Thursday, March 31, 2005

haru no kochou

so many butterflies today. i guess it's officially spring now. warm, but the wind compensates for it. it's so beautiful outside, even i don't mind the little heat.

canned soup is great. one of my favorite instant food now. but apparently when they say low heat, they mean low heat. this somewhat reminds me of the old saying that goes: "if all else fails, try reading the instruction."

361 came out. sanji is back to his usual goofy self. awesome chapter. that note for nami was totally unexpected. very sanji-like, very classic.

and robin really is sacrificing herself. poor robin-chan. i wanna go save her. i'll kick those CP9 asses all the way to the moon. this scene is so sad, but she seems rather relieved that the crew were not harmed by CP9. don't worry, robin-chan. they will get you back.

and lastly sanji. the only one who made it to get on the umi-ressha. collier shot was a classic, but the left panel, holy shit he looks like L!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


thanks jemo for what i consider unfair, but touching story about how you learn more things outside classrooms.


this one is for ginny. i've been in a constant mellow mood lately, and ginny seems to like to add some salt to the wound :P

the words seem to be too much a distraction, but i just couldn't resist ruining such a romantic moment with a lame joke about eyebrow.

i took the liberty to pick mika for the name. mika, from mikan. sorry for not being too creative with it.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


classes are really interesting this quarter. studying still puts me to sleep however.

learned today: how neutrinos came about. thursday will be on how pion and muon came about. all college classes should be like paar's 154. that way people actually learn something and not weorry too much about the grade.

those bastards need to stop the construction shit. it's not cool to wake me up at 7 when my first class is at 11.

coffee is good. everyone needs one everyday.

found a really good tutorial on how to draw boobs. credits and props go to balak01. don't worry, i'm not switching to hentai just yet. this is for something i promised ginny.

things seem to be more relaxing this quarter. no 105 really makes life so much easier.

it's rather weird having nothing to do, the past two days. usually i look at the clock and spit out the usual o-shit-it's-11-already-? but the past two days i found myself looking at the clock and go "ugh, it's only 11?" i don't want to sleep too early, but i have nothing to do either.

finger smudging is so much fun. i wish i could do that for a living.

Monday, March 28, 2005


e: yeah, i kinda figured where you were from the fact that you didnt reply my message.
zyg: yup.
e: i mean, i'd rather have no reply than some weird ass one.
zyg: weird?
e: yea, remember when i txtd you "dude, L died! L FUCKING DIED!" i got a reply that says "this is not sam, we're not making out."
zyg: ...... at least you didn't get "this is sam, i have a long penis."
e: ........ get out.

i'm in a deep shit

apparently 4" by 4" is a helluva lot less space than i thought.


Sunday, March 27, 2005

here's one to the happy couple

congratulations to mr. daniel keeler and ms. courtney wicher for the engagement. wishing the both of you all the best in life. and by all i meant all. enjoy life to the fullest, even with all the busywork and other school shit we still have to do even after we graduate, and don't forget to stop and smell the roses.

oh, and don't do anything too stupid. ^^

don't forget to invite me to the wedding, and make sure you've got good food there.

good food. that's what matters. XP

but seriously, congratulations. i'm happy for you both.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

you've been warned

e: just you watch,
e: next quarter, i'm gonna get a girlfriend.
kev: no, don't.
kev: girlfriends are overrated.
kev: enjoy your freedom a little bit longer.

typo is fun

e: so there
e: i've made my confession
zyg: haha, what the-?
zyg: i'm not a father
zyg: hope i did become one after tonight
e: .....?
zyg: didnt*
zyg: DIDN'T
zyg: DIDN'T!!!!!!
zyg: DIDN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!
e: good. you'd be a fucked up pastor anyway.
zyg: yeah...

time stops when our eyes met

part of a memoir.

yes, i'm in a mellow mood. very very mellow. and i love robin-chan. but i guess everyone knows that already.

notice robin-chan looks a little bit... cuter? and kinda chibi-ish? well, that's done on purpose. i wanted to make her look like that because... im not telling XP

maybe next time. click to enlarge.

the setting and the costume is modeled after someone, on that one day. yes, you know who you are. ^_^

Friday, March 25, 2005


it is over.

it's all over.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

some things are better left unsaid

nemuri ni ochiteku sono toki dake
mujou na kurai ni osou nukumori ga
mou wasurete ita kioku wo
tada kurikaeshite ha yurete iru no

otsute yuku taiyou no naka ni
muryokusa ni torawareteta in your hands
futoyume no naka he sasou close my eyes
nazomu mono ha naku
nagare yuki tsukihi ni...

