Monday, August 29, 2005


watching 21 episodes of samurai deeper kyo in a row must have been the stupidest thing i've ever done. not only it was a test of endurance, that thing was also a rip-off of kenshin with a little twist. sanada is like a feminie version of hiko, mahiro is like a non-bubbly version of misao, yuya is basically kaoru, okuni is nothing but megumi dressed up as yumi, and benitora is there to add a little perverted side to the story

interesting plot-line, regardless. and since i've gone so far as to watch 21 episodes, i shall finish what i have started.

i don't get how anyone could spend an entire summer in glendora. if i leave my air-conditioned room, i'll start sweating like a shaven polar bear stranded in indonesia, but if stay in my room, the air gets so dry my skin turns pale and i start getting bloody eyes. i just hope i can go down to SD soon.

what the hell is it with chairs in the library? no matter where i go, the chair is always too short for the desk.

and apparently, being a 6'2 asian dude doesn't mean you get to win from 5'5 asian girls. take sam for example:

he looks so happy though. i guess i can't blame him for having S&M fetish.

Friday, August 26, 2005

eleven seventeen

about seven minutes ago my airport detected an unprotected weak wireless network.

about three minutes ago the unprotected weak network died.

my summer vacation has been reduced down to looking for places where i can get wireless internet connection. it's too bad i don't live in northern california because i heard that up there even fishies get free wireless.

i love my new digital camera. especially the manual settings. playing around with shutter speed and aperture can really give you good pictures WITHOUT the use of flash. and it's amazing how close it can focus; check these out:

here's a picture of my parents, taken at night, in a room with shitty lighting, and NO flash:

and no, those weren't photoshopped. they're natural colors.

slow down the shutter speed to 1/1 and you get funky looking shit like these:

i need a tripod.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

mijority and manority

i gave up. i just don't get it.

i go to minnesota, i see black people and indian people playing cricket everywhere.

i go back to los angeles, i see hispanic moms and their kids in big dirty vans everywhere.

i go down to san diego, i see asian dudes and dudettes drinking boba in their riced-out cars everywhere.

where are all the white people? i thought i moved to america, not india or africa or spain or mexico or hongkong.

brian maertz was right; there should be a club for tall skinny white dudes, because they sure as hell are a minority right now.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

vice 1, virtue 0

i have been deprived of fast internet for three days now, you would not believe how happy i was when i found out that the public library has wireless internet.

i asked dad to give me another haircut, since the current one seems to be heading towards the ol' mullet style. my instruction to him was to cut the side and the back so that they dont grow long before the bangs do.

bad instruction. now i look like this stupid jackass from yugioh.

well, not EXACTLY, but whenever i look at myself in the mirror, the only thing that cross my mind is that stupid jackass and i shudder.

funny how when you just want to be alone, people always bug you, but whenever you feel like you could use a company, everyone's avoiding you. with the funny new hairdo, i dressed up like a nerd and went to starbucks, thinking that people would think that i'm a weirdo and leave me alone to edit my comic strip.

i couldn't be even more wrong.

despite my awkward appearance, some people still stopped by and commented, then started yapping for quite awhile about random stuff that i have no interest in. that was one of the very few times i wish i were kristin.

30 minutes before library closes, better enjoy my wireless.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

things aren't always what they seem

i went soul-searching three years ago,... and got completely lost.

Monday, August 22, 2005


this is why the FA premier league is awesome:

streaking in a football game is almost as common as having a WELCOME mat on yout front porch.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

zero is for happiness

standing applause to usamaru furuya.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

realization comes late

really really late.

currently on-board a northwest plane. flight got delayed for a good hour-and-half, and that's after two hours of wait because i stupidly made the decision to check in two hours before departure.

when you're panic, you can't think right. but when you're too calm, you can't think right either, and then even eighteen could look like eight.

that's right. i waited two hours at the wrong gate.

i guess i should thank the almighty creator that i still somewhat possess a common sense, as insensitive as it may be. my common sense (or lack thereof) told me that if fifteen minutes before departure, one or more of these situations apply:

