Wednesday, July 30, 2008

chocolatey goodness.

my poop was green this morning. must've been from all the broccoli and edamame i've eaten the past 2 days.

for the record, the last time i had green poo was back in 2004, after a few days of eating just fruit loops. so now the list may be updated.

food that makes your poop green:
1. fruit loops
2. broccoli
3. edamame

Monday, July 28, 2008


after almost 4 years, i finally have someone leaving a bitter comment on my DA after my recent barrage of "poor technique" submissions like this one.

if my e-penis is measured by the number of haters, then mine has just grown an extra inch. woo hoo!

badassery comes in three

oda's character designs are so intricate that drawing them is never boring.

click for a larger version:

luffy, kid, and law teaming up gave me joygasm.

and then we have bepo, who is just completely and totally adorable. killer is also extremely enjoyable to draw.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

usopp gallery pirates

i have decided to part ways with the thriller bark diner pic i drew last year.

i am sending it to shueisha's one piece usopp gallery pirates. my only hope is that jump editors find it good enough that they will show it to odacchi himself.

this will be the last picture of me and the drawing that i spent six whole days drawing.