natsumatsuri no oto
semi no sakebigoe
ichi furi no ame
tookumade taiyou ha kaeri
itoshisa mune ni shinobiyoru sukima ni
ashimoto sukui toorisugiru seijaku no cry

taisetsu ni shite kita deai no kazu to
wakare ha itsu no hi ni kata wo narabe yuku
ima me no mae no itoshisa sae
ah kono ryote wo suberi ochite yuku

maifuriteku hi sashi no nukumori
toki wo kizamu dake in your arms
tsukanoma yomigaeru kara cross my heart
tooinukete yo
kaze ha fuku you ni

mukabi wo tadoru
kawara no nagare ni
kagerou ni nita
hitokoishiku yoiake no kimochi
dakishimetemo kobore yuku setsunasa ni
se wo mukeru nagara hito no yo ni taguri yoseteku

natsumatsuji no oto
semi no sakebigoe
ichi furi no ame
tookumade taiyou ha kaeri
itoshisa mune ni shinobiyoru sukima ni
ashimoto sukui toorisugiru seijaku no pray

i have no idea what azuki wrote there, but the song just touches me.

i came to realize just now how selfish of a person i am. i'm sorry, but i can't help being selfish like this. it's just something that a normal human being would do, or feel. and i'm no better; i'm not divine. i kinda wish i am, since that would make things a little easier, but i am not. i'm just your average nextdoor neighbor, out to ruin all the goodness of the world.

i've tasted some honey, and now i want more. more, and more. this thirst will never end, nor can is be satisfied. i am no angel, i'm just a fucked up devil, beyond all hope of salvation. when life just suddenly decides to throw you honey and nuts and a winning lottery ticket, you realize how much power you have within your hands to give in to the pleasure and not worry about how the consequences will be utterly devastating. i was placed in such a situation by life, and i decided to not give in to the pleasure. but the thought of giving in lies there still, and that's what scares the living shit out of me. i could have. could have. could have.

the devil whispered in my ear, and i almost gave in. why me?

if the end justifies the means, then everything is all good; i smacked the devil back down to the 9th gate of hell. but the fact that the devil showed up and bother to waste his time whispering in my ear still frightens me. if this were to happen again for the second time, i do not know if i have enough willpower to resist. i might give in. i'm scared beyond all imagination.

i hate being a human being. i want to be divine. i want to have some superhuman power, something that makes me superior. if that's too impossible, i want to at least have a strong willpower. life just has too much shit to resist. too much temptation, too much imperfection. and when one gives in and is unable to resist once more, all that's left is cowardice and excuses: "i was just being human. sorry."

i wish the gates of hell would open right now and burn me with its eternal fire.

for i have sinned with my thoughts.

a sin so unforgivable i dare not ask for forgiveness.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


checked my email today before heading back to LA, and upon receiving three crapmails, i took time to read one of them. it says:

Dear Revelle Senior,

The University of California requires that a student complete a minimum of 180 units to graduate. Revelle College requires 184 units. On occasion, the College has approved petitions allowing students to graduate with a College shortage of up to 3.5 units.

The Registrar's Office has recently disputed the authority of the college to grant this exception. We are in the process of asking the UCSD Academic Senate for clarification, and we hope to report their decision to you soon.

Until we have a clarification, students requesting permission to graduate with less than 184 units (but more than 180.5) can not depend on a rapid College decision. If you are requesting to graduate with a technical unit-shortage of up to 3.5 units, you should now submit a petition to the Revelle Provost> '> s Office requesting this exception. The petition may have to be forwarded to the Faculty Senate Committee on Educational Policy. We do not know how they will rule on such petitions. While this issue is being reviewed, we recommend that you add an additional class, if possible, to eliminate the technical unit shortage. Please consult with your academic counselor if you have questions.

Daniel Wulbert
Professor, Mathematics
Provost, Revelle College

this is going to sound rather lame, but OMGWTF? looks like people these days just want controversy or something. not just the system, but also the players. what is so damn hard about getting 184 units in 4 years? i don't get it. the NORMAL load that students have take when enrolled in a 4-year institution in a quarter system is 16 units, and that's 4 classes. if you want to go easy, you take 3 classes, which adds up to 12 units, but this is a MINIMUM AMOUNT OF UNITS FOR BEING A FULL-TIME STUDENT. anything less than 12, your enrollment is considered part-time. if you think 16 units just doesn't do it, take 5 classes for 20 units.

