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this one is to be listened/seen/used/watched in conjunction with kalei's move, cow.

i have no idea what took me so long to realize that blueno's theme song is right before my very eyes. thanks saru-tan for the song.

download the song. now imagine blueno singing it with the entire CP9 group doing the background choir.

Monday, September 26, 2005

damn mathematicians

Q: What's the value of a contour integral around Western Europe?
A: Zero, because all the Poles are in Eastern Europe.

Q: Why did the mathematician name his dog "Cauchy?"
A: Because he left a residue at every pole.



luffy's gonna own blueno real hard.

this is just a practice on cross-hatching. don't kill me blueno fangirls. oh and by the way, if you take a cellphone pic of this, it looks like one of those shady spoiler. haha.

i love my T610. it blurs my drawing enough to look like oda's. hahaha.

Friday, September 23, 2005


383 is out, and luffy owned blueno hard. poor guy.

anyway, this is a doodle during a boring statistical mechanics class. luffy is supposed to dodge rankyaku while launching a spinning gomu gomu no rifle counterattack.

"but, how is it physically possible to launch that counterattack from that position?"


don't ask. i was in a physics class, not art class. stop being so critical, use your imagination, and leave me alone.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

scream it out loud

physics 201 is going to be my grave this quarter. not only fogler went 10 minutes over the time, he also managed to cover a 10-week worth of upperdivision math material in one hour and twenty minutes.

i was literally limping when i walked out of the class. now i know how franky felt when he was hit by the sea-train, only what hit me was math, but just as hard.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

come on baby, light my fire

jemo left a desk at our apartment that david tried to re-assemble and utilize so that it wouldn't just sit in the corner like an idiot. this effort, as you might have predicted, failed miserably.

so we decided to burn the damn thing.

david thought that we should burn something else while at it. then marshmallow was suggested, along with sausage, pizza, and hence, a bonfire.

spontaneity is a wonderful thing. at 2230 tonight we took off to la jolla shores with jemo's broken desk parts, cardboard boxes, two starter logs, two bags of marshmallows, skewers, sausages, a box of large frozen pizza, water bottles, and a box of heavy duty aluminum foil.

we started a fire:

and cooked some sausages.

we knew that burning cardboard boxes to keep the fire going was not quite a good idea, but we still did it anyway because it's fun to burn cardboard boxes. the result: cardboard ashes on the sausages, which david tried to brush off his.

i had some on mine as well, but i ate it anyway. was not a good idea, but they all taste like sand, so it didn't really matter much.

flame turned purple for some reason, and no, this was not photoshopped.

the fire got out of control because david kept feeding it, which was a good thing because big fires are cool, and it was really cold.

did i mention pizza? yes i did. we wrapped that sucker with ten layers of aluminum foil and tossed it in the fire at the very beginning of the bonfire. about 1.5 hours later, this is what became of it:

sam devised an aluminum glove that he used to grab the pizza out of the fire. we got it to a safe place and started opening it. felt like opening a christmas present, except that it was burning hot.

about four layers of the aluminum foil were still intact, but nonetheless the pizza turned into charcoal. i could draw mike slackenerney with the leftover.

we eventually found that inside the ugly piece of shit that was the pizza, there were some parts of it that were still, well, pizza. we peeled off the charcoal layer and we found some chicken,

which tasted like potpie, seasoned with charcoal and carcinogen. still good, though.

i love my digital camera and typical college students stupidity. if you think highschool kids are stupid, try college students. we are just about as stupid, but we are more destructive and we make better excuses to get away from the consequences.

oh, and david ran a red light today. it was great to hear cars honking and pedestrians screaming because they thought they were gonna get run over by his huge truck.

we should do this more often. stupidity at its finest.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

kodak moment

actually it's polaroid.

Monday, September 19, 2005

first day

school starts this thursday.

0930-1100: advanced quantum mechanics
1100-1230: quantum field theory
1230-1400: statistical mechanics
1400-1530: mathematical physics

pray that i don't collapse like a souffle.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

sultan peppershaker

i have to blog this before i forget everything because i, being the man that i am, will forget everything within less than a day.

so the premise is that today was disneyland day, and david, jen, dewi and i were there from 0930 until 2300 today. that, and i took lots of pictures.

here are some great lines from alladin musical that we randomly went into and turned out to be surprisingly good. and these are all uttered by the genie.

