigan athletic, and everton. but of course i would lose the bet.

look what i got

upon realizing that i have not done for the entire day, something that i usually do every hour or so, i checked my email.

this is one that is not spam that i got:

Dear *********
(you don't need to know my name),

I've heard a lot of great things about your experience as a tutor and a TA, as well as your work with the Guardian, and I think this makes you an excellent candidate for Teach For America. You have shown an obvious commitment to personal excellence, and you have been honing your leadership skills.

For these reasons, I would like to set up a meeting to discuss your many accomplishments and your future plans. I'd also like to tell you a little more about Teach For America, our mission, and the opportunities available to you if you join our corps of outstanding future leaders.

My name is Adriana Garcia, and I will be at UCSD this Wednesday and Thursday, October 26th and 27th. This is the last chance for you to meet with a Teach For America representative before our first application deadline on October 30th, so I highly encourage you to respond.

If you are able to squeeze in just 20 minutes to meet in Cafe Roma, please let me know before the end of the weekend.

All my best,


er, who/what/which bastard referred me to this lady? here i am, already settled with the thought that i will be going to a graduate school, and thus not bothering checking out the jobfair they have on campus, and all of a sudden, teachforamerica opens up an opportunity that sounds rather interesting.

i love to hate, and one thing that i definitely love to hate is when i am presented with many choices and i have to pick one. why can't i be presented with ONE choice only? that would save me the trouble of having to contemplate and decide. this is why i hate multiple choice questions. they should really change that to single-choice questions. it makes life easier. a lot easier.

and now if i don't reply to this lady at all, i would look like a total jerk. if i reply but not accept her offer, i would look just about how i would look if i did not reply at all, which means it's a complete waste of effort. but if i reply and agree to meet, 20 minutes at cafe roma is not going to actually be 20 minutes long. any effort made to shorten that will make me look no less than a complete jerk, and any effort made to look interested in whatever she is talking about is one effort too much and therefore does not appeal to my logic.

they want me to teach? come on now. the only reason i got perfect reviews on my TA evaluation was because people think i'm friendly and cool and that i grade easy. did anyone actually finish the class thinking that they had learned a lot from me? most definitely not. anyone in the right mind would think damn-thank-goodness-that-shit-is-done-and-over-with sort of thoughts. i know i do.

i think i've caused enough devastation to the kids i TA already. and now they want me to ruin the future of america? what idiots.

r: you can just tell her that you're planning to go on grad school
r: tell her to contact you after you're done w/ grad school

good idea. thank you. you are a much nicer person than i am.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

look who got what

they look cute together.

Friday, October 21, 2005


this one is for the lovely ru.

a little practice on making background, something that i rarely do, but thought that i should start implementing such on my drawings.

and yes, that is totoro. ^^
ru and i were talking about bouncing and eventually ended up talking about snorlax and totoro. ru thinks totoro is cuter, so totoro it is. XD

this is fantasy, not fanart, i think, because it's just our fantasy to have totoro pop out of nowhere and let us bounce off him.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

rob mckenna, rain god

the ugly gray truck passed by an empty highway at a speed that would make even the best of froggers think twice before crossing the street.

the driver of the truck grumbled and cussed because it was again raining number 17. he hated all two-hundred-thirty-one types of rain that he had logged in his now-falling-apart book, but number 17 is the worst of all. based on his past experience, when number 17 is pouring down, it didn't really make much of a difference whether he had his windshield wipers on or off. further experience, however, proved that the visibility did get much worse when he turned them off and failed to get better even slightly when he turned them back on again. in fact, the one time he tested it out, one of the wiper blades began to flap off for a couple of seconds before it finally decided that it had had enough with all this rain shit that had been going on all throughout its life, packed its bags, and suicidally jumped off the windshield, leaving ugly scratchmarks on the already-ugly gray truck.

rob mckenna was on the driver's seat, contemplating whether or not he should repeat this experiment. he finally had the wiper blade replaced when he, living up to his reputation as a miserable bastard, decided to pick up a male hitchhiker and drop him off fifty-seven miles opposite from where he intended to get dropped off, only to realize almost immediately that the male hitchhiker had left his cash-filled wallet in the passenger's seat. so he did what every miserable bastard would: he took the money, backed up his truck to where the hitchhiker was standing with a face of utter confusion, tossed the empty wallet out of the passenger seat window, then drove away at high speed, hitting a large puddle in the process, making the hitchhiker not only wet, but also dirty. he had used a small fraction of the money to get a replacement blade, but spent most of it on alcohol. at this very moment, he was as broke as ever.