of course, this depends on the person, but 4 classes every quarter should be a NORMAL workload for everyone in the UC system. if you think four 10-week classes are way too much work, then you either have no dedication and slack off too much, or are just one of those people who obey darwin's law of natural selection, with you being the one NOT surviving. now grab your fine-ass calculator and punch this shit in: 16*12. then hit the equal sign. or the ANS key if you're using one of those fancy TIs. lest your calculator is a fucked up one, it should spit out 192. yes, people. ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY TWO. that's how many units you will get if you take four classes every quarter, focus on them, and pass them every quarter for 4 years. it is NOT hard. all you need is some dedication. if dedication does not work, try MORE dedication.

if you're complaining how your major is very fucking hard, then think about switching. if you're struggling while taking classes that are required for your major, chances are you won't be making much out of it when you get a job in that field in the future. then why bother suffering? do something that requires less suffering. like philosophy.

but that aside, i don't get what's bothering these people with the 180 vs 184 units-to-graduate requirement? it's just 4 extra units. that's ONE class. ONE. take some shit class with a P/NP option and you don't even have to worry about your damn GPA. get a C- in the class and BOOM, you're out. it is NOT hard to get a C- in college. it's super hard to get an A, but not a C-. i once took a linguistics class for a P/NP option: never went to class, hardly did any readings, did average on the midterm, failed the final, and ended up passing with a C-. of course no one will ever know because it will only show up as P in my transcript. but that's besides the point; the point is, it is not much of a deal to take one extra shit class for P/NP and pass it. stop making a big deal out of things like these. and if you're one of those people that wulbert mentioned as having "more than 180.5 but less than 184," HOLY MOTHER MONKEY, GO TAKE GOSPEL CHOIR! that shit is 3 units and you don't even have to sing. i mean, think about it: standing among 199 other people singing the same damn song, only god knows you're lip-synching.

this academic senate committee should be obliterated. if they get paid a shitload of money just to talk and discuss shit like this, that's utter bullshit. it's like they have nothing better to do than to discuss shit issues like this. why not talk about how the damn construction next to mandeville is ruining the taste of the sumatran coffee sold by the art of espresso? why not talk about how it is illegal for the bookstore to withhold public information such as the ISBN number of a textbook for next quarter? why not talk about how students need S spots more than faculty members do A spots? why not talk about cutting half the operation of the campus loop shuttles and allocating them to the cityshuttles since they only promote laziness anyway? and don't give me the crap about how handicap people need the loop shuttle. handicap people have their own campus golf cart transporting them from places to places, before and after class. if the committee does not have enough intelligence to discuss heavy issues, then i have a gazillion small issues for them to discuss. small, but not stupid issues like 180 vs 184 minimum units to graduate.

berate me, if you're in the senate, or knows anyone who's a member of that stupid shit.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

spring time a'comin

winter quarter ended, and spring quarter is about to start in less than a week. when is it officially spring anyway? i never know.

anyway, for one reason and another, i stayed up this whole night (again) so i made this. for all you zoro x nami fans; click to enlarge:

notice the drool on zoro's face? it tempted me to do this as well:

first picture drawn in less than two hours, second picture drawn in three minutes. hence the crappy shading on the first one, and the crappiness in general on the second one.

maybe i'll color the first one... we'll see. it's gonna be a major pain in the royal ass if i do so.

few things i learned tonight

1. SKYY citrus is stronger than it looks.
2. bones are heavy.
3. long hair creates a lot of hassle.
4. it is possible to throw up four consecutive times with over-half-hour intervals.
5. the sun rises before you even realize it.
6. after an exhausting night, bird chirping makes the loveliest sound of all.
7. e-mule is fucking slow.
8. air freshener is one of the best things ever invented.
9. never pull an all-nighter unless you really need to.
10. poker is all luck
11. always connect your keyboard and mouse LAST when plugging shit back onto your computer.

Monday, March 21, 2005

360 prediction

1piecefans is having a contest on SANJI, and since this is springbreak and i actually have time to do all kinds of shit i want to, i thought i'd give it a shot.

so i drew sanji, after a long time. and i colored it.

the problem with this is again, the turned-out-to-be-crappy coloring. apparently this shit takes about an hour to draw, half a 2B-lead, a breakfast plate at denny's and 4 cups of coffee, and 4 hours to color. it is now 7am and i just realized that the night had just passed away without me realizing it. i'm such an insomniac.

basically this is how i predicted ch360 is going to show us:

in 359, we have sanji finding robin with corgi and some other government officials about to board the umi-ressha. well, in 360 sanji will leave his hideout, beat up corgi and the other government officials, then ask robin to return to the crew. robin refuses, but does not tell sanji why. sanji keeps insisting until robin snaps and finally spits out the truth. silence ensues, then the aqua laguna strikes (hence the background). sanji lights his cigarette and makes another quotable moment in OP.

oh robin, don't you understand?

i personally don't think this piece is good enough for the contest because i kinda fucked up on the left arm (notice it's completely not proportional, as well as distorted, shitty looking, and fucked up), but i'll enter anyway, since it's only a note away.