1. there are only less than five people, yourself included, sitting around waiting at the gate.
2. the podium guy has gone AWOL and no one is replacing him to call in for departure.
3. there is no aircraft parked at that gate
4. the big TV behind the podium shows a destination city that is not yours, destination country that is not yours, and departure time over three hours later.

then you're most likely sitting at the wrong gate.

if all of them apply, then you are definitely sitting at the wrong gate. and then you switch into panic mode, and start running past toward your gate, which happens to be at the other side of the terminal.

fortunately, of course, your plane was then delayed for 30 minutes, which made that whole running and panicking completely and entirely pointless, and made you wish you're able to foresee the damn future.

that happened today. that, plus another extra hour of wait because apparently they couldn't start the damn plane. something about ACP or APU or even ACPU that they couldn't spark or start or something like that. and yes, i could never hear them darn announcement correctly because i had my ipod on. i figured it's much easier to just use my instinct and do whatever other people do. if they start boarding, that means it's my time to start boarding as well. if they stay sitting where they are, that means i don't have to worry about anything, yet.

if they start packing their stuff and leave, then you go into panic mode again, start wondering what the hell is going on, and wish you had paid more attention.

apparently after an hour of fiddling with the APU or ACP or ACPU or whatever the hell it was, they gave up and decided to go grab another aircraft from the hangar bay. this means i had to switch gate, and so i did.

everything went smoothly until i get on board. by murphy's law, of course something else went bad. this time it's the take-off permission: the plane had to wait for four other planes to take off. i put on my ipod and looked out the window, hoping for the moment the ground would move. this is, of course, entirely an illusion by the theory of relativity because the ground would never move. what moves is actually the plane but because the initial acceleration is so small you don't feel like moving at all, and when you look out the window, it seems to be that the ground is the one that moves. my visual sensory system is definitely at the top of the hierarchy. this can also be said for other things, such as checking out cute girls.

i've been sitting on my ass for two-and-a-half hours now, gone over a playlist twice, read five volumes of homunculus, and managed to deplete half of my powerbook battery. yes, my powerbook can live for five hours.

by the way, read homunculus. it's sickeningly good. makes you think. i'm not gonna say anything more than that. hint: don't ever let a goth doctor drill a hole on hour forehead, no matter the money.

i was thinking about doodling to kill time, but i don't really have a big enough space to draw comfortably, and i know that i will definitely snap if i decide to put up with that.

guess i'll go read some more manga.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

from russia with love

august 17th: last full day in minneapolis, indonesia's independence day, tin's birthday.

currently on russian sleeping pattern. the past three or four days i have been sleeping from midnight until 7am moscow time, while living in mineapolis. now i can't even day or date. why did i do this? why not?

some people complained that my comic strips are getting dull. yes, i noticed that also. sorry about that, i'm still new at this.

i will be on a three-hour flight from minneapolis to los angeles tomorrow evening, and last time i was on one, it was completely boring that all i did was sleeping. three hours is a long time, so i downloaded a lot of manga for me to read during the flight. it is somewhat unfortunate that i figured out this idea far enough in advance that by the time i get to the plane tomorrow, all the manga i've downloaded will have been read.

i finished all 23 volumes of houshin engi, and that turned out to be very good. i still can't get over how ridiculous taikobou's strategies are, like this one that will definitely go to the list of manga scenes that have made me laugh for over five minutes:

yakitate! japan was good too. i finished the first 15 volumes, and the story is definitely getting bizarrely out of control. i wished i knew more japanese, because then i would get all/most of the puns used by takashi hasiguchi. in a way, hashiguchi is somewhat like oda. oda uses the cover pages as a one-panel medium to tell side-stories that are related to, or are extensions of the main plot line, while hashiguchi uses the infamous food judges' reactions to tell various nonsensical stories. if oda excels in story telling and kubo excels is using poetic lines, hashiguchi is definitely one to be reckoned with in using puns. this one panel is just one of the very many that are just simply wrong in many more ways than three.