"oh snap girl, you didn't!"
"you know, if your last name were peppershaker, you'd be SULTAN PEPPERSHAKER!"
"you look good in your dress from up close... but you look better from JAFFAR!"
"a princess marrying a street rat?! that's exactly like britney spears!"
"you are getting married? that's quicker than tom cruise and katie holmes!"

great genie, great musical. if you go to california adventure, definitely go see that.

david wanted to try the new space mountain, so we did. last time i went to disneyland was about 10 years ago so i don't really know what things are. but as we were waiting in line, i remembered perfectly: exactly ten years ago, my family and i were at disneyland waiting in line for space mountain without having the slightest idea that it was a rollercoaster ride, which both of my parents hate. all hell broke loose. my sister was crying, my mom's hat flew off somewhere, and i was shocked. first rollercoaster ride ever.

now, armed with years of physics knowledge, i bravely stepped into space mountain and actually enjoyed it. i had much faith in the conservation of energy device and the only thing that frightened me was the fact that it could anytime turn into a projectile motion device. but putting aside that fear, the ride became very enjoyable. the ironic thing was that since that fear was the only fear i had, the ride became not scary at all. we rode it twice, the first time i had my OH-SHIT look during the final drop, but the second time i managed to give my ZZZZ-drools look. much like the following:

went to innoventions and saw asimo. it amazed me how smooth that little shit could move; it was almost frightening at the same time. it could walk up and down the stairs smoothly too. honda has definitely achieved something great.

i also took some movies of asimo, but due to my lack of knowledge on movie editing, you will have to tilt your head to the left to watch this, and i suggest you mute the volume, because the sound is pretty shitty.


fireworks was great because dewi and i get to mess with the park people who were trying to regulate the flow of people. basically we were told to keep moving, but everyone just decided to NOT listen to the park people and just kinda stood around watching the fireworks and completely ignoring the screaming and yelling park people. dewi and i were doing the exact same thing but they decided to be annoying too by waving flashlight in front of our face, so we moved. THREE STEPS TO THE RIGHT. then we stopped again and enjoyed the fireworks until the next annoying park person arrived to wave flashlight at our face again. we repeated the process several time until the fireworks eventually ended, but the best part was watching visitors arguing and bitching at the park people.

i approached one of them, a girl, and offered, "how about i take over your job, that way i can actually watch the fireworks?" which was then responded by something completely unexpected, and caught me off guard.

"please? i'd pay you, too."

inner laziness took over and i was completely silenced. then i walked away thinking "shit."

star tours was fun. they had yoda, too.

dewi and i had coffee for lunch, while david and jen decided to try out the clam chowder. this was their reaction; you decide for yourself how it tasted:

if there was anything that made my day, it was the fact that some parents love their kids so much they would do just about anything to protect them, including treating them like dogs.

poor boy. i hope this does not scar him for life.

interesting things happen all the time when i go with jen and david. today was one of them. david and his sisted bought a stone in disneyland, and it's supposed to be carved with their names, so we went to look for it. took a while, but we finally found it. here is the stone:

and here is david with the stone:

jen, being the abusive girlfriend that she is, decided to pour water on david while i was taking this shot. then david, being the abusive boyfriend that he is, decided to take revenge. he managed to tackle her and got his revenge:

and jen ended up wet.

indiana jones was a cool ride. too bad the line was extremely long. even with the fastpass, it still took about 5-7 minutes walk before one can actually get to where the cars are. but i liked it, especially the indiana jones theme song playing. i would not mind going on that twice or more next time i go to disneyland.

switching to california adventure, jen insisted on going to the tower of terror. david hated drops, but he's whooped, so he went anyway. i don't like drops either. in fact, i hate rollercoasters, but i was curious enough to go on this one because i would like to experience something that einstein could only experience in his mind: being in a free-fall frame. david said it would not be free-fall, for various reasons, but then it would be lame. so i told him that if his foot or butt gets off the floor or seat, then it is most definitely free fall.

it did.

our butts were suspended in mid-air for about a good half a second on the first two drops. the last drop, however, we were freely falling for about a good two seconds before the seat started to press against the butt and deceleration took place. that's about a 20m-drop, which is about stories. imagine that: two seconds of free-falling and you've already passed through six stories of a building. frightening idea, and i guess that was why david was holding on to jen so tight and screamed like a woman. i was too busy thinking about free-fall frame and general relativity to be able to scream. damn physics, taking away all the adrenaline and enjoyment from me.

just for fun, i borrowed jen's bobblehead hairband thing.