Sunday, March 20, 2005


came back from UTC and checked my mail, and i found this from one of the student in my class:

"i was in phys 10 this quarter, your wednesday 300 discussion. i just wanted to say THANK YOU for saving my ass on the final. i mean, granted, i did do a lot of studying myself and felt pretty well prepared, but there was one thing you said in section that was my saving grace. so there i was, on the last question of the final (the mirage one) trying to figure out what the hell was going on. the way i had drawn by diagram didn't give me any insight, and i kept on thinking that the total internal reflection had to be within the hot air. anyway, what kept me persevering and checking and re-checking myself was what you said about the way in which light rays behave in reference to the normal when they encounter a medium with a greater/lesser refractive index. anyway, i remembered what you had said and wrote it down on my exam and kept on going back to it over and over until finally it all came together and i figured it out. thank you! you are amazing.owe that whole last question to you man. hope you're having a great spring break- thanks for all your help this quarter-"

wow. i'm still stunned.


so i thought i'd give this one a coloring job... and here it is.

kinda rushed, so it's somewhat crappy. and yes, i know, the background fits ace better, but i just thought it's cool to do something like

man: what happened?
e: oh, i lighted my cigarette and accidentally burned this entire shit down...
e: whoops, oh well. **walks away**

sorry for not having any meaningful entries as of late. i've got a visit from someone much more important than any of you so i'd rather be spending my time with her. =P

the only time i have to do my own shit is when she's asleep. like right now.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

speaking of finals week...

i'm done with finals!

so here's something to commemorate such an ending.

Friday, March 18, 2005


go to urey hall 6126, get this shit done and over with.


then springbreak.

will be burning 105 notes and homework tonight. literally.

blog stock?

holy damn, this blog is worth B$4,514.09, and i don't even know until just now. apparently i have 5000 shares, 4000 held by public, at $.64 each.

what is this whole anyway?

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

a man must always show forgiveness to a woman's lies

359 is out. and the above title is what has now become my favorite quote from one piece. sanji said it when he took off to chase robin.

and sanji also won the badass mothafucka shot of the week. oda really knows how to make fangirls squeal, especially after hiding sanji for over 20 chapters.

another one that shedded a tear. it has now become obvious who the crewmember that oda wanted to eliminate is: going meri. poor little ship. i can't believe that after all she has been through, she has to die like this. T_T

so sad. poor usopp, i wonder if oda cries when he was drawing the death of meri? i mean, i would.

goodbye, going meri. may you rest in peace. **wipes tears**

on a side spoiler note, apparently robin left the crew because the crew was under a serious threat of "buster call" from the government. not that she's running away, but she said she will work for the government provided that all six of her nakama be let go. beware now, i shall rant like all fanboys do. OMG ROBIN! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO SACRIFICE YOURSELF LIKE THAT?! I'M SO IN LOVE WITH YOU EVEN MORE! [/rant]

i guess that incident at the longring longisland with aokiji really made her realize what she means to her nakama. she said, "i have found people who finally believe in me, and to me they're more worthy than even the safety of the world." such a beautiful, stong words, but very naive. i guess even at the age of 28, she still has much to learn about what it means to have a nakama, what it means to be a part of the crew; it means to struggle through all the pain and suffering together, robin. not to sacrifice oneself to let the others go free. nakama-ship never works out like that. even if you die in the end, you die together. if you survive, you survive together. nakama-ship means helping the others out, AND LETTING OTHERS HELP YOU AS WELL IN YOUR TIME OF NEED. recall chapter 166, page 18: "why dont you try risking our lives too?! i thought we were friends?!"

note on finals week: three down, one more to go. one more, and a ton-page paper. i shall start that tonight, and hopefully finish it tonight. tomorrow will be catching up on 10-week's worth of material for friday's 105. sounds like a solid plan to me, how about you? first two finals went well, the third one kinda crapped, but that's to be expected; i've lost interest in the material anyway.

garnet crow is really a part of my life now, so i'm changing the blog's music again.