he was still contemplating this when a realization came to him that he is not only a miserable bastard, but also a lazy one. so living up to his second reputation, he stopped thinking and promptly decided to repeat the experiment. he turned off the windshield wiper briefly.

it is a well-known fact that history always repeats itself, but the consequences of this is always taken lightly. historians all over the world have tried their best to teach history as well as they can to the public to make them aware of the stupid things that their ancestors have done in the past, with direct hopes that the public won't repeat the stupidity. the intention is a good one, but the results aren't. the problem with this lies in the fact that the message that the historians have been trying to pass on to the public is often convoluted with many legal, political, and publishing issues, such that they come up with various textbooks that talk about the same pointless things in different ways, while the message can actually be passed on simply by sending a letter to the inhabitants of the planet earth using a large, friendly letterhead that says "DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID. LIKE THESE:" followed by a list of stupidities that have occured in the past. thus the actual, important message gets lost in the convolution. to make things worse, the lack of creativity in the inhabitants of the planet earth creates a tendency to do what stupid things had previously been done in the past, rather than to come up with new stupid things of their own. combine this with their lack of brain capacity to remember which stupid things result in what stupid consequence, and you have the perfect recipe for history to always naturally repeat itself. historians who have realized that there is nothing they can do about this eventually switch profession to become a lawyer, because this way they can actually take advantage of these creativity-lacking idiots whenever they do something stupid.

this time, history repeated itself again. the visibility got much worse and failed to get better when rob turned the wiper back on. surprisingly enough, although it shouldn't be, the blade that he had just replaced began to flap off and made the same noise as its predecessor.

swish swish swish flop swish swish flop swish swish flop swish flop swish flop flop flap scrape.

the blade broke off, got stuck on the windshield for a quick few seconds, giving rob the i-think-i'm-happier-anywhere-else-but-here look, flipped him off, then jumped off the windshield. rob swore and swore and swore and swore and history smiled victoriously.

he turned on the radio and by chance it played BJ thomas' "raindrops keep falling on my head." this made rob somewhat happy, partly because he was no longer alone in his suffering, but mostly because he at least had a roof, doors, windows, and windshield keeping him dry, while BJ thomas had to stand in the rain, wet, dejected, and occasionally deal with miserable bastards like him who would purposely and intentionally hit a large puddle to make anyone standing in the rain wet, dejected, and dirty.

despite having a bad long- and short-term memory, rob recalled that the last time number 17 poured there was a man trying to hitchhike, at whom he aimed the mud from the big puddle that he had hit with high speed. rob wondered if the same thing would happen again this time, which would make him even happier. his logic told him that history just repeated itself, so what follows would be repeated again, so he happily looked around for a victim without paying attention to where he was going at all. he figured since he couldn't see anything through the windshield anyway, it would not make any difference whether or not he was paying attention to the road. this appealed to his already-retarded logic and was executed without further query. after six repeated cycle of BJ thomas' "raindrops keep falling on my head," broadcasted from a radio broadcasting company which was having technical difficulties at the moment, rob gave up and kicked the radio and swore and swore and swore and swore and history smiled victoriously once more.

a convenience store appeared slowly out of the dark haze of rain. whether or not it was an actual convenience store was still debatable, but since rob had no one to debate with, he decided that it had to be a convenience store. rob slowed down and pulled into the parking lot. number 17 was still pouring hard, and he could not see the parking spot lines, so he decided to just park his truck right in front of the main entrance.

rob was just about to think what kind of alcohol he should buy when he realized that he did not have any money at all with him. so he started thinking about what kind of alcohol he should smuggle out of the store instead. rob walked along the liquor aisle towards the back of the store, when something caught his eyes.


rob realized that it would be easier to smuggle an umbrella out of the store rather than a six-pack of beer, so living up to his reputation as a lazy bastard, he opted for this instead. rob picked an umbrella, tossed it on the ground, stomped on it many times, opened and closed it repeatedly, spat on it, and everything else he could think of to make this umbrella looked like a used umbrella, which he could then smuggle out of the store by claiming that the umbrella was his since he had bought it a couple weeks ago and it was just purely by chance that this store had the same kind of umbrella. after completely battering the umbrella, rob walked towards the main entrance.

the lady behind the register saw rob leaving with an unpaid umbrella, but she decided to not do anything about the umbrella since it, a completely battered umbrella, now had no selling value anyway. rob liked to think that his plan worked and that people were deceived, so this was what he decided to believe instead.