Friday, September 16, 2005

realization comes late, again

i used to think that i can draw whatever people describe to me. basically all they need is tell me what to draw, and i'll draw it. it's always easier to take order than to think something up yourself, isn't it? but of course, due to the most profoundly obvious law of nature that, ironically, no one has realized: "whatever you wished or hoped, nature will give you the exact opposite of that," no one has ever told me to draw anything, and as a result i have to think of something up myself.

and when people do, they're not being descriptive enough that i end up having to think again on my own.

but then my editor asked me to put a nose on my caricature drawings i had to do for the school newspaper, and i suddenly realized how much that irritated me. consistency, she said, because some of them i gave nose but not the rest. i think that's the wrong place to be consistent. i am consistent in a way that when i draw something, i THINK whether or not this character needs a nose, which style of eyes i should use for what kind of expression i want to create, which type of mouth and eyebrows i should use to express what kind of emotions, which hairstyle, which shape of face, and so forth. i would give a character a nose when i think he deserves one, but when he does not deserve one, he will not have a nose. look at my careless talk costs life strip. i gave indiana jones jr the nose, but not the rest, and that is because i think he looks better with one; it gives him the depth, the rowdiness, and the hobo vibes that none of my other characters have.

besides, the noseless thing is a personal style of mine. i think people look so much cuter without a nose.

but to be honest, i AM too lazy to think. i'm just born with it. call it a curse, i call it talent. why? because human beings THINK subconsciously. it requires EFFORT not to think. and this doesn't have to be about art, or academics. it's about everything.

"hey, you wanna go out to dinner?"

hm, should i? i'm too lazy because then i have to drive, and gas prices has been crazy lately, but then again i AM hungry and she IS pretty cute. but that means i have to spend even more money on food, because i'm sure she won't go for cheap 99cents burger at wendy's; she's too classy. but i guess it's okay because she's cute? or maybe not. she gets annoying after an hour of hanging out with her. let's see if i can figure out a cheap place to eat that's fancy and fast, that way i don't have to talk to her for more than an hour. but where am i gonna look? google? that'll take too much effort. that means i have to go through every single website that google lists, and then i have to READ too. ah, i guess i'll just say no.

but i AM hungry, and i don't have food at home. can i put up with talking to her for more than an hour? but then again, she is cute.

and the thought goes on.

if you are one of the few people who are able to say "yes" or "no" without any thinking at all, then you should give yourself a pat in the back, because you just successfully defied the natural way of life.

some people like to make informed decisions. they research every single bit of something before they go and do something with that something. i want to buy a laptop. should i get a mac or a PC? then you spent hours, maybe even days, or weeks researching and creating a list of pluses and minuses of both OSX and windows, only to find out that in the end, you still can't make up your mind because OSX gets +50 -30 while windows gets +52 -35. windows has +2 more, but it also has -5 more. should i go for the +2 or should i worry about the -5?

wasted, isn't it?

people might think you're an idiot if you flip a coin everytime you're in a dilemma, or roll dice everytime you have more than two options you can pick from. i think you are a genius. when you reach for that coin in your pocket, you are at the highest mental state a human being can achieve: a mental state of utter carelessness and zero worry. in other words, you are mentally and physically prepared to face any consequences you might get from your decision. you are indifferent, you are ready to face anything. and when you are able to do this, there is nothing you cannot conquer.