tayorinai konohabune
muchuu de minomo hashirase
kisoiatteta ano koro wo ima
futo omoidashita nowa naze?
ashita wo erabu koto mo tanjun ni kangaeteta

kizutsuku koto ni mada
nareru koto dekinai kedo
tsuyoku nareru koto shitta kara
mayoi mo tsurete arukeru
ima iru basho kara
itsumo hajimeraba ii...

kagirinaki uchuu no CHILD
bokura egaku michi wa mada tsuzuite yuku
aru ga mama ni uketomereba ii
namida yori mo hitotsu ooku waraereba ii

motomeyuku mama ni
sukoshi kurai kizutsuitemo
ajiwai fukai HAATO te ni irerareru hazu
yuruginai mono kono yo ni hitotsu

kagirinaki uchuu no CHILD
kimi ga egaku
ashita no katachi, kimi dake no mono
wakare yori mo hitotsu ooku deaereba ii
yuruginai mono
itsuka hitotsu kizukeru yo

kimi no mukau hou e
sono mama de tsunagaritai
kimi no tonari de miru yuugure wa
mune ga kurushiku naru hodo
kirei datta yo

japanese lyrics don't usually make sense when translated into english, but for those who are curious, here it is anyway:

i wonder why i suddenly thought about
the times spent competing
with unstable boats made of leaves
racing them across the water
when i've made up my mind to simply choose tomorrow

though i still can't get used to
the feeling of being hurt
i've learned that i can become stronger
if only i keep walking, putting aside my doubts
i would be nice if i could start
from the place i stand now...
always be...

chase a dream in spiral
like a child in an endless space
if the path we choose continues on
i want to be able to accept everything as it comes
i want to be able to not cry, but to smile once more.

i'll take a chance in spiral
and if i can somehow make it
i'll still be able to go on hoping
then even if i'm slightly wounded
i should be able to find a profound meaning for my heart
that there's one thing in this world that is unshakeable

cause a dream in spiral
is like a child in an endless space
the shapes of the tomorrow that you paint
is something for you and you alone
i want to have one more meeting than one more parting
but someday, i'll realize the one thing
that is unshakeable

i'll take a chance in spiral
heading in the same direction as you
where reality exists for the both of us
and i want to remain in-touch with that
the sunset that i watched by your side
was so beautiful
that it made my chest tighten
all living things
in to spiral

1:20 am, panic attacks

*looks at time on the bottom right corner*



Tuesday, March 15, 2005


ryu has a really good article on why garnet crow is so awesome.

i'm never good with words, so i always fail to express what i feel about yuri nakamura's voice in words. therefore, instead of wasting my time attempting to write about her voice and failing miserably, here's a quote from ryu's article that i agree with wholeheartedly.

"The majority of the group dynamic occurs between lead vocalist Nakamura Yuri, and keyboardist Azuki Nana, and it is usually these two alone who contribute to magazine interviews focusing on the group. In what could almost be seen as a symbiotic partnership, Nakamura will typically start the music making process by coming up with a melody base for the song. From there, Azuki takes the demo tape and affixes her own unique brand of lyrics to the music. In interviews, Azuki is always quick to point out that the reason she felt compelled to join Garnet Crow was because she fell in love with Yurippe's voice ("Yurippe" being Azuki's pet name for Nakamura), and she writes almost instinctively, relying purely on the qualities of Yurippe's voice to guide her way. One listen to the music of Garnet Crow and it is hard to fault Azuki for feeling that way. While most female vocalists in J-Pop tend towards having reedy, high-pitched voices, Nakamura Yuri's voice is pleasantly deep and sonorous, naturally melodic, and with a touch of nasality. This haunting, bluesy timbre of her voice brings to mind comparisons to Celtic pop star Enya, or perhaps the late Karen Carpenter."

i finished my first final in 1h 10m of the 3h given time. did 8/10 problems, kinda iffy on #9, didn't bother to do #10 because it required more thinking than i'd like to do. so i'm quite happy with the result of the first final. one down, three more to go. got two tomorrow, so i should get started on that, but i decided i should celebrate first with this.

i like usopp's skypiea clothes a lot better than his usual clothing, even though the only difference is the t-shirt, so i decided to cosplay that. after this... chopper? XP

now on to nap. studying will be after nap.

i <3 yuri-chan

yuri nakamura has got to be one of the most talented, prettiest girl alive. not only she has the perfect voice that can soothe my anxiety, she also composes the songs for garnet crow, and yes, she's also hella cute. what more could you ask in a girl?

studying tonight has not gone well, especially with six garnet crow videos playing on my winamp in repeat.