food around here isn't too bad. i finally came across a vietnamese restaurant named BONA not far from here. having lived in san diego for three years and having had vietnamese girls as the majority of my friends, it is normal for me to have sudden cravings for pho. so one time i went to bona to get one.

the first sentence uttered by the man behind the counter was "we're out of pho," before i could even say anything. almost as if he could read my mind. so i ordered com tam and banh xeo instead. it is interesting to see that, during the half-hour period it took me to finishe my rice, four groups of people came in, got greeted with the same sentence about the pho, nodded, and left. so they came all the way down there just to eat pho. that means bona must have made some real good pho. i should definitely make another attempt to feed myself some pho before i have to leave tomorrow.

professor dan hennessy tried to talk me into going here for graduate school on monday. i went to see him to give a brief report about my inconclusive research, and ended up having a chitchat with him. he encouraged me to try for harvard and stanford, but would like to have me go to UMN for my graduate studies. apparently he found my inconclusive research to be somewhat impressive, which i couldn't fathom why. it is inconclusive, after all. i did manage to isolate a problem, but if you think about how isolating a problem (just isolating, not solving) took a good ten weeks, that's nowhere near impressive. he told me to email him anytime i need a letter of reference, which is a good thing, but i couldn't help feeling weird because he's not even my project advisor. i had worked with him only for the two weeks during which my advisor was gone playing bridge. professor peter litchfield, my project advisor, also told me to talk to him whenever i need a letter of reference. i guess i'll stop by their offices again tomorrow to say thank you for being patient with this one idiot.

i guess the next on the to-do list is GRE. then on to grad school applications. but i guess i'll not worry about that until i have no other choice than to worry about that. right now i have more important things to worry about:

~ getting drunk with sam
~ playing air hockey
~ setting up foosball table in the SPS room
~ taking sister shopping at fashion valley
~ eating lobster with tin in sandiego
~ dinner with evelyn in palo verdes
~ week-long vacation with family
~ seattle road trip with mr. and mrs. keeler.

summer vacation starts tomorrow night, in california. oh yeah, baby.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Monday, August 15, 2005

the rounds and roundabouts

you will have to congratulate me. no one is stupid enough to be able to jetlag himself all the way to russian time. but this is why i love summer. you get to sleep whenever you want to, and you get to stay up for however many hours you want to.

and that way of thinking is exactly what have been giving me a 30 hour/day schedule. 24 hours of staying up, 6 hours of sleeping.

it's 0920pm right now and it's breakfast time.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

o brave wigan

wigan athletic almost held chelsea to a draw today. they did lose 1-0 in the end, but this definitely shows what the spirit and determination of a 7M pound squad can do against a 500M pound squad. props to paul jewell and the lads. if i had a glass of wine right now, i would have a toast for you, mr. jewell.

i have decided that wigan athletic will be my next favorite team, after manchester united and liverpool. while arsenal and chelsea are despicable, there really isn't much to not love about liverpool. determination, loyalty, team spirit and familial love over money, and what did that give them? the champions' league trophy. steven gerrard is definitely one to see for the next decade.

england's future looks extremely bright: wayne rooney, steven gerrard, michael owen, scott parker, nigel reo-coker, jermain defoe, jermaine jenas, shaun wright-phillips, ashley cole, darren bent, anton ferdinand, ben foster, ledley king, john terry, jermaine pennant, scott carson, stewart downing, glen johnson, wes brown, alan smith, joe cole, kieran richardson.

over the next decade, the likes of david beckham, sol campbell, michael ballack, alessandro del piero, pavel nedved, roy keane, and many others i won't even begin to mention, will have faded from the world of football, replaced by these young lads. so if you plan on sticking with football for the next decade, i suggest you start paying attention to the names above.

from the opening match of the season: the neville brothers rivalry, and the new korean dude. stolen from soccernet.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

fall quarter

again, due to my stupidity, this was done in a 7x10 sketchbook. as a result, there is no space for nami. ~_~

that, and the bad layout planning.

did i mention that i NEVER plan ahead when drawing? they just sorta flow. head first, then if the that isn't disappointing, on to the body, and so forth, and if that's not disappointing, then i'll start filling in the background.

but yeah, never plan ahead. too much work.