a general goes to war. he has three options to attack the enemy. a smart general would carefully strategize and simulate every single one and pick the best one. but a smarter general would just pick one randomly and carry it out. the smart general forgot that by picking the best out of the three, he subconsciously abandoned the two other options, and when things didn't go as planned, he would lose the war. the smarter general will pick one randomly, because he is in a mental state where he is prepared for anything that might happen. he does not know what will happen or go wrong, but when something does go wrong, he will be ready for whatever it is. the smarter general does not randomly pick a plan because he's stupid and reckless, but because he is indifferent to all three plans. they all have their pluses and minuses, and they all could go wrong.

most of time, when you claim that you have planned everything out perfectly, you are indirectly claiming that you know ALL of the variables that might affect your plan, and that you are assuming you know perfectly how each of them will behave. well, newsflash:
1. you don't know ALL of them
2. you don't know how they would behave.
you can guess, but there is not 100% certainty on your guesses. and remind yourself that 99% correct is not good enough. that 1% can fuck you up good.

so why deal with probabilities? just be indifferent, make a choice, and be ready with whatever you're going to face. it makes life so much simpler and less worrisome.

or in a nutshell: BE LUFFY.

laziness is a virtue

and dee is born to be a physicist.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


this crazy mofo colored my latest spread.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

iThread & iNeedle

that's right. i knew learning how to sew would come in handy one day. the handrest of the mesh chair that has been my best friend the past year started to peel off. my guess is because it kept scraping against the bottom of the desk, so something had to be done. mix an old baby blanket with a needle and some thread, and you have HANDREST SLEEVE.

and no, let's not take a closer look. of course it's shitty sewing. i'm a physicist, not a tailor, what do you expect? much thanks to whoever taught me how to sew back when i was in kindergarten/elementary school. i think it was my late grandmother. thanks to her i still remember how to tie a knot in the thread and how to start and end stitches. making loops is by far the easiest technique. it's basicallly just repeating the same process over and over. if you want to make patterns, that's harder. loops worked perfectly fine for this handrest sleeve, so i stuck with that.

i got a bookshelf from ikea. curiously enough, david came home about half an hour later with the same exact bookshelf from ikea. i guess now that his girlfriend is moving out to her own place, he needs to do something with the extra room.

the bookshelf itself is nice and heavy, but assembling it makes me realize even more about how i am subconsciously stupid. i got the bookshelf set up only to realize that the holes for the pins that are supposed to hold the shelves were not INSIDE, but OUTSIDE. apparently the holes did not go all the way through as i had wrongfully assumed. sam came into the room so i told him about my stupidity and expected him to laugh, but instead he lifted up his right hand to give me a hi-5, yelling out, "THAT is exactly what I would have done, too!"

smart people have no common sense. and smart people are subconsciously stupid. i stand by those two. if you are not subconsciously stupid, or you have a good common sense, then i'm sorry, but you're just not smart enough.

with a bookshelf in the room, i decided to rearrange my furniture a little bit. i moved the desk with the PC on it right next to my workdesk. this way i can use both computer at the same time. in other words, i can work and play games at the same time. ingenius, isn't it?

i noticed some coffee stains on my monitor, so i took a picture of it. now, check out your monitor. if it doesn't have coffee stains like mine, that means you are not working hard enough and you are getting more sleep than required. stop procrastinating, go do your work.

i love my window, i hate the balcony below, and moreover, i hate the people using the balcony below. it's really hard for me to get some fresh air if they constantly use the balcony below to smoke cigarette. smoke inside the apartment, dammit. let other people enjoy some fresh air, too. and to think that i've been nice by dragging my feet whenever i walk inside the apartment. that's it, from now on, there will be no more feet-dragging; i will make loud stomps whenever i walk. and it's much better since i stay up all night.

i really hope they won't be able to sleep well.

back to the bookshelf, finally i can put my books in a nice order, starting from textbooks and physics books:

on to tankoban, graphic novels, the hitchhiker's guide series, and other novels that happen to be left here by a book freak.

and last but not least, my one piece figurines. i threw away my alabasta figurines because they are the shitty fake HK crap. it's bandai or never.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

fight back to school

my wrist just fell off, and the fingers ran away to the bahamas for a three-week vacation.

this is for a "back to school" contest by onepieceunlimited. at first i didn't want to put in any entry because:
1. i had no idea what to draw
2. read #1
3. read #2
but some people start asking whether i'm gonna submit an entry. shame and guilt took over and this came out as a result. three-and-a-half hours of sketching, inking, and blackening. i decided to scan this when it was still in progress.