have i mentioned that one of the main things i love in a girl is the hair? if you have cute hair, beware; chances are you'll catch me staring at you for hours. it amazes me when a girl manages to pull off an anime-girl hair on herself. as we all know, anime characters have ridiculous hair that is just unrealistic, but yuri-chan manages to pull one really pretty hairdo that just makes me fall in love with her. this is my pathetic attempt to capture the beauty of her hair:

from the timeless sleep MV. find it if you can, then you'll understand what beauty i embrace. she definitely deserves to be my second favorite singer. van-chan still at the very top ^_^

Monday, March 14, 2005


my pathetic attempt to cosplay sanji makes me understand why smoking cigarette is so cool: THE HAND HOLDING THE CIGARETTE LOOKS REALLY COOL. SO COOL THAT IT TOOK TWO HOURS JUST TO DRAW A FUCKING HAND. yes. ONE HAND WITH FIVE FINGERS. and it didn't even come out looking good. =/

need practice, need practice, need practice...

or, maybe i should just start smoking.

Sunday, March 13, 2005


chocolate-chibi from DevA made this for me as a gift. that's nico robin walking with me.

she can draw me better than i can myself! DevA people are awesome.


found on FrogVamp's journal.


i attempted to study 132a, but failed miserably. instead of the understanding i wanted (and needed), an idea popped up in my head about a new project: COSPLAYING.

however, due to the lack of talent in MAKING clothes and other things needed for an actual cosplay, i'll cosplay in what i'm good at: drawing. besides, drawing takes so much less effort than actual cosplaying, and considering the lazy bastard that i am, i'll never actually cosplay anyone.

so here's i, as luffy and zoro. zoro's swords are awesome, but the details are such a bitch. yubashiri is my favorite one, hence me holding it.

Saturday, March 12, 2005


i have no time to think of a smarter title. oh wait, actually i do, i just can't come up with one.

typing the title above reminded me of its acronym: fuck ive never actually learned shit.

finals week starting monday, so expect me to post more, or draw more. i'm a procrastinator at heart; the more work to be done, the more easily distracted i get.

by the way, never try to make fried rice with apple. just because fried rice with pineapple tastes good, it doesn't mean fried rice with apple tastes good. the word "pine," that was apparently left out of the latter, is significantly significant. yes, the redundancy is there for a reason, and that one damn word makes all the difference in the world. or in the kitchen.

banana, however, makes really good fried rice. make sure to use sweet soy sauce and sugar instead of soy sauce and salt, though. that way you get sweet fried rice, with banana taste.

and yes, i do mix weird shit with my food to PROCRASTINATE. not because i'm into cooking.


i forgot.

this blog is officially one year old FOUR DAYS AGO. march 8th last year was when the first entry was posted. up to now, it has gotten a good 23,359 hits. thanks to all who visit regularly, all who leave comments, all who don't, all who come just to get one piece videos, mp3s, or wallpaper.

and above all, thanks to jim, who registered this blog for me last year and gave it the name e1n. i owe you one, jemo. just one.

lucchi, iceburg, franky

haven't done OP fanart lately, so here's one, since kalei-chan wanted me to make a franky. click to enlarge.

Thursday, March 10, 2005


came home today to find that the first 16 singles from garnet crow is entirely downloaded. that just made my day. now i can walk around campus with yuri nakamura constantly singing in my ears. she's number 2 on my "favorite singer" list, just under van tomiko. yuri can make you feel the sadness, the happiness, the anger, basically all the emotions she's trying to convey with the song, even without you knowing what she said.

listening to garnet crow songs is like reading one of those poems that make you feel a certain emotions, even without knowing what the actual point the poem is trying to make. not to say that i'm being ignorant or anything of that sort, but even though i don't understand japanese, i don't think the lyrics can be as beautiful when translated to english.

futari no ROCKET
yume mita ato de
nakanai yoru mo, nakanai asa mo
yasashii ame

are some of the ones i'd recommend. if you're looking for a new song to listen to, try these.

time isn't a radius

mathematicians pissed me off. i don't particularly enjoy calling people "idiots," but they really do deserve being called so.

who in the fucking world would think using time as a radius of a sphere make sense? imagine a sphere, centered at x, with radius t. what the hell?

what the bloody hell?

mathematicians should be obliterated from this world. most of the math that physicists use to solve problems are invented by physicists anyway. if it wasn't for that bastard isaac newton, those mathematicians won't even know what the hell calculus is.

well, at least the two mathematicians who wrote my damn textbook: EC zachmanoglou and dale W thoe.

on a happier note, 358 is out. go to KEFI.