Friday, August 12, 2005

bob bless laser printers

the good thing about not sleeping and being insomniac is that you can go to work earlier than everyone else, and use the color laserjet printer in the main office to print out the last eight one piece colorspread for free, with no one around to yell at you for abusing privilege.

the next colorspread better comes out before thursday, because after then i would no longer have access to that lovely color laserjet printer.

ah, eight colorspread printed out. if that isn't mad ecstassy, i don't know what is.

which ones, you ask? these ones.

it would be a sin to not laminate these eight lovely works of art.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

hold on to that dream

usamaru furuya is a genius.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

we demand refund

yups. that's the climax, folks. stay tuned to see what actually happened.

Monday, August 08, 2005

but i really don't mind

enthusiasm is rather frightening. no, really.

when you stopped by starbucks on a hot, humid, close, and oppressive day, and then got greeted with a big cheerful smile from the pretty lady behind the counter, you know that angels do exist and that there is indeed something good in life.

then you said, "a grande java chip please," thinking to yourself that you just said something that made no sense whatsoever to your logical illogic, and waved the blue plastic so the pretty lady can grab it, swipe it, and go make your drink. the pretty lady grabbed it, swiped it, gave another cheerful smile, gave you the blue plastic back, and then took off to make a java chip.

indeed life is good. she's real pretty, too.

you walked over seven feet to the left and waited patiently for your drink. the pretty lady grabbed a venti cup, scooped some ice while looking at you, smiling, which of course caused you to smile back in response, then put the ice in the blender. the blender started hissing, crackling, she smiled again at you, and then went off seven feet to your right to serve the customer behind you. you paused. you rewound two sentences, then you though to yourself, venti?

you did not have any idea what the hell that word meant, but you're sure as hell you did not order that.

oh well, you thought to yourself, not your loss.

the blender stopped. she came back, smiled again, grabbed the blender, and filled up a grande cup. wait, you can't put a square inside a triangle of the same area. that's just mathematically and politically incorrect! she obviously was not aware of that law and kept filling up the grande cup until she successfully created a mount kilimanjaro above your grande cup. then she grabbed the whip cream and clouds started to materialize.

she grabbed the hemisphere lid, put it on, passed the drink to you, smiled again, said, "see you later," and then went off to serve the next customer.

and you're left standing seven feet away from the pretty lady with a drink dripping off your hand, thinking that next time you'll be more prepared with some napkins.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

let's take a walk

if i ever become rich enough to be able to bribe one of the zoos in china to send me a baby panda, i will raise it well so that when it's grown up i can ride on it.

then i can take night walks like this. click to enlarge.

eyes wide open

again, i decided not to sleep last night.

the plan yesterday was to go to starbucks in the morning, get some coffee, come back in time to eat breakfast, breakfast, shower, back to starbucks until noon, then off to library and spend about 6 hours there working on my paper.

i fell asleep before i could even bring my ass to starbucks. did not wake up until 3pm.

so to avoid another failure, at 0546 AM today i packed my stuff and took off to starbucks. i know they open at 0530a everyday.

i got myself a large cup of coffee (i refuse to use venti because i have no idea what the hell that means) and sat outside starbucks. after a little less than an hour the caffeine got to me and i was ultra-hyper.

it amazes me, however, that at 0658a in the morning, people are already awake and active. what the hell kind of college is this? it's sunday! college students do NOT wake up before 1100a on a sunday! it's just not natural! there's a reason why they provide 0530p sunday masses, and that's because us college students can never make it to the one at noon!

something is terribly wrong. no one should be awake before 1100a on a sunday. no one.