[+] --> this is the sketch. done with a wooden HB pencil, then thickened by 2B mech pencil. at the time this was scanned, only luffy sanji and nami were thickened. the rest were still just blurbs of shit.

[+] --> inked with incomplete background. this is the time when i thought to myself: "kill me. just fucking kill me and get this over with. or chop this hand. chop!" frustration leads to anger and the next step was profanity such as "f&*k sh*t b&(*h mothaf#$ka f$#king f#$k f#$k sh#t f#$k! f@#king piece of f%#king sh%t!"

i have no patience. -__-''

anyway, enjoy. i deserve lots of sleep after this one piece of shit.

Monday, September 12, 2005

a smirnoff and three shots of bacardi

am i drunk?

i do not know.

i think i am.

or am i?

i made at least one mistake for every word i type so i think i'm not sober anymore.

but this can't be drunk, can it?

no it can't i can't even buzz.

i mean, i'm not even buzzed. or am i?

i think im not gonna hit backspance anymore. see how bad this goes.

here's a quseiton: can you even et drunk wqithout getting busszzed at all? ilike ive seaid before... im not buzzedf. im just doing stupid thing.

sams; bapassing out on the bflolosr now. i think he's drunk. it hinks he's passing out. and hwe hjust makes the funnisest slnoring noise ever. hwhahaahahahhahahah.

oshit i need to peee. peesinng's done. that's the thid thi.. dammint. that's the third time i did that.

i saweat.. shit. i sware.. swear im not drunk. i mean you cakn't possibly get drunk without evertn vb... bah. gettiing buzzed, right? i'm not even light-headed in the slightet.. slightest. im just losing my apbility ti to type and i talk ablot and i layugh alot. ilove this post, one day si.. im gonna look ab.. back at this and laugh the hell out of my ass.

sam said rum or, i mtean... mean the bacardi du.. rum we boutg.. boutgh.. bt.. bought tastes like ass thats been mosl.. molested bu ... by a gre.. dick that's wearing a green a[p[[ppl;e.. apple acon.. condom. holy shit look at all that hthypy.. typo. i love this. can a.. is there a condom that ht.. tastes like green apple? i.. sam said there'a.. there's some that tastes like bananan and strawberrty. it woudl.. waht .. wait. what am i trying to say? i dunno. how cna a condom tastes like strawberry or babanana? bthas's.. that's jusdt so wrong. about dfre.. frew..frety.. frery.. goddamnit. freynel. there. t.. frreytnellent.. freynel les. LERN,..klfxjnkslidfh;ioasdyfgoidsyg; bah. freynel lens. woohoho no typi.. typo. fuyckm. fer.. freynel lens. freyl.. n. freynel lens. freynel lens. fren.. freynel lens. freynle lens. frehyneln lens; ok sl.. klelet's stop that./ sams and i taklked about fraetynell lends and we decided that we shoudl have at least one small lents in our wallet lall the time just we intcanse.. in case we got stranded in some desolate island. that ways wercan.. we dcan can make a finer.. fire!Q opteht otherwise we;ll never get sanve. savedfl saved. therwe/ aasdjhasio;dpa. whay am i even blogging. this isnt wrigng. right. shit

btt.. t.. by the way,. i got a vcoffee datbele. rable. table.,ialways.. my water boiler doesnt shuty off by tislefgs and i always. repeat always., forget that im boilking water. as arelsutls. sre.. result our aparattment has always been so huvbmidbecvuwe. humid because of that all the water vaper from the water oibls. boiurld. bourld. boul. boileed.boiler. waterb ould. i givel tup. youvet . youget the poitnl. so i got a coffee table and put it next to me so that way i dont even have to woklem. work on remember ing to turn it off. it'sright nexdt to me. i can't possibly forgot! wyayayayayay. yay!!!@#!@#!@#!@#!% oidhfszkl;jfdha;klfjh

i love tyopau typisn typidn typing like this. yay. ok fuck im gtoinnna post this now before im too ashanmed to dpost this up.