rob left the convenience store feeling a bit cheerful. now he had something that BJ thomas did not: an umbrella. the implication of this, he thought, would be that he would now be little less wet, and that was always a good thing. he decided that he would still be happy even if he still got as wet as he used to be without an umbrella, because now at least he could blame it on the umbrella.

he popped it open and almost instantaneously the rain stopped.

if this were deemed an "act of god," rob thought to himself, then he would be the rain god, which he was, but of course was completely oblivious of. rob scratched his eyes. he could not believe it. for the first time since he was born into this wretched rainy world, the sky was clear. he could see the sun and the cloud without having to worry about his eyes getting pulverized by continuous drops of falling water.

rob closed the umbrella and almost instantaneously number 17 poured down again.

he stood there, wet, staring in an utter disbelief. a couple of seconds later he realized how stupid he would look, being in the rain while holding a perfectly working umbrella, so he popped it open again and the rain almost instantaneously stopped again. he repeated this process a few times until he convinced his subconsciousness that it was in no way a coincidence. the result of this was, of course, people staring at him because he looked like a total idiot, but that was the least of his concern now, because he just found out that he had just found an umbrella that allowed him to control the rain, although in a rather retarded manner. he wanted to go back into the store to complain that the umbrella he just stole worked the wrong way, and that he would like to steal another one. but then he realized that this would not work particularly well and abandoned the idea completely.

the umbrella was opened and the sky was clear when rob walked back to his truck, but halfway down the distance, rob decided to close the umbrella and let the rain pour down again. the change was nice, but he had already missed the pouring rain. he felt that there is something a clear sky is missing other than, the obviously obvious one, a pouring rain. he got on his truck, put the umbrella down on the floor, and started his engine.

the ugly gray truck rolled away while number 17 is still pouring, but the driver, rob mckenna, still oblivious of the fact that he was the rain god, was no longer grumbling. instead, in place of the usual frown, he had a big smile.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

now if only this comes true

the rain has been pouring for the past few days, but the successes haven't.

subconscience 2, conscience 0

*train of thoughts woosh by*

e: shit. why am i doing this? why me? why?
subconscience: why not?
e: ...... FUCK.

when the old dudes say that your worst enemy is yourself, they actually mean it.

must blog before i forget

e: (thick indian accent) i am going to sleep.
sam: ah, ok. gnite.
e: you're not gonna go sleep?
sam: nah. this report is due tomorrow at 11am. i don't think i'm gonna finish it, though. too long.
e: today, you mean.
sam: yes, today.
e: just to give you a heads-up: there is a finite probability that when you actually need to print this out, your printer will fuck up. it's nature's way of screwing you over.
sam: it's ok. i have a backup printer. see, i'm fully prepared.
e: why, thank you for letting nature know that she now has another thing she can toy around with.
sam: .... SHIT. (hits ctrl-S multiple times)
e: i think you need to make more than just one back up.
sam: server cluster in norway?
e: yes. and gmail it too.
sam: (save-as to a different directory)
e: google is on course to world domination, so it is highly improbable that their server is gonna go down this morning.
sam: true... good point.
e: but then again, according to the reciprocal and circular nature of the improbability calculation, anything that is highly improbable is actually very likely to happen almost immediately.
sam: ......I HATE YOU.
e: (thick indian accent) i am going to sleep now. good night.

and he walked away with a big, victorious smile on his face, fully aware that karma would most definitely get him back for what he had done to his roommate, but at this very moment that would be the least of his concern.

because victory always tastes so good.

good night, sam.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


best spread ever. all the crew came out the way i wanted them to. again, thanks ocean for image hosting.

Monday, October 17, 2005

mckenna, rob

i wonder if he has a cellphone. i can guide him out of san diego or, at the very least, la jolla.

oh wait, nevermind that. i left my cellphone at home.

negative entropy

haven't been in the mood for blogging as of recent. as to why, i have not the slightest idea.

looking back at previous entries, i used to have so many things to say, even if it were the most random things. now whenever i thought of something blogworthy, i'll have forgotten about it by the time i got my computer in front of me.

flourescent light hurts my eyes. flickering flourescent light does exactly the same thing, but it also drives me all the way to the brink of insanity. thoughts like "let's burn this motherfucker down" marquees across my mind every fraction of a second.

i remember telling myself to blog something as a note to self when studying for GRE on saturday, but now i have forgotten what it was. dagnabbit.

short term memory is one thing. short term memory loss is one other thing. not having any short term memory is another thing. i used to think that i don't have any long term memory whatsoever, but then sometimes i recall bits and fractions of the past out of nowhere, so that disproves the notion of not having long term memory. then i moved on to think that my long term memory is somewhat malfunctioning and that my short term is the only one who's doing whatever the hell it's supposed to be doing, but then i realized that i can't remember most of anything that has happened in the past week or two, so that disproves that notion as well. then i moved on again to think that both my short and long term memory are just plain fucked up, and so far that notion appeals to my logic and has yet to be disproven.