Saturday, August 06, 2005



i finished reading six volumes of VULGAR GHOST DAYDREAMS. weird shit, but misaki is hot. i guess S&M can be quite fun, especially when you have a cute necromancer in leather bondage strap whipping your ass. yes mistress, i submit. oh oh whip me harder. harder. yes, i've been a bad bad horse. whip me hard and ride me.


i am drunk and therefore excused to say stupid things.

speaking of drunkness, i had a conversation with a drunk man today who is in the geophysics program outside the dorms, and only after i got back to my room i remembered that i forgot to ask his name. fun guy to talk to. i think definitely the type of guy kristin would like. he simply told me to get as wasted as possible on my 21st birthday, because that should be one birthday that you will want to remember for the rest of your life as the one birthday that you have no recollection about. it's an illogic, but that's what appeals to me anyway. logic is overrated.

"... arthur reached out for the bedside light, not expecting it to come on. to his surprise it did. this appealed to arthur's sense of logic. since the electricity board had cut him off without fail every time he paid his bill, it seemed only reasonable that they should leave him connected when he hadn't. sending them money obviously only drew attention to himself."

i must have gotten way too excited from reading about S&M and ghost exorcism that the second i turned my head to the right, the sun is already up behind a building across the river. it is now 0604 AM and i am still wide awake. damn that venti coffee. first thought was OH SHIT I NEED TO GO SLEEP, but precisely three seconds later i was enlightened and thought AH DANGIT IT'S POINTLESS ANYWAY AT THIS POINT, hence this entry. i should walk over to starbucks and get another venti and dehidrate myself even more.

bobby gave me a copy of top physics PhD schools ranked by USNews. list goes like this:

1. caltech
2. MIT
3. harvard
4. princeton
5. stanford
6. berkeley
7. cornell
8. university of chicago
9. university of illinois - urbana
10. columbia
11. UCSB
12. yale
13. university of maryland
14. university of michigan
15. university of texas
16. UCLA
17. UCSD
18. university of washington
19. university of wisconsin - boulder
20. john hopkins university

thought to self: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 14, 17, 18, 19. shit. that's eleven universities already. that means $1000 worth of application fee, and not even a guarantee of acceptance.

so i scrolled down quickly to the bottom of the list.

yes, sucks for you universities who are in the middle. you never even get a glance because people only look at the dream universities and backup universities. so if you (a university) want to attract more graduate students, trust me, going down the rank is much much easier than going up.

88. university of kentucky
87. university of hawaii - manoa
86. tufts university
85. SUNY - buffalo
84. oregon state
83. university of new mexico
82. university of kansas
81. university of houston
80. university of delaware
79. university of connecticut
78. darthmouth
77. colorado state
76. university of nebraska - lincoln
75. university of illinios - chicago
74. university of georgia
73. northeastern university
72. lousiana state
71. kansas state
70. college of william and mary
69. virginia tech
68. university of utah

first thing that i found funny was the fact that the number 69 is related to the word "virgin" and "tech." sexy.

then i realized that i have to pick a few from these for backups. hawaii sounds interesting. that'd be a perfect place for a slacker like me. plus i don't mind watching luau dance everyday. virginia tech interests me only because it's ranked 69. that's always a fun number. new mexico probably wouldn't a bad place either. there's a much bigger probability there for the guy sitting next to you at the bar to be a nobel laureate than anywhere else in the world. not that they're that interesting to talk to, but i bet it's amusing to see what they can do when they've had a pitcher too much.

where is university of minnesota? they're not on the list until bobby pointed out how blind i was. they're #26. right above penn state and below rutgers.

couple pages after that, comes a list of top 19 university in elementary particle physics. the list goes:

1. stanford
2. MIT
3. caltech
4. berkeley
5. princeton
6. harvard
7. university of chicago
8. SUNY - stony brook
9. university of washington
10. cornell
11. columbia
12. michigan state
13. university of illinois - urbana
14. university of michigan - ann arbor
15. UCSB
16. university of texas
17. indiana university
18. yale
19. university of wisconsin

interesting. what is this SUNY thing anyway? state university of new york? *googles* shit, i guessed right. i guess i do have a common sense. mom has an old friend who's a chemistry faculty member at either michigan state or university of michigan. i should look into those as well. connections are usually a good thing to have, but i guess the effects will diminish exponentially when they're in a different department. columbia sounds cool, where the hell is it?

