Wednesday, July 12, 2006

this is it, maybe, not quite

in less than 24 hours i will be on-board a boeing 777-200 departing for jakarta. so depending on the availability of internet while i'm there, there might not be any updates on this blog, or my deviantart, or my e1n.kefi.

speaking of e1n.kefi, i've decided to put a hiatus on the webcomic (yeah, i bet you've seen this one coming), to work on the manga i've been trying to finish. please check out the webcomic page; you'll find links to the 6 pages that i have finished. any pages that i finish in the future will be uploaded and linked to that webcomic page, so check it out every once in a (long) while, and you might just be lucky enough to find an update.

i got all of my stuff packed, i think. all i need to make sure before i leave to the airport tomorrow is that my laptop and my ipod stay fully charged until i get on the plane. what will my life become if my ipod suddenly decided to run out of battery during a 24-hour flight? i also hope that i don't forget my cellphone charger, because then i won't have anything to charge my cellphone with.

does anyone know a manga called kariage-kun? it's by masashi ueda, the same person drawing kobo-chan. which brings up another question: does anyone know kobo-chan? but let's not worry about kobo; kariage is the star of the show tonight. i love this manga. i have almost 30 volumes of it in indonesian, because back when i was in indonesia i used to buy them the day they came out. here are 4 pages from volume 15, scanlated, because i was bored.

page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4

i was going to scanlate more, but laziness kicked in and instead of translating, scanning, and editing, i just ended up reading the manga. like i've told kshi during our short conversation: if in the future you see someone with my name accomplishing something big, then that's probably someone else with the same name, because i am lazy by nature.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

calvin, you genius you

i bought the authoritative, the essential, and the indispensable calvin and hobbes. my god, how i love bill watterson.

"girls are like slugs---they probably serve some purpose, but it's hard to imagine what." ~calvin