1251pm. i should do more GRE stuff. rain is pouring down outside, which means either something unbearably sad has happened in some other part of this world that causes the heavens to cry, or the rain god rob mckenna just happened to pass by san diego in his damn truck.

Friday, October 14, 2005

presidential erection

ru doesn't know the difference between erection and election. when 2008 comes, she will have so much trouble with FBI and CIA on libel issues. haha.

bookstar called in today while i was grocery shopping and informed me that dirk gently's hollistic detective agency has arrived. so now my douglas adams collection is complete. currently still reading the long dark teatime of the soul and it has been extremely hilarious so far. i have made it a habit of mine to fold the corner of the page that has some hilarious sentences on it so that it will be easier for me to refer back to them in the future, since experience has told me that they will come in handy in the future. here are some of them:

"what he needed, he had been thinking, was a client. he had been thinking that as a matter of habit. it was what he always thought at this time of the morning. what he had forgotten was that he had one."

"it stood there with a sort of glazed, blank look to it, and had a note from his father stuck on the front panel saying whatever he was doing, stop it. it was signed 'you-know-who,' but this had been crossed out and first the word 'odin' and then in large letters 'your father' had been substituted. odin never ceased to make absolutely clear his view of his son's intellectual accomplishments."

"thor searched for any way of saying 'glue me to the floor' that doesn't sound like 'glue me to the floor,' but eventually the pause got too long and he had to give up."

"the electronic I-ching calculator was badly made. it had probably been manufactured in whichever of the southeast asian countries was busy tooling up to do to south korea what south korea was busy doing to japan. glue technology had obviously not progressed in that country to the point where things could be successfully held together with it. already the back had half fallen off and needed to be stuck back on with sellotape."

"a few seconds later the waiter returned bearing a herb omelet and a single breadstick. dirk explained that this wasn't what his order. the waiter shrugged and said that it wasn't his fault. dirk had no idea what to say to this and said so. he was still having a great deal of difficulty speaking. the waiter asked dirk if the knew that he had broken his nose and dirk said yedth, dthagg you berry budge, he did. the waiter said his friend neil had once broken his nose and dirk said that he hoped it hurd like hell, which seemed to draw the conversation to a close. the waiter took the omelet and left, vowing never to return."

on a bitter sidenote, i hate the guts of people who underestimate just about everything that they have to confront. dank should know what/who/whichbastard i am talking about. sorry, mister, but that logical explanation --- if it was even logical at all --- that you gave was preceeded by my logical explanation of the exact same premise, proof, and conclusion by about a good six months, and using classical, deterministic physics, it is safe to conclude that the sad realization that your logic was entirely wrong, will also be preceeded by mine by about a good six months. my realization came just about a month ago, so, provided that you are able to do the math properly, yours won't come until about five months from now, and by then it will all be too late.

it's nice to have nothing to do again. at least for a night. tomorrow is GRE study day, then more pyro action at night. come down to the shores. we are once again attempting to bake a frozen pizza in a bonfire.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

and the heavens cry once more

all the deepest condolences go to professor hans peter paar, whose son passed away yesterday. it is not in the right order of nature for a person to pass away before the parents, so nature will have a lot of explaining to do about this one.

again, we offer our deepest sympathy to professor paar and his family for the loss.


extension cord

i put irrelevant post titles; so what?

i have been too busy and tired that i can no longer wake up in the morning to go to my early classes, let alone blogging. so my apologies to those who are bored out of their minds and are actually looking for something to read.

blogback was shut down today, and i have not exported old comments out of it due to mere laziness. i hope they're still intact and export-able, but then again, i might never come around to exporting it because i subconsciously think that exporting old comments are pointless since i will most likely never get around to reading them anyway.

as ocean suggested, i tried using blogspot's default comment system, but they turned out to be harder than i thought they would be to set up, because my template does not support page-per-post system, or something like that. so haloscan it is. simple, easy, with a few clicks and copy pasting.

diventra homework is due tomorrow, so this will be all for now.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


that was random, but thanks anyway, carly. i love you too. =P

campaign poster for tom vs nami tournament:

he might be a little big now, but you'll grow into him.

hahahaha. that still cracks me up.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


propaganda for franky vs sanji tournament.

franky won by one. sorry, sanji. maybe next time.

and this is the closest i'll ever get to a yaoi drawing. done as a response to shiro's uke joke.