oh. i just remembered that i don't buy ratings anyway. the more nobel laureates you have, the higher your rank is, but the more prizes a physicist gets, the more of an asshole he tends to be. here's an advice: stick with the assistant professors. they're cool because they haven't gotten enough prizes to be able to act like assholes. so when the assstant professor you're working with gets a prize, dump him and find a new guy.

i was at starbucks yesterday night, and i remembered that i had made a promise to a friend, who is now gone forever, that i'd do her a fanservice. nadia, this one is for you. i know you're not coming back, ever, but it was real fun when you were around and i thank you much for that. other zoro fans please enjoy.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Thursday, August 04, 2005

on facial expression

i draw. most of the people here knows that.

and no, i am not an art major. so i've never had any lessons in human anatomy or anything like that. good thing is, i don't have to sit in a room staring at naked old man for hours, drawing every single wrinkle he's got.

but i like to draw faces. and fingers. facial expressions are something that i alwys try to put in my drawings, because they convey emotions. there is one person i consider as a god in terms of comic facial expression, and that is the one and only EIICHIRO ODA. i don't have a model, or anyone i can ask to pose for me, so whenever i need a reference, i look at myself in a mirror, and make the expressions i need to make. i am my own model since i am too cheap to pay anyone else.

now, regarding franky: i noticed something that maybe you've all noticed, but don't find it interesting as much as i do. FRANKY'S FACE MUSCLES ARE... WELL, RETARDED. or should i say, disfunctional. check out these snapshots:

notice how in all of them one of his eye is bigger than the other. sure, something like that is normal in a manga, or anything cartoony, really, but notice that the BIGGER EYE IS ON THE SIDE OF THE FACE WHERE HIS CHEEK MUSCLES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE LIFTED UP. and this is, not physically possible. at least not physically possible for me, whenever i tried to mimic that expression in front of a mirror. try it. lift up one side of your upper lip, and look in the mirror which one of your eye is bigger than the other. unless your muscles are specially trained, or you're just unique, there is no way that the eye on the same side can be bigger than the other one. remember, you have to LIFT UP ONE SIDE OF UPPER LIP, NOT LOWER DOWN ONE SIDE OF BOTTOM LIP. if you do the latter, of course it's somewhat possible.

don't get what i'm trying to say? here's a drawing to help you out:

so now you're asking: what, are you trying to diss oda? no. not at all. this finding makes me kneel even lower to him for his majesty. i do not know, until oda answers it himself, whether he did this INTENTIONALLY, knowing that such a trait is not possible in a normal human being but franky can do it because he is a CYBORG, or UNINTENTIONALLY, because he just wants to mess around with franky's face.

but considering that the bigger eye has always been found (at least from the past 10 chapters that i currently have in my laptop) to be on the side where his cheek muscles are supposed to be lifted up, i can safely say that he did this intentionally, hence justifying my claim earlier that oda is a god of comic facial expression. if you guys can check out the chapters before 361 (i only have 361 and up) and find a picture where franky's eye does not bulge out this way, please, do show it.

also, i have not done this research yet, but i do NOT think that oda makes this facial expression (one eye bigger than the other, on the side where it's supposed to be smaller) on anyone else throughout the entire history of one piece. i might be wrong, so if you find this phenomena on anyone else other than franky, please post it as well.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!111!!



i saw that shit half an hour ago and i'm still shaking. damn you oda. damn you. damn you for making me this excited. FRANKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! FRANKY IS THE NEW CREWMEMBER! WE HAVE A SPEEDO GUY!! SPEEEEEEEEEEDO GUY!!

i'm gonna run around the neighborhood screaming, excuse me.