chopper wins "badass shot of the week" for this chapter. saving the lives of two people he doesn't even know by jumping out of the 3rd floor of burning mansion, holding zoro's sandai kitetsu in his mouth.

omae was right. the name spandam is apparently another "pun intended" by oda. take out the "panda" in the middle and you get S and M. sounds familiar? S&M? at first i thought it was a joke, but now that i've seen the black spots underneath his eyes, the leather clothes, leather gloves, leather straps, combined with calipha's torn whip, yes, oda DID intend his name to be a pun of S&M. that sick bastard.

calipha, on the other hand, looks way hotter 4 years ago when she still had a short hair. thin lips, glasses, bitchy look, short skirt with fishnet stockings, mmmmm....

and now she walks around with torn whip kicking people's asses. whip me! whip me harder you sick bitch!


[deep breath]


okay, enough emotional outburst. back to math.

key of the twilight

the violin solo of this song is the shit.

come with me in the twilight
of a summer night for awhile
tell me of a story
never ever told in the past

take me back to the land
where my yearnings were born
the key to open the door is in your hand
now fly me there

fanatics find their heaven
in never ending storming wind
auguries of destruction
be a lullaby for rebirth

consolations, be there
in my dreamland to come
the key to open the door is in your hand
now take me there

i believe in fantasies invisible to me
in the land of misery i'm searching for the sign
to the door of mystery and dignity
i'm wandering down, and searching down the secret sun

come with me in the twilight of a summer night for awhile
tell me of a story never ever told in the past

take me back to the land
where my yearnings were born
the key to open the door is in your hand
bow take me there

to the land of twilight

Wednesday, March 09, 2005



dear joshua santosa,

welcome to a world full of struggle and suffering. future may look bleak and shitty, but always believe that the struggle and suffering make life itself worth living.

enjoy every minute of it, nephew #10.

10 nephews and i'm not even legal. cousins, you need to stop mating.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


i don't know whether i should feel smart or otherwise, and i'd wager my donuts you don't too.

when your parents call you up to ask how come the quadratic formula does not work for x^2 + 4x + 4 = 0, the first thing that crosses your mind is that they're plugging things in the wrong place. i mean, that's a common mistake, and that's the worst that could happen. imagine if you find out that they did not plug anything wrong, it's just that they took the squareroot of zero to be one. then you'd just sit there silenced.

i hope you don't feel smart if that ever happened to you. because when you feel smart that means you're calling your parents stupid, and if your parents are stupid, you can't be all that smart.

but then again, i've had enough academic beating that thinking otherwise would just make me sink faster to davy jones' locker.


thank you jorge cham. and i bet you, soon this will happen:

i don't usually cuss, but this one deserves a holy fuck

horse porn

picked up an issue of guardian today, and apparently the whole entire debate about whether porn should be allowed on student-run TV station is fresh out of the oven.

well, here's what some of the under-represented students in ucsd think about the whole live sex on tv:

yes, discovery channel DID air horse porn. don't question me on that. sam and i saw it when we were flipping through channels last year.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

gravitational wave

professor benjamin grinstein emailed dan and i two days ago, telling us that he has figured out a project for us to do

when a gravitational wave goes through an atom it should distort it. quantum mechanically this means that there is a probability that the atom will be excited, and one would be able to see the de-excitation as spectral emission. the same should be true of complicated molecules, but the emission may not be in the visible.

the idea is to first analyze this problem, compute the probability that the atom would be excited and then emit, and finally to asses the usefulness of this as a means of detection of gravitational waves.

this is beautiful; gravitational waves and excitation of atoms. i sense a lot of schrodinger's equations and mathematica calculations coming next quarter. i think i'm definitely dropping 120b, especially with this, and 15 hours worth of TA-ing next quarter. that way i can have more time focused on reading and LEARNING.

the fact is, you learn more when you're not graded on your work.

Saturday, March 05, 2005


people make me jealous; they know how to color and make their drawings 10 times better ~_~

so in an attempt to provide my DevA friends a better artwork than the usual, crappy, grayscale pencil drawing, i tried coloring again with photoshop (remember i said i quit?).

well, this time a 3-hour work turns out to be okay, not crappy like my old colorwork.

i especially like the background. it's like a red chakra flowing out of my umbrella, and a darkside aura flowing out of my body.

oh, did i ever mention that red is my favorite color?

2000 hits on DA

amazing. my submitting pace on DA is rather slow, yet i still somehow made it to 2000 hits. thanks to all the passerbys and people who are constantly deviantwatching. i wish i could have made something better. something with color, but i can't color worth crap =/

DA stat:

e1n has 2,002 pageviews total and his 52 deviations were viewed 4,271 times. He watches 47 people, while 52 people watch him.