Friday, October 07, 2005

play catch-up

this entry will be long. uber-long. longer than longest. immensely, hugely, vastly, mind-bogglingly long. so don't say i didn't warn you.

one of the many reasons, for there are more than one, finite but uncountable, hence the use of the word "many," why this entry will be long is the fact that this week has been a busy week, but many of the many reasons are because there are a lot of pictures that will be posted in this entry.

mathematical physics have been squeezing the last brain juice out of me every weekend, and this is only the end of second week, but it already feels like years have passed by. now i know what time dilation feels like, and my hair doesn't even bother turning grey, they just fall out like tree leaves in autumn.

all the stress accumulated from 201 was finally let out when i went down to mission valley last week and bought stuff. lots of stuff. from one piece:

to bleach:

kon plush is uber-cute. that was the dress that yuzu dressed him up with when kon ran away from home because he thought ichigo and rukia weren't treating him nicely, but then found out that everyone else were treating him even worse, and then was found by yuzu when he collapsed on the front porch.

this is kon running back to ichigo, full of regret:

been talking to ocean a lot about random things, and one of the most random one was a conversation about pingu. this lead to some link exchange on pingu, and ended up with me buying a pingu plushie, for the sole purpose of teasing ocean.

but then i felt bad, so i bought one more pingu AND a pinga, just for ocean. consider this a thank-you gift for giving me hosting for images, since i've used up three photobucket accounts and all 50mb of my UCSD webspace.

more on plunder, i found an edward elric figure today, sold for half price, so i bought it. but apparently the head was broken and glued, so the lady who sold it cut-off another half of the price, and now i own this beautiful banpresto figure for $4. you can't even tell that the neck has been glued. it's particularly surprising that banpresto actually made something of quality; so far, with the exception of this one, all of banpresto stuff has been shit.

the name e1n that i have been using for about a year and a half now was originally given by jim. the origin of the name was unknown until i was made aware of the fact that there was a smart dog named ein in cowboy bebop. combine that with the fact that jim was, and still is, and avid bebop fan, one does not need a physics PhD to be able to guess that the name was originally meant for mockery. but whatever its original purpose was, the name is cool, for it is: 1. short, 2. easy to remember, 3. hard to pronounce, and 4. short. so after a long wait, i finally spent $15 on this cool plushie, who is now keeping me companied on my study desk.

the $25 shelf i got from ikea is filled up now. i should really get another shelf.

sleep deprivation has been a somewhat constant feature of my life, even on weekends. add stress and the fact that your ego is being crushed, stomped on, and burned to ashes on a daily basis to that and anyone in their right mind would stop for couple tens of seconds or more and think "where did my life go wrong?" "why am i doing this?" "what am i doing with my life?" "how am i going to survive this?" and finally, when all of those stages have been pondered, "is there any food left in the fridge?"

my desk has been a mess for an entire week. never in my life have i needed to refer to three textbooks while doing ONE homework.

oh, and i know what i want for birthday: AN IMMENSELY HUGE WHITEBOARD. because otherwise the window and mirror will always fall victim to my green sharpie.

someone recently asked me a question: "do you eat healthy?"

and i pondered to myself, "what the hell kind of a question is that? do i look like i eat healthy?" if anything, the healthiest thing is that my addiction for coffee will kill off the cancer that i will get in the future, only to replace it with diabetes and high blood pressure. but think about it: we all have to die somehow. if school doesn't kill us first, then it has got to be something more fierce, like diseases. it's only natural that people die. if no one ever dies, we will have become some hi-bred mix of indians and chinese by now.

speaking of chinese, sam lost his manhood on sunday (or was it monday?). he basically got castrated, and then invaginated. or at least, david and i think that was how it felt like. what actually happened was that he cross-dressed. jen lent her bra, too, and he stuffed it up with rolled up socks. there will be a strip based on this. just you wait.

I WILL USE THESE TO BLACKMAIL YOU ONE DAY, SAM. that's what friends are for: they blackmail each other when they have the chance.

that should be it for now. there are other things that i still have not talked about here, such as SPS pizza party, astrophysics club icecream party, that one cute japanese girl, in-ear headphone for my ipod, dank as my badminton sparing partner, douglas adam's the long dark tea-time of the soul, and many other things that will kill blogger's bandwidth if i were to write them all out.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

on the subject of dating

props to whoever can guess correctly where that OHENRY sweatshirt came from.