lert me remidn you that im not drunk. no no no n. im jsut losing my aability to know wheret ehe lkeys are in on may kpowerboks

Saturday, September 10, 2005

BEST valentine's day card EVER

i should really give this to someone.


i think i should probably put a disclaimer in this blog.

something along the lines of "everything that is being posted here is either an irony, a joke, a satire, a sarcasm, or something of the same sort, and thus should NEVER be taken seriously. people who have had heart problems in the past or people who are overly sensitive to certain issues, including but not limited to sexism, sadism, masochism, feminism, racism, love problems, relationship issues, gender change, abortion, euthanasia, politics, physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, etc etc etc, should NOT be visiting this blog. i do not hold responsibility for any damage caused, mentally, spiritually, or physically."


if you are a registered member at ArlongPark forum and you haven't VOTED for franky, please DO SO.

if you are NOT a registered member at ArlongPark forum, please REGISTER and vote for franky.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

in case you don't already know

wallpaper section is updated.

currently addicted to the following games:
~ star wars LEGO
~ knights of the old republic 2: the sith lords (still)
~ championship manager 5

so expect no update.

like the old saying goes: don't bother me, i'm playing.

Monday, September 05, 2005

damn subconscience

it's hard to be smart if you're subconsciously stupid.

i spent a good ten minutes inside my car, crawling, prowling, searching for my iTrip that i needed to play my iPod while driving,

only to realize that i have already connected it to the iPod.


this newfound planet should be called RUPERT, according to douglas adams' fifth book in the increasingly inaccurately named hitchhiker's trilogy, MOSTLY HARMLESS.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

quick recap

i figured out the difference between complaining and whining: complaining is expressing dislikes, which is, in a way, perfectly fine and acceptable. whining is repeated complaining, which is, in every possible way, annoying.

it is perfectly understandable if people do not understand physics at all, but they should at the very least have some faith in friction. if it wasn't for friction, walking would not be made possible. if it wasn't for friction, wheel would not be the greatest invention. and if it wasn't for friction, sex and pleasure would never be associated with each other. but that's beside the point; the point is people's brains need to tell their owner's right feet that whenever it's not pressing on the gas pedal, it does NOT have to be pressing the brake pedal. it can rest on the floor, stomp on the floor, do aerobics, anything but pressing the brake pedal. have a little faith in friction, people. the car will slow down without you having to hit the brake pedal.

the distance between you and the car in front is too close, you say? well, that's your fault. all of us who took the written driving test know that the dmv handbook says that the distance between you and the car in front of you has to be AT LEAST three seconds away. which means if you are driving 70mph on the freeway, you have to be at least 300 feet away behind the car in front of you. 308 feet to be exact. here's the formula for those of you who don't believe me:

where d is the 3-second distance between you and the car in front, v is your speed, 5280 is conversion unit from miles to feet, and 3/3600 is 3 seconds in an hour. obviously the distance will increase as you go faster and decrease as you go slower.

saw march of the penguins today with david and jen. fell napping couple times. actually, enough to miss the penguin-eating seal. average movie, i'd say. aside from the cuteness of the penguin (yes, ocean, it reminded me of you, that's why i fell asleep), documentary isn't really my type of movie. penguin vomit was great though. i wish i could cough up something edible. and when little penguins still have gray fur, they look like a bunch of russians in the middle of a snowstorm.

Friday, September 02, 2005

vaginal itching

my vagina has been itching the past few days. how's yours doing?

that message is for kevin, by the way. the rest of you pretend like you never read that.

read an entire 5-6 years worth of archive on striptease. good plot, good jokes, good lesbian jokes. props.

LA is hot, and boring. glendora, at least. it takes about an hour in traffic to go to the part of LA that's got all the fun, so that's not worth it. so i've been spending my days here reading webcomics and hanging out at the vortex of unproductivity.

going back down to sandiego tomorrow morning. finally, a chair that's comfortable enough for my ass to sit on, a desk that's comfortable enough for me to draw on, a weather that doesn't require human sacrifices to live in, and last but not least, more things to do than at home.