Overall, his deviations received 575 comments and were added to deviants' favourites 154 times, while he commented 436 times, making about 2.18 comments per day since he joined DA. This means that he received 13 comments for every 10 that he gave.

His deviation with the most comments is SHYABUTEKURE with 44 comments, receiving an average of 3.14 per day in the first 2 weeks, while his most favourited one is zoro x nami, with 19 favourites, averaging 0.78 per day in the first 2 weeks. His most viewed deviation is zoro x nami with 350 views.

3 favourites were given for every 10 comments.

Every 3.8 days he uploads a new deviation, and it's usually on a Wednesday, with 12 (23%) of his deviations.

His busiest month was August 2004 with 23 (44%) of his deviations.

The majority of his deviations are uploaded to the Traditional Art gallery (43), while his favourite category was Drawings > Fanart with 30 deviations.

Comments per deviation: 11.05
Favourites per deviation: 2.96
Views per deviation: 82.13
Comments per day: 2.88
Favourites per day: 0.77
Views per day: 21.41
Pageviews per day: 10.03

so as a token of gratitude, i round up the mugiwara crew and have them help me express my gratitude. notice robin is wearing my jacket. we make such a cute couple. ^_^

Friday, March 04, 2005

good day, sir

much to my own surprise, this week has been a great week.

ch.357 "cutty flam" came out, and now can be downloaded from the forum. truly an emotional flashback chapter. this is another one that brought tears to my eyes since chopper's flashback. franky has undergone some serious character development, and is now qualified to be classified as one of the well-established character. if anyone's going to join as the shipwright, it's going to be him. kalei-chan must be very happy if franky joins, because otherwise she'll be eating her hat. ^_^

here's the badass moment of the week:

and here's the scene that made me cry.

here's a translation of the dialogue, courtesy of oceanizer from

"stop, puffing tom!! [name of train]"
"where are you gonna take the man that gave birth to you?!"
"i don't want to build anymore ships..."
"because i cannot love ships that hurt the people that i truly love..."
"but tom-san,"
"my dream is to be like you..."
"so i want you to come back and teach me again!!"
"one day..."
"i want to be able to build a 'dream ship' too"
"one that can overcome"
"the unknown waves at the end of the world with pride..!!"

come on now, franky's got the guts there. he sumo-wrestled the umi-ressha just because she's taking tom, the man who built her, to enias lobby where he's going to be executed. o the irony...

kristin called yesterday to ask if i want to get golden spoon with her. i'm giving up eating out for lent, but when a cute girl called and asked you at 9.45pm, you don't think twice. oh the lure of the darkside. she ended up keeping me companied while i buy groceries. so thanks to her for providing the incentives, now i have eggs and lettuce to eat.

aside from that, for the first time in nine weeks i got my homework done early, and that already included procrastination. 100b and 132a hw were done since wednesday, and today four out of five 105b hw were completed in 10 hours. amazing. that's our new record. usually it takes about 6-8 hours to do a problem.

so one problem left for tomorrow. get that shit done early, then go home and start my friday.

good week, good week.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

never separate a man from his umbrella

SHL claims that if he gets the hana-hana no mi, he can take away my umbrella and make me powerless. shall we see what may happen?

NEVER separate a man from his umbrella.


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

god and the fates

tatsuya ishida strikes again with two strips that cracked me up.

part one
part two

after a long while, finally, the type of humor i love; the main character crushed down due to self realization, or simply because nature instantaneously proves him wrong. poor slick.

speaking of cosplaying...

in events such as animexpo, or katsucon, or comiccon, you see a lot of people do this thing called "cosplaying." for those who are not familiar with the term, it's basically dressing up like your favorite manga characters. some people did awesome job, like red2z (shanks) and fin fish (nami) from arlongpark forum:

the dude (mr.7) and puppehkatt (captain kuro), also from arlongpark forum

this random girl in japan (robin) and red2z once again (captain panda)

now, you see, this is one of the things that make such conventions worth attending: people who actually put effort into cosplaying, and come out looking really good. but there are some who put TOO MUCH effort, and ended up being one of the reasons to avoid such conventions.

people such as this guy cosplaying gai (i had rock lee earlier, i apologize). so here's to all you narutards.

and this guy who's into faye too much. way too much (here's to all you bebop fans).


the last two pictures still give me the shivers. it BURNS my eyes. man-fayes should be prohibited from any conventions. since i had to suffer through it you guys have to suffer through it too. that's what friends are for, we share the pain together.